They meet at the bar

The American Bar at The Savoy enters a new era: meet head bartender Maxim Schulte

they meet at the bar

Everyone's met this girl a thousand times at any bar anywhere in the world. They aren't in college, transplants or just visiting, they have been. He was marked, you figured, for the sort of life that peaks in high school. That's how it's supposed to work, right? The good-looking, self-assured. My best friend meet her husband at a bar. She was meeting some friends after looking at colleges and that's where she met him. But he was.

His upbringing involved picking out his own switch in the back yard and having his mouth scrubbed with Fels-Naptha soap, but he says he wouldn't change a thing. And having skipped a generation, so to speak, he's definitely the right person to shoulder the responsibility of running the century-old bar. Honestly, I don't care if I break even at the end of the year. This place embodies what the neighborhood used to be. I am willing to spend my last red cent to keep this bar open if it can help somebody.

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People find family here, metaphorically and quite literally. One night, the bar hosted a barbecue competition where two middle-aged competitors were discussing their Maltese heritage at the bar and were dumbfounded to discover they were related.

That kind of chance encounter probably wouldn't happen without a place like Abick's Bar. And the bar couldn't exist without the dense, close-knit neighborhood around it. It's a classic symbiotic relationship. They have something special in Southwest, something other parts of the region are trying to emulate but fail to re-create.

they meet at the bar

Plymouth and Northville are trying to create little downtowns like this area. This bar needs to be here to host and facilitate interactions between people and the betterment of the city.

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It needs to exist for the community and needs to continue on. It's a kind of community Rolodex, with contact information for electricians, plumbers, lawyers, nonprofits, and much more.

That's just the way it is at Abick's. When a place is there for more than years, people begin to rely on it, to treat it as an institution. And it feels historic, and not at all contrived. The framed Detroit Times issues marking the beginning and end of World War II weren't bought in an online auction, they were found in the basement.

The cigar room still sports the original mirrors from the barber shop that opened in During our visit, we see black, white, and Latino customers.

Abick’s Bar is that corner joint where you meet your neighbors and share a drink with your priest

Where Manya used to serve Polish smorgasbords, there are now fresh tacos delivered from a nearby truck. Southwest Detroit's diversity is palpable. For instance, regular customer Lex Zavala offers his story.

they meet at the bar

He's a third-generation patron of Abick's, and his family has been in Southwest Detroit since the late s. His family includes people of Mexican, Polish, and Maltese heritage. He says that bartending gives him a chance to express his creativity, and he was drawn in by the desire to meet different people and guests.

they meet at the bar

An old-school cocktail bar with jazz music and an art deco interior, the American Bar at The Savoy is built on a specific ethos of selfless humility where the achievements of the team are above those of the individual. We all have to maintain focus to make our guests happy, and certainly for me this is what should be always most important to the team.

they meet at the bar

Declan is a legend in the industry and now working with him, I can see that I will learn a lot over the years.

You have these outstanding establishments that have been here for ages, making amazing cocktails in a classic atmosphere.

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You also have the new bars that go crazy in terms of technique, presentation or flavour. Following the orientation course, Schulte will soon start his real shifts behind the bar and he is ready to put into practice the experience earned through years of mixing cocktails for guests from countless different countries and nationalities. But as we have already seen, the mixologist believes that there is a perfect drink for each moment, and he encourages even those with less experience to get creative with cocktail making in their own homes.

Make it as good as you possibly can. Buy the right ingredients, proper ice, and have a great cocktail book on hand. If it does not work out at the first time, try it again, and add your spin on it.

Follow the event live via the livestream on Facebook. Giulia is also a qualified volleyball coach, speaks three languages and equally loves writing, travelling and eating.