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I never really "picked" a tier when I first started playing competitive Pokemon in XY. I didn't want to play with many restrictions and felt like I was more comfortable being able to use any Pokemon I wanted, which naturally led me to Gen 6 Ubers, boasting a beautiful balance between the sheer potency of threats and the delicate integration of these in a competitive setting, making for an entertaining and dynamic tier.

As a newcomer, I messed around with 6 Klefkis in Anything Goes for a moment before fully committing to Ubers, eventually finding it to be a more alluring metagame.

What is your favorite generation of Ubers? The ladder was at it's most active during those days, with tournament play blossoming alongside it, due to the skilful nature of the tier. With most "legends" of the tier making a name for themselves in the sixth generation, it was undoubtedly the most cutthroat setting in the Ubers scene.

On a more fundamental level, I've always enjoyed how ORAS matches played out and the general foundation of the metagame has always been extremely appealing to me. What is your favorite playstyle? I pride myself in not being a one-trick pony and always trying to keep my opponents on their toes when it comes to the teams I use.

Nevertheless, Bulky Offense and Hyper Offense are definitely my preferred styles of play in Ubers, as I've always enjoyed the mental game of Pokemon: With that being said, I'm definitely not afraid of pulling out the occasional stall or balance build, since being experienced with different styles is obviously important to reach some form of success in this game.

I'm extremely one-sided when it comes to the Gothitelle suspect and it's results. First of all, I'd like to point out that regardless of it ultimately not getting banned, the fact that we're able to hold suspects tests and have genuine community input on what should be in the tier is already a gigantic plus for the development of Ubers, opening up avenues for growth down the line for both the playerbase and the metagame, which walk hand-in-hand.

Quoting a close friend of mine when asked the same question "it effectively has a chokehold on half of the teambuilder simply by existing and can essentially invalidate whole archetypes on its own if it appears which I feel as a Pokemon itself is a unhealthy element". The fact that Gothitelle completely nullifies certain builds and tips the scales heavily in favour of it's user in a broad enough range of situations is enough to warrant a closer look.

That coupled with the fact that entire groups of Pokemon and strategies are essentially wiped from the tier with the mere threat of Gothitelle showing up is enough put me over the edge on the "pro-ban" movement.

Removing Gothitelle and Gothorita from the SM Ubers metagame would mean multiple things, ultimately converging towards a more sound and balanced tier.

Are there any elements of the metagame that you deem unhealthy? I've talked about this several times with my closest friends within Ubers, as well as the tier leader himself.

Other than the aforementioned Goth conundrum, I feel like the overall state of Ubers right now is very positive, and I do not believe anything else should or will be changed in the near future, as Ubers is a very stable and enjoyable tier to play.

What is your the most memorable game of Ubers? This game was played in early SM, which was my favourite phase of this generation in terms of gameplay.

As you can see from the teams, players were still trying out new builds and Pokemon, with Hack bringing an interesting Astounded-esque webs team while Fireburn opted for the more balanced approach, despite still displaying some "techs" like Timid Fire Blast Arceus Water and Rock Slide Yveltal.

Interview with aim - Smogon University

The game is not only memorable due to the names on each side of the field both former TLs and Hack probably being the best Ubers player of all-time, with Fireburn being no slouch himself but also because of how the match unfolded. With several shifts in the overall landscape of the game and it's fair share of big turns, this game is an accurate representation of my views on early SM Ubers, an interesting metagame which allows for innovation and tends to produce a quality affair.

Congrats on the female, many a Smogonite are jealous. Tell me about your YouTube channel and your early YouTube experience; please feel free to namedrop and gloat as much as you like.

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Thanks, I'm very blessed! I recently got a new computer, so I intend to branch out. Somehow I imagine getting Etika into everyone's lives as part of the plot. Early on, I got pretty lucky. Ever since then I've just been remaining relevant lol, trying my best to do so.

I always tried to bring the best battles to my channel and it somehow attracted a following and I've grown to about 80k subs since then. My anxiety continues to rise.

