Aloha bowl swap meet hours costa

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aloha bowl swap meet hours costa

Located at Hawaii's largest sports venue, the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is a place where families can gather to share their cultural diversity with pride and a. Honolulu, Hawaii USA Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. Salt Hours: am - pm Hours: am - pm Oahu & Surrounding Areas. Instagram post tagged with Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. Image by kerrywieder: I still think of Costa Rica every time I see granadilla and. Aloha YESSAH BLESSAH, GET YOUR BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM US AT THE SWAPMEET ✨!.

Bring an umbrella or wear sunscreen because when the sun's shining it can get incredibly hot. Robert Lawson Watch your step!


The pavement here really needs some work. Surprising for such a new-looking stadium. The shopping is good and there are some deals to be had, but I didn't see much in the way of swapping.

Mostly just small businesses peddling their wares. I'd call it an open air market, but whatever. Bring something to drink, didn't see much in the way of beverage vendors, but I did get there late and only got about half of one row done before many of the vendors started to pack up. An hour earlier than listed, btw. Also, browse before buying. More than once did I find a better deal farther down the aisle. Beware of time-share sellers, they are all nice and polite until you tell them no.

Then they get a little rude. Overall, had a good time and bought a few souvenirs and snacks. Will return tomorrow to check out some of what I missed. Chana Keiss The best prices for souvenirs! Be ready to bargain, walk and shop. Go early before it gets too hot. Like 8 to 8: If you go at 6: Awesome deals on Hawaiian dresses.

T-shirts, bamboo baskets, wooden plaques and signs, hand made loofah soap, hats, jewelry, luggage, etc. Take an umbrella or fan. Brent Dittman Awesome place to shop!

Been going here for years and always have found the best deals on shirts and gifts to bring home. It can get warm throughout the day so wear light clothing and sunblock. Weekends probably the best and have the most vendors.

Duffmaster The best place to pick up souvenirs on the cheap. Great fresh fruit and a good place to some t-shirts for friends. Get there early as the blacktop can get warm in the afternoon. It cost a dollar per person in the vehicle for parking.

Kris Wood All of the people we talked to we're super friendly. Only spent about 3 hours there and didn't make it through the whole thing. It was definitely hot on the concrete. I would bring an umbrella next time to shield the sun. Definitely don't be afraid to look around and come back to some of the stands, there's a wide range of pricing for the same types of items.

Fun for the whole family! A lot of the vendors sell similar items, so it makes for great strategic haggling and bargining. A fine place to get souvenirs from big to small. The vendors try to stay in the same stall areas, and often are equipped with business cards, so if you don't have the means to buy now, you certainly can buy later.

aloha bowl swap meet hours costa

Daphne Connolly You can find almost anything here! The prices are affordable. If you think the price is too high at one stall, look around at others. Odds are you will find it cheaper.

aloha bowl swap meet hours costa

If you are good at bartering, do it. You may just get it for less.

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It is worth it! Marie Faatuala There are two sides to the swap meet; for the locals and for the tourist. Let me go into explanation of what I mean. For the locals, we have vendors selling stuffs ranging from pots, pans, knives, cars for sale, car parts, plants, can food such as corn beef, spam, to beauty products of Avon, fish, phone products for iPhone and Android, several farmers market, it's basically a wide open garage sale.

For the tourist side, we have businesses selling souvenirs and trinkets like shirts, wood carvings, bathing suits, etc There are bathrooms available throughout the whole stadium and food stands selling hotdogs, drinks, and whatnot. Cash debit, credit accepted at selected vendors. Strollers recommended for your kids unless you're there to buy one check out the local side sellers location are subject to change at times but they now have an area for the locals Aisle A, B, C.

You can find the best deals at these aisles and make sure to bargain first before settling on the asking price. Anyways, good place to check out. Derrick This is an amazing swap meet located on the island of Oahu. There are a lot of vendors that have good quality items and there are also vendors who are more like a yard sale type seller.

This is a swap meet that has food vendors located around the stadium in case you get hungry. If you are visiting Hawaii this is definitely a must- go place. Most places have reasonable prices however you can potentially bargain. There are a lot of souvenirs that you could buy if you are a tourist and trying to send souvenirs back to your family and friends.

The swap meet is open on Saturdays Sundays and Wednesdays from about 8 a. Make sure to bring cash as the ATMs will charge you a surcharge. Parking is plentiful however the road in which the parking lot is in is very bumpy and old.

If you are going to explore the swap meet to its fullest, then dedicate at least a few hours see this. Woodson Rowan It was easy to find and exit using Google maps. The swap meet is filled with multiple tents with a variety of tourist related products.

Food, drink, t-shirts, cloths, wood works, ocean related items, phone accessories, travel booths and many other products. It is easy to get around and usually takes a couple of hours to see everything if you go all the way around the stadium. There are many competing booths, so it is sometimes good to look around before making your purchase, but prices are basically similar, and you can barter with most vendors.

You will find many of the same products for two or three times the price at the local hotels and ABC stores, so hit the Swap Meet first. They are usually open three days a week depending on if the arena is being used for a special event. Wed, Sat, Sun Feb 01, By: Sarah Alhambra Great for souvenirs. Not a great selection of food. RojoJojo87 They have a really great variety of neat stuff at a great price! If you're looking for locally made goods be careful. A lot of the stuff was made in other countries.

Some of the vendors do sell goods they hand made themselves Jan 07, By: Matthew Torio Based off of my own personal experience here just within almost just 2 hours of walking and browsing around at each vendor. Take in a sunset — Sunset viewing is a time of gathering with family ohana and friends hoaloha to toast the close of a day.

Residents and visitors gather on the grassy knoll and watch for the infamous green flash! First Friday — As part of the revitalization of Wailuku Town, First Fridayheld the first Friday of each month, is a street festival with live music, a beer garden, local crafts and food.

The banana lumpia is not to be missed! Visitors may work as a farm hand on an organic farm in Kula, collect invasive species at the top of a volcano, or assist in reconstructing an ancient fishpond. For more information, check out gohawaii.

Aloha Stadium | Swap Meet

Whale watching during the season December- March — the Maalaea area is best for viewing whales. They have pullouts for whale watching along Honoapiilani Road.

aloha bowl swap meet hours costa

The Boo Boo Zoo is a sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals. Visit Oahu and discover the energizing sights, sounds, art, culture, history, nature, and adventure of the island. Photo by Polynesian Cultural Center 1. On the first Friday of every month, art galleries in downtown Honolulu open their doors from p.