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The 50 Best Party Schools In the U.S., Ranked and Reviewed (#50 – 26)

College Fraternity, and by a Henry M. MacCracken fellowship from New York University. I an outside reader on our first meeting (leaving me rather in awe), and for being an unfailingly In the same way that the presence of Asian American Greek-letter organizations New York: John Wiley & Sons. Greek life is a big part of the scene, as Oxford is know as The Mother of most of the 'cretons' indoors, while us wiley types get the run of the town. . NYU is far from the typical college party school, but that doesn't mean it's not social. for one of the oldest-standing college football rivalries' th meeting. College social fraternities that restricted membership to white Protestants in greek-letter societies. .. a special meeting held in July , fraternity officials openly .. 2; “Amherst Fraternity Gets Bid From Group a(NYU,”.

Prior to serving at the university, Johnson had participated in the First Continental Congress and been chosen as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. Both President George Washington and Vice President John Adams attended the college's commencement on May 6,as a tribute of honor to the many alumni of the school who had been involved in the American Revolution. During the last half of the 19th century, under the leadership of President F.

Barnardthe president that Barnard College is named after, the institution rapidly assumed the shape of a modern university. Barnard College was created in as a response to the university's refusal to accept women. RabiEnrico Fermi and Polykarp Kusch placed Columbia's Physics Department in the international spotlight in the s after the first nuclear pile was built to start what became the Manhattan Project.

The incident forced the resignation of Columbia's President, Grayson Kirk and the establishment of the University Senate. For much of the 19th century, the University consisted of decentralized and separate faculties specializing in Political Science, Philosophy, and Pure Science. Inthese faculties were merged into the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Inthe School of International and Public Affairswhich was previously a part of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, became an independent faculty.

The university owns over 7, apartments in Morningside Heights, housing faculty, graduate students, and staff. Almost two dozen undergraduate dormitories purpose-built or converted are located on campus or in Morningside Heights. Columbia University has an extensive underground tunnel system more than a century old, with the oldest portions predating the present campus.

Some of these remain accessible to the public, while others have been cordoned off. Proposed as "South Hall" by the university's former President Nicholas Murray Butler as expansion plans for Low Memorial Library stalled, the new library was funded by Edward Harknessbenefactor of Yale's residential college system, and designed by his favorite architect, James Gamble Rogers.

It was completed in and renamed for Butler in The library design is neo-classical in style. Its facade features a row of columns in the Ionic order above which are inscribed the names of great writers, philosophers, and thinkers, most of whom are read by students engaged in the Core Curriculum of Columbia College.

Low Memorial Librarya National Historic Landmark and the centerpiece of the campus, is listed for its architectural significance. Philosophy Hall is listed as the site of the invention of FM radio. Also listed is Pupin Hallanother National Historic Landmarkwhich houses the physics and astronomy departments. Here the first experiments on the fission of uranium were conducted by Enrico Fermi.

The nights are alive with people all over East Lansing embracing the atmosphere. The summer is over and school is starting back up. What better way to celebrate seeing all your old and new friends then having parties all week leading up to the first day of school. It gives the freshman a taste of what is to come of their years as a Spartan and also lets the upperclassmen appreciate the good times without the stress of school.

In addition, this kicks off the start of football tailgate season, which is one of the biggest highlights of every fall semester. There is an entire block street solely dedicated to all the bars you'll black out in, and the restaurants where you'll be eating your late night munchies. But beyond that are the infamous Rutgers house parties. With themed parties for most of the week like 'Turbo Tuesday' and 'Thirsty Thursday', it's hard to find a day when this state school is NOT partying. And no matter how you look at it, the multitudes of hot Jersey girls is a serious plus, even if they might tend to be a bit trashy.

It's nothing that you'll care about after your fifth keg stand as you head to the Grease Trucks for a Fat Bitch. It's the name of a sandwich, I swear. Football Saturday Tailgates Testimonial 1: We relish the opportunity to frequent frat parties, imbibe insanely cheap drink specials on Fifth Street, play Sunday Funday games in a back yard, and participate in the Holy Grail— tailgating for a home football game in a sea of purple haze.

