Where does the state legislature meet

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where does the state legislature meet

You can listen to live Hearings, Floor Sessions, and Press Conferences over the Internet. Senate proceeding are broadcast live on the California Channel, and. How often does the legislature meet? How does The house of representatives, together with the state senate, constitute the Texas Legislature. The duties of. Find out the state legislative session dates: when state sessions begin, adjourn and convene for special sessions. Legislature meets throughout the year.

The program is designed to teach young people the nation's future voters and leaders — what it's like to be a state legislator: For more information, visit the: Legislators Back to School Program.

Please schedule your visit to the Wyoming State Museum by calling or visit: Wyoming Supreme Court Please schedule your visit with the Wyoming Supreme Court by calling or visit http: Contact information, including phone numbers is available here. During Session In person: If you would like to speak with a legislator, you can fill out a lobby note form, which is located in each lobby.

Be mindful, members may not always be able to leave the Chamber to meet with you.

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If you need to leave, please send in another note advising the member you are leaving. Senate Receptionist Message for Senators: Most of the work of the legislature is done by committees. The legislature as a whole relies on its committees to report out only those bills deserving the consideration of the entire house.

where does the state legislature meet

Through standing committees, each bill is addressed by a group of members who have special knowledge of its subject. Some members of the legislature have expert knowledge of particular subjects of legislation, and these members are usually placed on committees to take full advantage of this specialized knowledge.

For this reason, the legislature often accepts the final recommendations of its standing committees. As has been noted, however, the legislature does not completely abdicate its responsibility for the consideration of pending bills. If the need arises, the members of either house can force a committee to take action on a bill, or they can ignore the committee's recommendations.

Reported bills are immediately given a second reading. The houses do not vote on a bill at the time it is reported; however, reported bills are placed on the calendar for the next legislative day.

where does the state legislature meet

This second reading is made by title only. The regular calendar is a list of bills that have been favorably reported from committee and are ready for consideration by the membership of the entire house.

where does the state legislature meet

Third reading[ edit ] Regardless of how a bill is placed on the calendar, once the bill is considered and adopted, this is called the third reading. It is at this third reading of the bill that the entire legislature gives consideration to its passage. At this time, the bill may be studied in detail, debated, amended, and read at length before final passage. If the majority vote in favor of the bill, it is recorded as passed.

Transmission to second house[ edit ] A bill that is passed in one house is transmitted, along with a formal message, to the other house.

If the bill is not reported from committee or is not considered by the full house, the bill is defeated. The house of origin, upon return of its amended bill, may take any one of several courses of action. It may concur in the amendment by the adoption of a motion to that effect; then the bill, having been passed by both houses in identical form, is ready for enrollment. Another possibility is that the house of origin may adopt a motion to non-concur in the amendment, at which point the bill dies.

Finally, the house of origin may refuse to accept the amendment but request that a conference committee be appointed. The other house usually agrees to the request, and the presiding officer of each house appoints members to the conference committee. Conference committees[ edit ] A conference committee is often empaneled to discuss the points of difference between the two houses' versions of the same bill, and tries to reach an agreement between them so that the identical bill can be passed by both houses.

Calendar and Schedules

If an agreement is reached and if both houses adopt the conference committee's report, the bill is passed. If either house refuses to adopt the report of the conference committee, a motion may be made for further conference.

If a conference committee is unable to reach an agreement, it may be discharged, and a new conference committee may be appointed. Some highly controversial bills may be referred to several different conference committees. If an agreement is never reached in conference prior to the end of the legislative session, the bill is lost.

When a bill has passed both houses in identical form, it is then ready for transmittal to the Governor. Presentation to the governor[ edit ] Once a bill reaches the governor, he or she may sign it, which completes its enactment into law. Here's an alphabetical list of members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all members use e-mail. How do I find a list of all members' phone numbers and addresses? Here is a list of House directories. How do I find bills on a subject I'm interested in? Go to Bill Search and choose a recent legislative session to get a list of subjects. You can also search for bills by a representative's name, by committee, or by a word or phrase in the text of the bill.

How do I find the status of a specific bill? If you know the bill number, you can go to Bill Information and select "Actions" to get a detailed history of all action taken on the bill.

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How do I find out how my representative voted on a bill? The results of recorded votes are listed in the House Journal. You need to know the date the vote was taken and the Record Vote number, which you can find in Bill Information. How do I find when committees are meeting and see their meeting agendas? From the menu on the left, click on Schedules and then select committee schedules. This will give you a list of all House committee meetings for the week ahead.

where does the state legislature meet

To see the agenda for a specific meeting, click on the word "Notice" to see the public notice that was issued for the meeting. From that page, you can search for meetings by committee and date. How do I find what bills are scheduled for debate in the House?

The schedule of bills to be considered by the full House is called the House Calendar. To see a calendar for a day when the House is in session, click on Schedules on the menu on the left and select House Calendars.

where does the state legislature meet