The departed dignam ending a relationship

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the departed dignam ending a relationship

Oct 12, In the end, Dignam is the only good hero who actually stays alive in this a father/son relationship with Jack Nicholson and risking the dirty cop. After Queenan got murdered by Costello's men, Dignam was not fired and took time off to work on the case by himself. At some point near the end of the film. Nothing was presented to the audience to suggest Dignam learned of it on leave after Captain Oliver Queenan death and absent from that point to the ending.

He was mentioning the whole complex structure and relationship of the crime ring and the regulating bodies such as the police force and the FBI.

Costello's identity as a FBI informant was revealed, and goes to show that there exists a larger picture in which Costello only plays a minor part. Also, Dignam resigned as a detective police officer, because no one believed him in that he was telling everyone that Sullivan was the rat.

If he was really a good detective or a good guy, he would provide some hard evidence or go to some extent in trying to prove that Sullivan was the rat, ie.

But there were no such actions. And of course no one believed Dignam, because there was no hard evidence.

the departed dignam ending a relationship

Buy simply resigning from the force, it actually showed a behavioral difference from the original tough guy who we all thought was a seasonal detective. Also, by killing Sullivan in the end, it shows that Dignam was in actuality not a real police officer since he actually committed a murder, or crime.

the departed dignam ending a relationship

Indeed, many of its cinematic aspects differ from the norm. Throughout the film, the viewer can often experience and see the brief and bold editing used by Scorsese.

Colin Sullivan

While he does use the traditional continuity editing, certain scenes are seamed together in a rough manner. On some occasions, there will be a fast paced action scene with loud rock music playing, which will suddenly switch to a slow office scene with no background music.

the departed dignam ending a relationship

While this may seem odd, Scorsese uses this technique to emphasize the violence and brutality in the Irish mafia. For example, throughout the entire film, the viewer can see different shots and angles of the gold Massachusetts State House in Beacon Hill. This is an obvious representation of the films major plot points.

the departed dignam ending a relationship

Sullivan asked him if the FBI knew about his connection to Costello. Costello denied it, saying he would never give him up, because he was like a son to him.

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Sullivan inquired if that was all it was about, all the murder, sex and "no sons", suggesting Costello was sterile. Enraged, Costello shoots at Sullivan, who fires back and kills him. When he gets back to the police station he is hailed as a hero for killing Costello. But looking though files Costigan learns that Sullivan is a mole.

Costigan then sends a message to Sullivan to meet him on the roof of the old mill. There he arrests Sullivan but as they go down the elevator the doors open and then Costigan is shot in the head by a cop, Barrigan who later shoots Brown, the cop that Costigan trusted.

Sullivan then kills Barrigan while he is not looking.