2cv world meet 2009

2CVs R us - World of Deux Chevaux

(19th World Meeting Of 2CV Friends). Jaar Citroën Spring Vehicle Meet was celebrated on 3rd October at the Ace Café in London, England. 2CVTV - the English language 2CV lifestyle, news and information website. As far back as the early s, Citroën teamed with Yacco, an oil company in France, for endurance testing on Citroën automobiles. These cars were tested at .

Everything took place in the open air, and fortunately, the weather was kind.

2cv world meet 2009

There was a marquee big enough for and plenty of seating outside to enjoy the German hospitality and the German beer. There was a tent with metres of tables selling parts etc.

2cv world meet 2009

A scenic drive was organised to be done in your own time following the route that was provided. On the way one could visit a motor museum and a winery with a ticket being provided.

Although there was some concern when everyone went to the same side of the boat to photograph the suspended 2CVs. The Clubs in the Netherlands agreed to arrange the 8th ICCCR, but they said that they could not do it in one year, and three years was considered too long, so with a 2-year interval there was another clash with the 2CV meeting. There was a good camping area with facilities, good catering arrangements and self-catering chalets very near. The weather was not perfect, but not bad enough to spoil the event, although the traders who had been provided with covered market stalls found that a roof was not sufficient when the rain came horizontally.

History of ICCCR and 2cv meetings

The opening ceremony, which is very often ignored by participants, was one the most memorable ever. However, everyone was fed and if you could not sit with your friends, you soon made new ones.

The rally was so successful financially that the Dutch Clubs decided that as the money had come from members of Clubs throughout the world, an international fund should be started so that the Club and the Country organising the next ICCCR would have a bank account to draw on for all the initial expenses. This would be returned to the Netherlands, hopefully increased, to go on to support future rallies. This was another good venue, being an exhibition complex with plenty of buildings and tarmac roads between areas of grass, and they were needed.

Approximately cars attended If our friends in Denmark still have the records it would be good to have the accurate number for the record. It was all in one building and no charge was made for the traders as it was considered to be one of the principal attractions of the Rally. The judges said that there had been no pre-planning it was all completely fair. The French volunteered to arrange No.

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Finally it was agreed that the next one would be in 3 years. This time there were 11 representatives from the USA.

The site was big enough for everyone, and it was easy to drive round without any problems. The Michelin bus was also making a regular circuit. However, because this was a working environment and Michelin are still security minded, the site had to be cleared each night.

There were several camping sites so those who did not go to the dinner missed a certain ambience. The auto jumble area was all in one large marquee with a wooden floor. All that it need was air conditioning! At the delegates meeting, it was decided — hopefully finally — that the next ICCCR would be in 3 years and then every 4 years so that it would not clash with the 2CV World Meetings in future years.

The representatives from Belgium agreed to organise No. The information that we received before the rally looked good. The site was a large country park were the museum, the sales area and administration would be located.

There would be plenty of room for camping outside the park and there would be adequate hotels in the area. We were told that only cars with passes would be allowed in to the park to avoid congestion, but there would be a continuous service of shuttle buses around the park and transport to remove large purchases from the trading area to the car park.

When the day came, the rain came down, the camping area was on a slope and not big enough, the shuttle buses did not run and there was no adequate plan for the site so it was difficult to find anything.

Some members who had paid in advance had to pay again and some paid at the gate for camping and were then turned back because there was no room. Some people enjoyed it. The gala dinner was fantastic, the best that this writer had been to at a rally — good food, great service and big band music. There was no other offer from any other country, so the Americans were asked to organise the Rally in What they did not know at the time was that the bank account was empty. The Belgian committee had received the float before the rally as usual, but after the rally, in spite of there being some cars, all of whom had paid in advance there was nothing to pay back.

The weather was very hot, the organisation was good, albeit different, and for the first time there was not a meeting of Club delegates as it had been decided previously that the 13th ICCCR would be in Switzerland in The airport was closed for the duration of the event, except for a medical emergency and some small planes for sightseeing flights, there was no noise. This time Scotland was the location. A beautiful country, only the weather was not cooperating. The first night brought freezing temperatures, the rest of the meeting was soaked in nonstop cold rain.

Only the last day was gorgeous. Most participants however, had fled from the weather before. It took place in Vinadio which is located in the mountains just north of Nice. This year Europe suffered from an record heat wave - so we were really happy to be high up in the mountains.

Citroën 2CV "Yacco" Racer- 1981

This meeting broke all records - the number of cars and participants was higher than ever before. For the Europeans a big enough event to ship their cars over - or just show up without a car? Many of them were shipped over. The meeting took place in Seeboden at the Millstaeder lake. The VW people behave like hooligans, so the locals were not too happy having another big car club event in their town. So it was really nice for us to hear after the meeting that everybody in town was very pleased with the 2CV people.