7 brothers meet dracula hammer 1974

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7 brothers meet dracula hammer 1974

SEVEN BROTHERS MEET DRACULA () Horror experts Hammer Studios hooked up with martial arts masters Shaw Brothers for this kung fu horror. Roy Ward Baker & Cheh Chang's 7 BROTHERS MEET DRACULA aka "The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires" () movie trailer This is the last Hammer vampire movie and one of the two co-production made with. While lecturing in China, Van Helsing agrees to help seven kung fu trained Taste the Blood of Dracula () . The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula See more» Featured in The World of Hammer: Mummies, Werewolves & the Living Dead.

He speaks of an unknown rural village that has been terrorised by a cult of seven known as the "Seven Golden Vampires" for many years. He goes on to explain that a simple farmer, armed with a pitchfork and who had lost his wife to the vampires, trekked his way to the temple of the vampires, where he saw many other unfortunate women strapped to tables, waiting for their blood to be drained.

7 brothers meet dracula hammer 1974

The farmer burst in and battled the vampires. He is unsuccessful as his wife is killed in the fight, but in the chaos, he grabbed a bat-like medallion from around one of the vampire's necks, which he sees as the vampires' life source. Defeated, the farmer flees the temple, but the High Priest orders the vampires after him.

After they leave on horseback, the High Priest summons the vampire's former victims: Still carrying the medallion, the farmer places it around a small model of a jade Buddha. He knocks desperately on the locked village gates, but it is in vain.

The vampires and their undead catch up with him and kill him. One of the vampires spies the medallion around the Buddha and goes over to collect it. The moment the vampire touched the Buddha, the creature is destroyed in flames. Van Helsing goes on to say that he is positive the village still exists and is still terrorised by the six remaining vampires.

He is only unsure of where the village lies. Most students disapprove of the story and leave. Back in Van Helsing's rented house, a student named Hsi Ching David Chiang informs him that the legend is true and that he knows the location of the village.

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires - UK/Hong Kong - - HORRORPEDIA

He goes on to say that the farmer from the story was his grandfather. He proves it by producing the dead vampire's bat-like medallion. He then asks Van Helsing if he would be willing to travel to the village and destroy the vampire menace.

Van Helsing agrees and embarks with his son Leyland Robin StewartHsi Ching, and his seven kung fu trained siblings on a dangerous journey, funded by a wealthy widow named Vanessa Buren Julie Egewho Leyland and two of Ching's siblings saved from an attack by the tongs.

On the journey, they are ambushed by three of the six remaining vampires in a cave along with the undead. The group are quickly engaged in battle and soon kill the three vampires. The remaining three, sensing that they are outnumbered, are quick to retreat, taking their army of undead with them.

7 brothers meet dracula hammer 1974

The following morning, the party reach the village, partly ruined but still populated, and prepare to make their final stand. They use wooden stakes as barriers and dig a large trench around them filled with flammable liquid.

In the temple that evening, Kah calls on the remaining vampires to kill Van Helsing and his party once and for all.

The vampires ride on horseback, followed by their army of undead, to the village. The vampires reach the village, and soon, Van Helsing's group once again do battle with the last of the golden vampires and their undead, resulting in nearly all their party and the villagers being massacred.

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires – UK/Hong Kong – 1974

During the fight, Vanessa is bitten by one of the vampires and she quickly becomes one herself. Meanwhile, the craze for martial arts movies had been dealt a blow with the untimely death of Bruce Lee, leaving the Hong Kong studios that produced them up against a similar brick wall.

One solution was to start joining forces with western studios and marry kung fu up with other genres for a more international appeal. The film opens in Transylvania,with a lone Chinese figure, Kah, travelling to Castle Dracula and summoning the vampire from his tomb. He introduces himself as the High Priest of the Seven Golden Vampires in rural China, explaining that their power is fading and they need the Count to restore their former glory. Once this is done, Kah speaks with the voice of Dracula and sets off for China.

In particular, a village that becomes cursed by vampires each year during the seventh moon. The students are sceptical except for one, Hsi Ching David Chiang a descendant of the village whose family have pledged to destroy the vampire curse. As they reach the village, many of the siblings perish in the various battles with the vampires and their zombie servants.

Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (1974) REVIEW

Vanessa ends up bitten by a vampire and, in turn, bites Ching who destroys her with a stake which he then impales himself on.

Mai Kwei is captured by the last remaining vampire and taken to the temple where Dracula awaits. Leyland pursues and tries to rescue her, his father following and despatching the creature with a stake through his heart.


The Professor impales Dracula on a stake and he turns to dust. Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires still continues to divide opinion, with many regarding it as a stand-alone from the official Dracula series.