Spring Party Weekend Testimonial 1: Easily the preppiest college in New York. Sperrys and salmon colored shorts everywhere. Avicii was here last year for Spring Party Weekend. Spring Weekend Testimonial 1: There's a huge variety.

There's always something at the barely-off-campus Carriage apartments, frat parties in Husky Village, and totally off campus parties that provide you with sober rides. They will talk about partying throughout classes and wait the entire week just for the weekends to party hard. That's great, but I feel like most people think of nothing else to do here. In fact you'll find that a few people only have that one thing to do, and their Christmas is actually Spring Weekend which is coming back this year after being shut down the last two yearswhich is basically a giant series of parties coming shortly before finals in the Spring semester.

A couple people get arrested, most people get drunk and dance in circles surrounded by hoards of other people many come from out of campus. Girls have been known to leave parties because they lack enough Bros. This is not to say there aren't other parties, but it will cost you 5 bucks and it may or may not be filled with tons of dudes.

Some Club Sport teams also throw some pretty fun parties after games and matches. Parties off campus can be a blast. Most of them turn into basement style dance parties along with some day drinking yard parties. There is a street called Hunting Lodge road located near Campus where a lot of the parties occur.

In the winter, the party scene is pretty dead. Anyone who is 21 just heads to the bar in Storrs instead of searching for a party in the cold. The presence of police has increased in the past few years, making it hard for some of the better parties of the year to continue.

UConn has a tradition of Spring Weekend which is usually the best weekend on campus. In previous years, it has been basically shut down. This year, the school has acknowledged that Spring Weekend will be allowed to commence. I would assume with a heavy police presence to calm the flash mobs and rampant partying of previous Spring Weekends.

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I was so beyond stoked. Maryland was my first choice school mainly for their journalism program, one of the best in the country. Sure, UMD has had it's down years, but there is no denying that a game against Duke in any sport brings out the most passionate of Terps fans. I partied with the men's lacrosse team a lot because I was their manager, and it kept my social life insanely active. If there weren't off campus parties at any of the lax houses any night of the week, one of the 21 or so frats and their satellite houses would definitely be brewing something fun.

College Park has its pitfalls as a town, but there is no where I would rather do a Sunday Funday than Bentley's or Cornerstone. To this day, they are usually my first stops when I had back for alumni events. They're a staple of Route 1 and rightfully so. Every night of the week they've got a good crowd that'll help de-stress you after a shitty final or a tough paper.

Weather gets nice early down in Maryland and the campus is awesome for that. McKeldin Mall is a sick masterpiece and you will find all walks of life of the student body chilling out, reading, dickin' around with a football or tanning.

If you get bored of campus or College Park, it's awesome to have the option of hopping on the metro and heading to DC or heading up to Baltimore to grab a Ravens or O's game. Unlike a lot of other state schools, Maryland isn't parked in bumblefuck of the state, it's situated right between the two big cities on I Maryland is easily one of the best state schools because of the combination of its reputable academics graduate with a degree from The Robert H.

Smith School of Business and you're set for life, just ask Vikas Mohindraits great sports programs watching a basketball game at Comcast Center is like religion and its party school atmosphere right next to big city opportunities.

At UMD, it's all about who can party the hardest and still get up and get an A on their Econ final the next morning. Terps value hard work and even harder play. The bar party scene at JMU leaves quite a bit to be desired but the house and frat parties who doesn't love a good kegger? This party generally winds up being a complete bloodbath and often time law enforcement gets involved. Guys and gals alike spend the entire day pouring booze down their gullets and playing cornhole and other various drinking games all with a similar late-night goal in mind: Halloween, Carolina Cup Testimonial 1: Typically parties will come in four-day benders, broken up by much-needed breaks.

