The jungle book meet balloon boy

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the jungle book meet balloon boy

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Pinkie got out of him just in time. I'll eat you later. But as he was about to leave, Pinkie pulls him by grabbing his neck and let's him go. Kaa falls to the ground in a funny way and ends up getting a knot in his tail.

Rainbow Dash was laughing at his knot. He has a knot in his tail. He has a knot on his tail. But when he got out, his whole body got twisted. The mane six and Mowgli laughed at him. We were just saving this boy from that snake. How'd you do that? How about you introduce yourselves so we can get to know one another? I'm Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends. I'm Bagheera and this is Mowgli the man cub. We're going to the man village so he can be safe from Shere Khan. Anyways, why don't we go back to sleep?

We'll talk about the rest in the morning. So, they all went to sleep. The next morning, Pinkie and Mowgli wake up from loud thumps coming from below. It was the elephants acting like the military.

the jungle book meet balloon boy

They began acting like the elephants by walking like them. But when they stop, Pinkie and Mowgli did as well.

The others woke up from the thumping as well. Whatever it is, it looks ridiculous. Nicely done with the dawn march. I can tell a few of you aren't in shape. Now, who is this? That is a man cub and you're a bright colored horse.

the jungle book meet balloon boy

There is no fun in my march. My friends were curious about your patrol. Now, if you'll excuse me. Suddenly, his troops all bumped into him since they didn't get a command. Mowgli started to laugh. Those elephants could've gotten themselves hurt. We better get going before we get into anymore trouble.

Everyone here in the jungle is afraid of Shere Khan, nobody ever faced or defeated him. Me and my friends will defeat Shere Khan and Mowgli will be forever happy in the jungle. I don't want any of you to get killed. We must get to the man village. You're on your own. Ladies, take care of him. The mane six scoffed at Bagheera as he left them. I can't decide if we have to take Mowgli to the man village or go with Rainbow's idea of facing Shere Khan.

We've never faced a tiger before. Plus, he'll hurt Mowgli if we fight him. Yet, you're scared of facing a tiger? We're just having a rough time dealing with Mowgli's safety.

I can handle stuff by myself. While talking, a sloth bear named Baloo was walking by them. Hey, you smell funny. You smell like happiness, I like it. Rarity smacks him in the nose and yelled, "Do you mind? You need to fight like a bear. Or in this case, roar like one.

Come on, scare me. Mowgli lets out a tiny grr since he's a human. Baloo ticked at him and said, "Oh boy. Here, this is how it's done. Bagheera showed up out of nowhere in panic. But, I see you have met old Baloo. He'd be a great mentor for Mowgli. If you want me to be your mentor, all you gotta do is. Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities That's why a bear can rest at ease With just the bare necessities of life Now when you pick a pawpaw Or a prickly pear And you prick a raw paw Next time beware Don't pick the prickly pear by the paw When you pick a pear Try to use the claw But you don't need to use the claw When you pick a pear of the big pawpaw Have I given you a clue?

The bare necessities of life will come to you They'll come to you! So just try and relax, yeah cool it Fall apart in my backyard 'Cause let me tell you something little britches If you act like that bee acts, uh uh You're working too hard And don't spend your time lookin' around For something you want that can't be found When you find out you can live without it And go along not thinkin' about it I'll tell you something true The bare necessities of life will come to you As Baloo sings while swimming with the mane six and Mowgli, monkeys come out of nowhere and snatched Mowgli.

Hey, give us back that kid! Baloo, I'm being snatched! Twilight tries to zap them, but they're impossible to get a good aim. These monkeys are getting on my nerves. When they tried to catch Mowgli again, they missed and the monkeys went too far away to reach. They ended up falling down on a tiny cliff. Bagheera ran as fast as he could to reach for them. His yelling caused Bagheera and the mane six to vibrate like crazy.

Wait till Mowgli encounters King Louie. He lives in the ancient ruins. Come on, let's get before who knows what happens. So they went to the ancient ruins where King Louie is and they saw him and Mowgli talking about making fire. So, that's why he has Mowgli. We gotta get Mowgli outta there. There's too many monkeys around. So, he disguises himself as a monkey so he can get to the beat without any plan involved.

While Baloo was dancing, his disguise accidentally fell off which made King Louie and the other monkeys angry. Baloo ran for it. Pinkie uses her party cannon to distract the monkeys. Twilight uses her magic to lift Mowgli away from the monkeys and flew away. Let's get outta here. As they were escaping, Rainbow Dash accidentally knocked over a pole to the temple which holds the whole thing.

The entire ruins collapsed and King Louie managed to survive the whole thing. The rest of the gang made it out just in time.

The next morning while the mane six and Mowgli were sleeping, Baloo and Bagheera were talking about Mowgli's safety and wanting him to go to the man village so he can be safe from Shere Khan. Pinkie begins to wake up and asked the two, "Hey, what are you talking about? And we have to right now.

That way we don't have to take him there! For the last time, he'll kill you if you face him. He'll claw you to death. It's what I do, and I don't care if I'll get clawed or not. I'm going to find that tiger and fight for this jungle and Mowgli.

