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wildstar meet the draken

Last week, we learned a little more about the quintessential Cassian. Today, we get to familiarize ourselves more with the ferocious Draken. So today's opportunity for fans to meet the Draken doesn't have a whole lot about the bigger picture but does have a lengthy recounting of the. The Dominion are one of two player factions in WildStar, and who share Illium as their beginning capital city. The races in the Dominion include Cassian, Draken.

wildstar meet the draken

As it turned out in our interview with lead narrative designer Chad Moorethere's quite a bit more to the Draken as a whole; they're just disinclined to discuss it in any real detail. Thankfully, Moore is more concerned with lore than chasing down something and killing it, so he was able to shed more light on the Draken as a whole when you get past their love of the hunt. Draken society is traditionally very patriarchal, with the race split into several clans that are ruled over by clan lords.

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One of the villages in the starting region of Deradune is a traditional Draken village, complete with a clan lord. Generally, these lords are male, although it's not a hard and fast rule. The society is regimented by the strongest clans ruling over the weaker, with a defeated opponent accepting the loss and becoming a servant of the victor.

Wildstar Lore: The Draken Race

So it was when the Dominion moved in and defeated High Clanlord Zhur, a hierarchy that had been followed with respect ever since it was first put into place.

However, as a whole, the Draken respect the Cassians rather than view humans as being somehow above them. The emperors are the true power behind the Dominion, and it is those not-quite-human rulers whom the Draken see as their true rulers. A Draken respects the chain of command, but the humans of the Dominion are not to be deferred to beyond their ranks.

At the same time, the Dominion allows the Draken to govern themselves and does not interfere with the clans or their methods of resolving disputes, so long as the Draken come to fight the wars that the Dominion wants.

If you want to be cynical about it, that's a pretty sweet deal for the Dominion and not quite so much for the Draken.

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The Dominion gives the orders, and the Draken have no say in the matter except to do or die. For a thousand years we have led the unstoppable war machine of the Dominion military, slaughtering all who dare face us on the field of battle!

wildstar meet the draken

The impression I got from Chad was that it wasn't the Draken's lack of intelligence that held them back in fact their cunning seems to be a prime characteristic for promotion in the Dominion it was due to how content the Draken are in allowing the Cassians to continue their obsession with vainglorious pomp and circumstance. It would also be easy to confuse the Draken's lack of political ambition with subservience to the Cassians because of their code of honor and historical precedent.

This is not the case.

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My next question is not meant to offend. I want to stress that. The Dominion conquered your world some time ago, yes?

wildstar meet the draken

You dare speak such insults? Watch your tongue, or I will tear it out! But… isn't that what happened? The Red River War shook the very core of Mikros!

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Do you doubt the truth of my words? I'm just looking for the facts.

wildstar meet the draken

Zhur was strong, but Azrion was stronger.