Franklin Street is where it's at, especially on Halloween. Also, 41 percent male and 59 percent female breakdown. It's one of our greatest traditions. Blarney Blowout Testimonial 1: Neither does Deadmau5 or Tiesto, for that matter. Weekends typically start Thursday night, but best believe there are tons of students hitting up bars every day of the week.

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You could easily go to five or six quality parties on a Saturday night if you were feeling like a champion. And then there are some straight up huge outdoor parties that can easily host a thousand people.

Then UMass has staple parties, like the legendary Blarney Blowout. Held on a Saturday close to St. Our legendary Ski and Board club throws huge events, like an outdoor half-pipe and an annual ski trip Montreal, where honestly, maybe like half the people actually come to Ski. Everyone else just comes to get wasted. What you will find is people from the other colleges hitting up UMass for the weekend, because basically UMass parties are legendary parties and the whole area knows it.

Patricks day the weekend before since we are on Spring Break the actual day of. Some kid came in clutch and filmed this with his go-pro.

Everybody wakes up real early, and no time is wasted. People immediately start drinking be it in their dorms, at apartments, or various other places. After liquoring up everybody heads down to the townhouses where more drinking ensues.

The mass gathering takes place in the quad of the townhouses where girls become total sluts, bottles and cans are hurled into the air, ambulances make frequent visits, and everybody lets out their inner Irish.

This massive day party concludes at about 5, to where you then proceed to go back to wherever you had originally come for and start drinking more to prepare for the parties at night. It's basically like the Tour de France for your liver. It is also one of the pinnacles of collegiate excellence. The more croakie-wearers shouting to nobody in particular, the more collegiately excellent.

There is no question that Foxfields is a must for any college or post-collegiate bro. Here's a list of reasons why. To mix things up, let's spin a negative into a positive. One angsty, angry art student hates OU for all the reasons BroBible kinda loves it: All the money seems to go to football and building new facilities for them uh, yeah… they went last year. The art school suffers from asbestos problems. Boone PIckens went to your instate rival.

It seems not many people are here to learn, it's just about parties, tanning, and the next date party …all fun things. Why must you hate fun?

There are pastors who come to campus and yell at kids or have pictures of dead babies for anti-abortion rallies … doesn't that happen at every big public university? But seriously, people who aren't into the whole FAKE thing should not go here, because that sums up this school. Teachers who don't teach …hooray easy classes! Football Saturdays Testimonial 1: Weekends start every Wednesday night with Dollar Night at the Hawk, and end Monday morning at the start of your first class—we allow ourselves a solid 48 hours of recovery time.

The Holy Trinity of frat bars—The Hawk, Wagon Wheel, and Bullwinkle's—often draw you in with free keg day drinking and keep you around with a plethora of cheap well drinks.

The 50 Best Party Schools In the U.S., Ranked and Reviewed (#50 – 26)

Wheel pizza and drunk freshman fights are worth sticking around for while waiting for sober rides. Saturdays start prior to 8am, loaded with various stimulants and superfluous amounts of beer drinking—ie paint sticking if don't know what it is, look it up —and whiskey pulls. Basketball is the religion in these parts and Allen Fieldhouse is our cathedral. Teeing up a game there is something every sports fan should experience. Last, but certainly not least, any visit to Lawrence is not complete without a trip to the world famous Outhouse it's a titty bar.

Seriously, this place is where dreams go to die and nothing could be more beautifully tragic. Also, we have KUboobs. A complete oasis in the midwest.

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There are amazing parks, woods, rivers, lakes, and fields to explore satisfy the urge to get out in nature, something unheard of for Kansas…. The party scene is amazing if you know the right people. The main recreational activity is binge drinking as expected, given KU's reputation. After the great Kegs and Eggs riot ofthings quieted down.

Still, says a lot about the place that Shoenice himself once chained himself to a pole to fight for the right to party. We're ranked in the top ten party schools right now and have been ranked number one in Playboy in recent years. Most parties turn into riots because of the immense size.