Interview with aim

What do you think people like about your videos? I guess people like my competitiveness but also my personality and how I explain my thought process. I try and be very clear when I am battling as to why I picked a certain move or how this mon is gonna help me. I also tend to joke around a bunch when playing with friends or even by myself as, even though I take mons seriously, it's a game that I feel you have to enjoy to, well, enjoy it lol.

I guess the thing I do differently is that I've always striven to be good at this game and upload better and better content. Like, I even joined Smogon so I could join tournaments and challenge myself and get better. People love to see that stuff.

USA Basketball Women's National Team

They also love when I have friends on my videos as well as they are a lot less "professional" and more about just enjoying a funny video. I'm also pretty friendly I suppose lol. I try my best to reply to people and to be active with my subs whether through YouTube, IRC, Twitter or Twitch and people respect me for that lol.

Kinda puts a lot of pressure on me, but it's cool to be looked up to. D Tell me a bit more about Smogon. How was Smogon perceived when you first started, and has it changed at all? I of course wanted to have a mind of my own though so I made an account and started to lurk around the forums.

A lot of people who played during BW usually were for Smogon like nbz, elo, shofu, tonyflygon, etc, so it had changed I guess. We all played all the tiers and didn't have a problem. Some of us even joined suspects back then.

Then you have people like verlisify who I cannot convince of anything and has a following that is the same haha. So tell me about Smogon tournaments. What has your general experience been, and is our competition "the best? I love Smogon tournaments, specifically the team tournaments as I've had the pleasure of being on two wonderful teams: Team East and the Wolfpack, latter of which didn't do so great this year.

I love the people, and the help, and the testing, the laughs. Team tournaments are definitely my favorite as the interactions I feel are what make it so great. I mean winning is nice too lol, but I've yet to do that on a team.

I think that Smogon does have the best competition, especially when you compare it to YouTube or something. I can play at a high level and actually be entertained during these matches and maybe sometimes even nervous, whereas for YouTube I don't really care if I win or lose a Wi-Fi battle, and typically the battles are vs inexperienced trainers anyway so yeh. Love the competition on Smogon haha, love the people I've met because of it as well. I also enjoy Grand Slam as well since lower tiers are something I've always enjoyed and being able to play them and actually do well means something to me.

I'm excited for the Smogon Classic and even though I don't have very many points in Smogon Tour itself, I want to try and make it to playoffs. If not this season maybe next! All in all I like the tournament format a lot. There have been a lot of complaints about ORAS on the whole, mostly centered on team match-up. Do you think there's anything that can be done to kind of "fix" it, or do you feel it's still enjoyable to play? I find it crazy that some people don't think it exists or is that big of a factor.

There are just waaaay too many threats to cover all on one team. As for fixing it, I've discussed several ways with members of the OU council but I really can't think of a practical way; we either ban too much or release more power to "balance" it out. Just goes to show that there are a lot of factors in mons and that go into winning, or attribute to winning rather. I think fixing it would be kinda impossible, but I'd love to discuss that sometime with the council haha. Guess now that's easier being on the council I think we'd all like to fix it lol.

Earlier you said you really enjoyed the people you've met here on Smogon; would you attribute that partially to the reason for getting more involved on the site beyond tournaments? Wouldn't have met you if I didn't join QC or contribute! Where on Smogon do you think you can help people the most, and what advice would you give to new users looking to get into Smogon? CAP seems extremely interesting but lacks an OU-experienced playerbase and because of that, discussion is rather, off, I guess you could say.

From lurking I can tell that some of these players just don't play the game enough. That's why recently I've decided to contribute there a ton and get into CAP The resemblance to Birkal shines through pretty strongly here; I think I even see aim's hair get blonder as he says this As for new users, I'd advise to just lurk for a while, read up on mons, get to know people as well, but don't be annoying about it haha.

Casual chat is fine. It really depends on what people like.

Look around Smogon; it has a whole lot more to offer than just battling. Find what you like and stick to it and branch out if you really want to.