Walt disney saying at the end of meet robinsons

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walt disney saying at the end of meet robinsons

The other thing most people remember about this movie is the quote from Walt Disney at the end. You may have also seen this quote in your. Discover ideas about Great Quotes. Walt Disney Quote Keep Moving Forward. One of my favorite quotes by Walt Disney. Loved this message at the end of Meet . This isn't a review or critique of Meet The Robinsons, but I saw the film today at a The film ends with a great quote from Walt Disney himself.

And this is the kind of future I love! This is a future I would love to live in! And any actions you cause in the past can affect the future. Even the smallest little details could affect the future in a BIG way. This is one of the many themes that Lewis, as well as the audience, learns about from the film. For the first half, Wilbur cannot tell Lewis that he is his father as it may affect his existence in the future, so he keeps trying to hide the truth from Lewis to not cause any complications.

He only keeps insisting that Lewis fixes the memory machine to help provide a future for him that could help change his life.

She was created by Lewis, but he soon discovered that she was a danger to mankind, so he presumably turned her off and kept her locked away, but she found a way out and plotted vengeance.

  • What is quote at end of Robinsons movie?

After Lewis discovers this, he straight-up addresses his plan to the Hat: So one has to consider the possible consequences of their actions in the past and how this could affect their future. He has experienced a future that was built upon his knowledge and inventions, and it all started with the memory machine he built, which was inspired by the want of his memory of his mother, all starting at the orphanage.

And he has also married someone and started a family in the future, giving birth to Wilbur. If Lewis was never left at the orphanage by his mother and had just gone to live with her, Wilbur might have never been born nor would Lewis ever have had that same kind of family he lived with briefly.

Arguably, there could have still been a bright, advanced future, but since he played a big part in creating it after being adopted, if he was never adopted, that exact same possible future would never come into existence. If his mother decided to take him back, the future he knows of would not exist.

So Lewis decides to risk it all and let go of the past and his mother, to create his own future. And even after many painful failures, one should not give up and have the courage to keep on going until something successful pops up. If they find a problem, they just need to find the solution next. If there were no problems, one would not be able to learn so much about possible consequences, nor would they gain the knowledge to work around certain problems to make sure something DOES work.

People may think of Tomorrowland today as just a section of the theme parks where Buzz Lightyear, Stitch, the monsters from Monsters, Inc. It was like a train in the sky, high above the ground, looking at the entire town of advanced technology.

But at the same time, because imagination was key in Disneyland, and one of the major themes of Tomorrowland was the innovations in technology, these rides inspired the possibilities of one day traveling to and through space. Thus some rides, like Astro Orbiter, Mission to Mars, and Space Mountain, were all created and designed with an adventurous and outer-space feel to keep the excitement high. There was even an attraction that was all about shrinking people down to atom size to explore inner space.

Why does this story need to be told?

walt disney saying at the end of meet robinsons

Either way, 47 or 48, I think we can all agree that this belongs among the worst five movies Disney has ever made. The film begins with a baby being left on the steps of an orphanage.

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We then cut to 12 years later as the kid, Lewis, is now a young inventor. Though his inventions are kind of freaky to all the parents that come by, looking for a kid, so he never gets adopted. Not even his own mother wanted him. Mildred, the lady who runs the orphanage, tries to lift his spirits by suggesting that his mother did want him and that maybe she left him at the orphanage because she had no other choice.

He decides to build a memory scanner that will help him remember what his mother looks like, even though he only saw her when he was an infant. He builds the scanner and brings it to a science fair. There, he meets Wilbur, a boy claiming to be from the future whose time machine was stolen by a tall man in a bowler hat, and that the tall man is after Lewis. As it happens, the tall man in the bowler hat is at the fair.

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The project explodes and causes mayhem in the gym. After everyone is gone, the tall man in the bowler hat absconds with the machine. Lewis, upon returning to the orphanage, angrily rips all of his notes for the machine out of his notebook.

walt disney saying at the end of meet robinsons

He shows Lewis an invisible hovercraft he has that takes him through time. He brings him to the year Lewis realizes he can use the time machine to go back and see his mother. He wants to take Lewis back so he can fix it.

“Meet the Robinsons” Awakens Walt Disney’s Spirit and Offers Wisdom for Naperville’s Own Future

They get into an argument and crash. Wilbur is upset, since there are only two time machines in existence, and the other one is in the possession of the bowler hat guy.

walt disney saying at the end of meet robinsons

Lewis agrees to fix the time machine if Wilbur takes him back to meet his mother before she gives him up for adoption. Wilbur takes Lewis to his garage to fix the machine, telling him to stay put. They take him in pretty quickly and he feels like part of the family.

Keep Moving Forward

Back in the present, the bowler hat guy looks for Lewis. He tells him not to let that anger go and returns to the future to chase Lewis. The family then gets weird and says he has to go back.