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Bradley Charles Cooper (born January 5, ) is an American actor and filmmaker. He has .. The director drove five hours to Montreal to meet with Cooper to convince him to take on the role. Cianfrance described Cooper's character as. I Love You, Beth Cooper is a comedy film directed by Chris Columbus and starring Hayden Panettiere and Paul Rust. It is based on the novel by Larry. Gary Cooper was an American actor. Known for his natural, authentic, understated acting style .. The love scenes between Bergman and Cooper were "rapturous" and passionate. Howard Barnes in the New York Herald Tribune wrote that.

He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. It is clear that he genuinely cares about every one of his patients, as he is easily able to empathize with them and is willing to go the extra mile to help them.

For example, in one episode, he noticed several symptoms of abuse in a girl with a broken arm whose mother is Sam's patient.

Despite Sam's objections, Cooper reports his suspicions and later testifies in court to help the child. On one occasion, Cooper even confides in a patient named Michael about a love dilemma, that he is in love with a woman, but also couldn't tell her.

Cooper and Michael make a pact to tell the objects of their affection how they feel. Personal life[ edit ] In the beginning of season 1 it is suggested that Cooper is in love with Violet Turnerhis best friend and a psychiatrist at Oceanside Wellness.

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Cooper is often ridiculing Violet for her continued infatuation with her ex-boyfriend Alan. When Violet is feeling sexually deprived she makes a pact to be friends with benefits with Cooper, but Cooper backs out at the last minute because he does not want to change their relationship.

Charlotte KingChief of Staff at the local hospital and someone he knows professionally, through an on-line dating site. She is completely embarrassed by this and walks away from the date, and attempts to avoid Cooper thereafter, but the end of the episode, she agrees to have a drink with Cooper, but instead, the two end up having sex and enter into a strictly sexual relationship in later episodes. The two begin to care for each other; however, the relationship breaks apart after Cooper finds out Charlotte has secretly been making and executing plans to rent out the fourth floor of the practice.

In the episode " Homeward Bound ", he goes to Alabama to find her and see her dying father. He assists in pulling the plug and on the ride home she cries in his lap.

wiki meet the coopers

In "Nothing to Fear", they reconcile and she asks him to marry her. He initially agrees but later says he wants to spend the rest with her but declines. In 2x14 Charlotte forgives him until he says he's moving in with Violet. In 2x15, he reveals that Violet is pregnant, he is not the father, but he wants to help.

wiki meet the coopers

He tells her that he loves her but she leaves saying that his first child should be with her. Later Charlotte sleeps with Archer to push Cooper away. When she tells him, however, he refuses to give up on the relationship and pledges his love. Moved, she apologizes, and he says that he forgives her.

They start fresh and everything goes well until Violet is attacked by a former patient, Katie. Cooper blames himself for not being there to protect her. In the episode "Right Here, Right Now", he tells Charlotte that he is broke, and she pays to buy out his share of the practice. In the following episode, Charlotte joins the practice with a specialty in Sexology which makes him uncomfortable.

He also feels emasculated, which is a running theme for him in season 3. In 3x07 Charlotte reveals that she was married before which causes tension between them and he breaks up with her later.

Deeds opened in April to critical praise and were major box-office successes. In Lewis Milestone 's adventure film The General Died at Dawn with Madeleine Carrollhe plays an American soldier of fortune in China who helps the peasants defend themselves against the oppression of a cruel warlord.

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DeMille 's sprawling frontier epic The Plainsman —his first of four films with the director—Cooper portrays Wild Bill Hickok in a highly fictionalized version of the opening of the American western frontier.

And I was almost good. Selznick 's first choice for the part. But I said no. I didn't see myself as quite that dashing, and later, when I saw Clark Gable play the role to perfection, I knew I was right. It succeeded only at the European box office market.

wiki meet the coopers

Potter 's romantic comedy The Cowboy and the Lady with Merle Oberonabout a sweet-natured rodeo cowboy who falls in love with the wealthy daughter of a presidential hopeful, believing her to be a poor, hard-working lady's maid.

Wellman 's adventure film Beau Gestehe plays one of three daring English brothers who join the French Foreign Legion in the Sahara to fight local tribes.

York[] one of the most decorated American soldiers in World War I. Shucks, I've been in the business sixteen years and sometimes dreamed I might get one of these. That's all I can say