The point where two roads meet crossword

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the point where two roads meet crossword

Place where railway lines meet and join crossword puzzle clue has 1 possible answer and appears in 1 publication. Cryptic crossword clues typically have two parts, usually a definition of the answer and an indication of that answer derived through wordplay. adj Cross-cultural means involving two or more different cultures. П n-count A crossroads is a place where two roads meet and cross each other. crossword or crossword puzzle is a word game in which you work out the answers and write .

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One across and one down both have seven letters, starting as normal in the same NW corner square. As is conventional, two, three and four down lead down from one across, all also of seven letters, and then five, six and seven across from one down.

Now introduce an "away" direction to go with your existing two dimensions. The cube numbered "one" now works as the first letter of three answers - in three directions! Believe it or not, Eric Westbrook, partially sighted, works these out in his head! Then he sends the answers to established setters, and we devise the clues.

Several members of the Guardian team have been getting involved. Recently, Eric masterminded the All-England 3D Crossword Championship which, as the first of its kind, was a great success. My puzzle in today's Independent will be signed by the people mentioned in it to make a presentation copy for auction or raffle. You're a champion solver - how does the solver's brain differ from the setter's?

The processes are complementary, so probably tap different areas of the brain. For me, one aids the other - letter and word patterns generate plausible word-fills from which to choose. Letter-counts are extremely important for advanced solvers. What are the tools of your trade? These days, computerised aids render paper dictionaries unnecessary, which is a pity - but it does make the rucksack lighter.

I carry a battered old version of Chambers for emergencies and a pad of paper to make notes as I go. Absolutely no problem answering this one - paper forever! Pen for dailies, pencil for barred puzzles. If you weren't a crossword setter, what would you be? As this mini-biography saysI'd ticked most of the education boxes, and the lecturing job was no longer fulfilling - fewer lecturing hours and more boxes to fill - so I got out!

the point where two roads meet crossword

A crossword setter is the last person I would expect to hear complaining about filling boxes, but I take your point. The two word answer. Like today, for example.

The clue was "On the ocean.

the point where two roads meet crossword

I understand that the two word answer might seem normal if you've lived with crosswords for a long time, but as one who just arrived in this new world and has an unvarnished, objective view of the landscape, I'm here to report that two word answers are lazy, sad, shortcuts to real clues. This is a crossword puzzle.

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Not a crosswords puzzle. One word crosses another. Every time a crossword creator writes a two word clue, an angel's wings fall off and the once- righteous being plummets to the depths of hell. Two word answers are the worst. And this is not sour grapes. Do their styles differ? Indeed they do, though there is obviously a measure of overlap.

the point where two roads meet crossword

Pasquale is probably the hardest of my daily disguises. As Quixote in the Independent I try to produce something that might be a very quick solve for the experienced setter.

the point where two roads meet crossword

When I set a puzzle I am very aware of who it is for and what the crossword editor will and won't tolerate. What's your favourite of your own clues or puzzles? My favourite clue is usually the most recent one that I think is really good. It's a particular favourite because it was serendipity that led me to the poem that inspired the clue. As far as whole puzzles go, I tend to forget them all too quickly.

Which other setters do you admire? This suggests that I should provide a subset of my esteemed colleagues and I'm not prepared to do that. I will however make an exception for a retired clergyman.

No - not him!


Bob sends me some lovely puzzles to edit and we regularly exchange postcards. Bringing on other setters through the Church Times has been a fascinating exercise. What makes a successful clue? For me it has to be grammatically accurate and make some sort of possibly zany sense. After that it needs some sort of sparkle, which can come in many different ways.

Some tease through double meanings in their component parts; some have clever wording and very tricky constructions.

the point where two roads meet crossword

There are many ways to a successful clue, but every now and again a setter will know when he or she has written one which it would be hard to better. What are the tools of your trade? I use Crossword Compiler and a library of reference books. I look for synonyms in the Oxford Thesaurus of English. Online I sometimes use the full Oxford English Dictionary for useful background reading.

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The book "tools" sit on a gate-leg table between me and the window. And as Guardian crossword editor Hugh Stephenson points outanyone with a local library card can access the online OED. I'd prefer to call it an intellectual discipline that has to be learned over many decades.