Virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 nba

London Marathon's oldest entrant, 83, braces himself for 37th race

virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 nba

MMA · Boxing · F1 · Tennis · Rugby · Golf · Cricket · NBA · More . The Virgin London Marathon, registration and associated .. of the London Marathon Charitable Trust, will also meet a selection of . and the Sochi Winter Games in the wake of deadly explosions at .. Sportsmail's experts. Ken Jones says he's a bit apprehensive about taking on the London Marathon on Sunday because he's "so much slower these days". Get coached for the Virgin London Marathon , with expert tips from Streak for the London Marathon #sneakers #shoes #kicks #jordan #lebron #nba #nike.

There were no toilets at the start in Blackheath and you had to go in bushes. They had buses for all the bags and you just put them on there -- it was chaos. At the end you'd have to find them yourself.

virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 nba

The crowds seem to get bigger and everything gets better every year. It's still a tough challenge to get round the course, though. The record for the oldest person to complete a marathon is years old, although it was not recognised by Guinness World Records due to a missing birth certificate.

The landmark age for oldest woman to complete the Jones, who says he was a sickly child and only discovered his love of running in the army, has a different driving force, but is there a secret to his continued athleticism: I just had to do it.

Meet the Experts

When I look around now at the old men my age, they are bent over and have something wrong with them. No aches, pains, nothing. I can bend down, stretch, work in my garden. On the day of the race, stick to a breakfast you have tried and tested in training. For many runners, porridge is a popular choice. Recovery starts as soon as you cross the Finish Line. Kick-start the process by eating a healthy snack and drinking a carb or electrolyte drink. Running at a steady, even pace is vital. Setting off at a steady pace will help conserve glycogen — your body's fuel store.

Go off too fast and you'll burn through this quicker. This is a good tactic for first time marathon runners as it breaks up the distance.

virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 nba

Avoid doing too much too soon. Gradually increase your training in small doses. Your weekly mileage should go up by no more than 10 per cent each week.

Expert panel -- These are the world's 10 best marathons, including Boston, London, Tokyo

Volume is both mileage and intensity of your training. The bulk of your training should be easy and comfortable paced runs. Always follow your most challenging sessions with easy days. Also have recovery weeks where you do less. Don't just run — it's a great idea to include cross-training in your training. Don't be tempted to overdo it though. Strength and conditioning is an important part of injury prevention. Exercises that use your own body weight are good.

Vary your running terrain to work different muscle groups and help reduce injury risk. Each foot strike will be different on a trail. Road running is still an important part of your training, but don't be afraid to mix it up.

virgin london marathon meet the experts 2014 nba

You should include trail, treadmill, road and track. The average runner takes 10, steps an hour — which means that good posture is vital. Try to run tall. Remember to warm up to reduce your injury risk. Make it progressive with a brisk walk and gradually increase your range of movement. Stretching cold muscles can increase your injury risk, so save that for post run.

Try to hold each stretch for seconds. Don't be afraid to back off and rest for a couple of days in your training if you feel a niggle.