The rest of group started to wake up, including Mowgli. Wait, where's Rainbow Dash? She's so determined to fight that tiger and I have a feeling she's going to get killed. Should we go find her? But, me and Baloo are going to take the man cub back to the village. But, I wanna stay with Baloo. We just want what's best for you. I don't need any of you! I don't know what the army's coming to these days. These young whippersnappers, who do they think they are? Hathi and the Jungle Patrol are marching] Bagheera: I give the commands around here!

Oh, it was me, Colonel. What do you mean, sir, taking over my command? Highly irregular, you know! Oh, Colonel, I'm sorry, but I need your help. We're on a cross-country march! This is an emergency, Colonel! The man-cub must be found! The one I was taking to the Man Village! Good, that's where he belongs. Now sir, if you don't mind, we'd like to get on with the march.

No, no, you don't understand, Hathi! Well, it serves the whippersnapper right. But Shere Khan the Tiger! He's sure to pick up the man-cub's trail.

Shere Khan isn't within miles from here! Fortunes of war and all that sort of thing, you know. What are you doing out of ranks? But Winifred, old girl, this is an entirely different matter! That little boy is no different than our own son. Now you help find him, or I'm taking over command! A female leading my herd?! Pop, the man-cub and I are friends.

the jungle book meet balloon boy

He'll get hurt if we don't find him. Your father had a plan in mind all the time. I'll be right down. I'd like a word with you if you don't mind. I just dropped by. Now, forgive me if I've interrupted anything. I thought perhaps you were entertaining someone up there in your coils. I was just curling up for my siesta. But you were singing to someone. You see, I have Oh, you have no idea. So, I sing myself to sleep. Oh, no, I can't be bothered with that.

I have no time for that sort of nonsense. Some other time, perhaps? But at the moment, I'm searching for a Man-cub. The one who's lost. Now, where do you suppose he could be? That's an excellent idea. Now, I'm sure you wouldn't mind showing me your coils would you, Kaa? Alarmed, he starts snorting and coughs. And now, how about the middle? Well, if you do just happen to see the Man-cub, you will inform me first.

And now, I must continue my search for the helpless little lad. Ooh, who does he think he's fooling? Poor, little, helpless boy You said I could trust you! It's like you sssaid: Mowgli, try to understand. I know how you feel. Hey, don't stop now, Baggie, you're doing great! I-I am fed up! Aw, I was just taking five. Y'know, playin' it cool. Yeah, but he was too easy.

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Good old Papa Bear! It's going to be a bit dull without that little bloke, isn't it? So what are we gonna do? I dunno--Hey, now don't start that again! And furthermore, Mowgli seems to have man's ability to get into trouble, and your influence hasn't been exactly-- Baloo: Keep it down, you're going to wake up little buddy. Well, he's had a big day, it was a real sockaroo.

You know it ain't easy learning to be like me. Associating with those undesirable, scatterbrained apes. I hope he learned something from that experience. I'd like to have a word with you. You going to talk some more? Baloo, a Man-cub must go back to the Man Village. The jungle is not the place for him. I grew up in the jungle. Take a look at me. Yes, just look at yourself. Look at that eye. It's beautiful, ain't it? Frankly, you're a disreputable sight.

Well, you don't look exactly like a basket of fruit yourself. How can I put it? You wouldn't marry a panther, would you? Stop worrying, I'll take care of him. Yes, like you did when the monkeys kidnapped him, huh? Can a guy make one mistake? Not in the jungle. Sooner or later, Mowgli will meet Shere Khan. What's he got against the kid? He hates man with a vengeance, you know that. Because he fears man's gun and man's fire. But little Mowgli don't have those things. Shere Khan won't wait until he does.

He'll get Mowgli while he remains young and helpless. Well, well, what are we going to do? You better believe it, you name it now I'll do it. Then make Mowgli go to the man-village. I promised him he could stay here in the jungle with me! That's just the point! As long as he remains with you, he's in danger. So it's up to you. Be-because he won't listen to me!

Then think of what's best for Mowgli, and not yourself. Well, can't I-- Well, can I wait until morning? Bagheera understands that it's really hard for him, but he urges him with a nod. Um, it's time to get up. Hey, rub that old sleep outta your eyes. We got a long walk ahead of us. Gee we'll have lots of fun together! All right, let's hit the trail, kid. See you around, Bagheera. Me and Baloo, we've got things to do. Why should I run? Why should you run?

Could it be possible that you don't know who I am? I know you all right. And you should also know that everyone runs from Shere Khan.

The Jungle Book

You don't scare me! I won't run from anyone! Ah, you have spirit for one so small. And such spirit is deserving of a sporting chance. Now then, I'm going to close my eyes and count to ten. It makes the chase more interesting What we gonna do?

Let's flap over to the east side of the jungle. They've always got a bit of action, a bit of a swingin' scene, all right! Aw, come off of it. Things are right dead all over.

You mean you wish they were! So, what we gonna do? First I say, "What we gonna do? There you go again, the same notes again! This time, I've really got it!

So you got it. So what we gonna do? Look what's coming our way. Hey, what in the world is that? What a crazy-looking bunch of bones. Yeah, and they're all walking about by themselves! Let's get acquainted with this little fella, this little blokey! He's got a tiger by the tail, he has! And he'd better hang on, too! Let 'im 'ave it again, kid!