Tlc in a fix meet the team

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tlc in a fix meet the team

About Our Services · Meet with a Tutor · Online Tutoring · Tutoring Process & Guidelines · Workshops · Chat Café · Tutoring Schedule TLC Staff · Become a Peer Tutor The TLC offers one-to-one skills-based support with faculty tutors. identify frequent grammatical or mechanical mistakes and how to fix them;; write. Housing Exterior Fix-Up Grants and Development Programs Meet the NERI Board & Staff. .. fix-up grants and TLC programs in their neighbourhoods. Both TLC and CARES, an org that deals mostly with interpersonal violence, training, a suicide prevention model used to train House Teams and administrators. just listening and lending an ear rather than trying to fix a problem. so supportive and some of the most genuinely loving people I have met.

To use another popular TLC saying, what gets measured gets managed, and what gets inspected gets respected. People often assume that the standard operating model is the same as a standard operating procedure, but in reality, the two are very different.

tlc in a fix meet the team

SOM marries people with processes, offering a functional approach that serves a number of purposes to each company. Reporting can be done at a higher level without the need to be overly technical. It is a system that is created and documented, then used by people in their day to day jobs. The SOM is used in the same way as a franchise model — all departments work in the same way for best practices, ensuring far more room for improvements that can be made company wide.

Changes can be made and captured in the SOM, then rolled out. As everyone has the SOM, changes catch on quickly as there is a solid foundation already in place. One of our long-time clients is a leader within the petrochemical industry, with over 20 SOMs in place. For their health and safety department, the SOMs need to span across the entire business, including each department such as engineering, maintenance, HR, legal, finance and safety.

Originally, they sought our help for compliance.

TLC - The Training & Learning Company

As you can imagine, in an industry such as petroleum, operations need to be defined and processes are extremely stringent to avoid potential jail time if anything ever goes wrong.

At some point however, what started out as a compliance requirement became a consensus exercise.

tlc in a fix meet the team

In a large organisation, it is common to have differing opinions and ideas in each separate department, which can have a negative impact on overall improvements as there is no communication or consensus. By putting representatives from each department together in a workshop, the right people were brought in to make the right calls, to use the right processes and start agreeing on the right way forward.

We could start to document processes and hold people accountable, so that there could be more agreement as well as more improvements. But when a consultant like me is brought in, they have to be there because they are invested in making real changes.

Consensus becomes far more valuable at that point.

tlc in a fix meet the team

Once everyone has agreed on processes that need to be implemented, we provide assistance with training at department level as well as at branches, dealers and throughout the rest of the company.

Things start to catch on, traction is gained and there is change that is driven from top down. What are some of the main challenges that negatively affect process improvement? There are a few reasons that companies may request help from TLC: They know they have problems but do not have time to fix things themselves. When time is an issue, we come in and facilitate the process.

Companies let us know how involved they want us to be, and decide whether they want to give us free reign to run projects, or whether they simply want an extra pair of hands to start the facilitation.

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In this way, we help to relieve pressure and provide a way to push the right buttons and make things happen. They know there are problems but are unsure where to start or how to uncover specific issues. We are brought in to provide assessments, to show companies where the issues are — are they focusing on customers?

tlc in a fix meet the team

Are processes in place or are the right things being done? They need to be compliant.

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We help to provide process maps for standards and compliance, ensuring that regulations are adhered to properly and in accordance with best practices.

They want a competitive advantage. We work with a top abattoir in KZN, who has a huge reach and a competitive approach to improvement. They appreciate the fact that we have worked with such a variety of industries, which enables them to find out what competitors are doing in terms of improvement strategies.

They find the SOM and other services provided by TLC to be extremely useful for ideas, tapping into our knowledge of industry best practices. They want to develop a culture of improvement. He actually showed up 10 minutes early for our appointment and that NEVER happens with any other contractor. I want to thank TLC for coming out to help with our plumbing last week.

All of the people from TLC were prompt, polite, and effective and took the time to explain exactly what they were doing and why. We got the estimate for remediation, and were pleased to also have the drain camera work done on the pipes by Aaron and have some areas of the pipes snaked to increase the diameter of the opening throughout.

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From what the insurance adjuster told my husband, both of these items should be covered as they will reduce the likelihood of future accidents in the basement. We will definitely recommend TLC to others and continue to use your services when needed! They came to the house at a late hour after my water heater broke.

tlc in a fix meet the team

Thanks again for all your help! His politeness and thoroughness in all aspects was very much appreciated. He kept us informed during the process and educated us during each step. He successfully cleared each drain. Though we had been in our home for 32 years, we never could figure out where the rain gutter water flowed.

This mystery is now solved. Rick and Pat seem to have the latest and greatest technology for this process. Usually, when you hire a vendor you end up with 2 of 3 things you want: