5 3 gen iv swap meet

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5 3 gen iv swap meet

Mar 13, Almost all Gen III/IV engines in salvage yards, at swap meets, and on . These 5- speed manual transmissions are very popular among GM. Mar 26, LS Swap Meet: Chevy C10 Gets A Upgrade new life into the pickup by putting in a 4×4 engine from a donor truck. Jan 29, The Gen III engines (LS1/LS6/LQ4, and early LS2) came with a 24x (24 to heat the area where the reluctor meets the crank to around degrees. 24 58 Tooth Reluctor Ring Swap 5/ 4. On the inside of the jig's.

In the lower left closeup, note how the 1 cylinders match with both cams but the 2 has different lobe orientation. The same is true in the rear of the cams where the 7 lobes have different orientation while 8 is the same.

5 3 gen iv swap meet

Who discovered the swap? The other four possible combinations alternate individual cylinder firings between the banks except when adjacent cylinders fire.

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As you can see from the chart, three firing orders are used today by automakers and custom engine builders, and one has yet to earn favor with the industry. For a diesel, of course, you change the cam and reconfigure the fuel delivery pattern. Once familiar with the three different firing orders, as well as the cylinder numbering system for different applications, engine builders can analyze the pros and cons of each.

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That mindset played a huge role in bringing Competition Cams up from a tiny shop 40 years ago to our place in the market today. By comparison, this is identical to the firing order for the original small-block Ford as well as the FE and series of engines when the two platforms are overlapped.

Steve Schmidtwho once supplied engines to eight of 16 qualifiers in a Pro Stock race, was one of the first engine builders to adopt the concept.

LS Engine Tips: Gen III vs. Gen IV

But for GM racers, the swap continued to gain followers in Pro Stock and other racing classes. Some had noticeable power gains, while others observed no difference. Through continued testing and analysis, however, the logic behind the swap slowly revealed benefits of heat management and torsional load control in addition to helping with the induction tuning.

5 3 gen iv swap meet

Flat-plane Option Since firing orders depend on crankshaft design, no story would be complete without mentioning the flat-plane option. With a flat-plane crankshaft, there is even firing between the banks, so the induction and exhaust systems are much easier to tune for consistent results.

However, there can be severe torsional vibration issues with a flat-plane crank. Last minute I changed back to a degree crank. But it sure did sound cool. Kaase says he adopted one from the Cosworth. For the record, the Cosworth 2. Cosworth started out using with the original 3. Your hub for horsepower Get first access to hit shows like Roadkill and Dirt Every Day Join free for 14 days now Today, the cylinder-deactivation concept has returned as a standard feature on many up General Motors Gen IV V8 engines as a way of having our cake and eating it too.

Once sealed, the trapped air acts as an air spring while the computer shuts off the fuel injectors and ignition coils, and the deactivated pistons and rods are just along for the ride. When more power is demanded, events are reversed and the engine goes back to V8 function within milliseconds.

The DOD system relies on many small oil passages and orifices that are easily clogged by deferred oil changes. Once this happens, lubricant flow to the roller lifters is curtailed and leads to wheel and lobe failure. If the engine is out of the car, the process takes just a couple of hours.

LS based GM small-block engine

The NextGen guys tell us this is an exception: GM also offered a 4. Since the smallish 4. After stripping the induction and valve covers, rocker-arm shaft removal is the first step. Note the offset rocker arms. The realigned rockers do the trick.

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The problem is that we wanted to put it into a Trailblazer SS, which meant we needed the 58x wheel. The reluctor wheels on LS cranks are pressed on and there are a few tricks to getting the old one off and the new one on without causing any damage. First off, the reluctor has to be properly indexed to the crank or your ECU will get inaccurate crank position info, which can cause a host of problems. Secondly, trying to cold press or hammer a cold reluctor onto the crank will most likely result in frustration and a damaged reluctor, especially in the case of the thinner, two-piece 24x wheel.

5 3 gen iv swap meet

The key ingredient in this install recipe is heat. By heating the reluctor wheel it will expand just enough to easily slide onto the crank. As for having it indexed properly, the best method is to use a jig specifically designed to install the wheel perfectly every time. Now, we could have marked our crank based on the existing 24x wheel and got pretty damn close but we opted to do it the right way. Behold our factory LS crank replete with its 24x 24 tooth reluctor wheel, also referred to as a tone ring or timing wheel.

Before we can swap it to the newer style 58x reluctor we need to get it separated from the crank.