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alternative business meet news raw story

Notes: The Raw Story is an American online news organization founded in by John Byrne. It covers current national and international political and. The October 29 "Raw Story" Account of Bush Going AWOL, Verbatim In February , the alternative newsweekly The Memphis Flyer . Lt. Bush, that the young officer has met with him during drill weekends, of his six-year obligation — ostensibly to pursue a post-graduate business degree at Yale. Breitbart; RawStory; The Rebel Media; Politicus USA; The Washington . A powerful component of the spread of fake news has been " alternative news they don't like as fake news, according to a report by Business Insider: .. these types of websites as "junk news" when they meet at least 3 of 5 criteria.

During the current conflict, on behalf of Kalitta, Bishop has flown frequent supply missions into military facilities at Kuwait.

Bishop did the rolls, tumbles, and other stunt maneuvers that looked in the movie like stressful motions afflicting the hijacked and embattled plane. But he did after the second Iraq war started and the issue came front and center. I take great exception to that.

alternative business meet news raw story

I spent 39 years defending my country. Mintz then lived in Montgomery; Bishop commuted from Atlanta, a two-hour drive away. Mintz and Bishop retired from the Guard with the ranks of lieutenant colonel and colonel, respectively. Calhoun created something of a sensation late last week when he came forward at the apparent prompting of the administration to claim that he did in fact remember Lt.! 2014 Winner of the Lying, Censoring Shitbird Award.

Bush was at the th during spring and early summer ofperiods when the White House itself does not claim the young lieutenant had yet arrived at Dannelly. Mintz and Bishop are both skeptical, as well. Unless he was trying to avoid publicity. It all seems a bit unusual.

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It seems a little strange that one man saw an individual, and all the rest of them did not. Because it was such a small organization. Usually, we all had lunch together. Even graduate school, for which he was supposedly released, is attended during the week usually. Impact[ edit ] Fake news has become an increasingly dangerous influence which helps to sustain out-of-touch echo chambers on the Internet — and while that 'news' isn't realthe emotions that are stirred up are.

Things move fast with debunkings consistently 'behind the curve' — and by the time people figure out that some news piece was actually fake news, everyone has already moved on though, not before internalizing 'that thing they read' as wholly confirmatory of their fears and frustrations.

And to make matters worse, in the current 'post-fact' era, the term "fake news" has devolved into a snarl word denoting "real news which conflict with my personal beliefs".

alternative business meet news raw story

A champion of misapplying the term, Donald Trump is fond of labeling any and all news outlets which report on his actual behavior as "fake news". This nonchalant watering down of the term is highly irresponsible — further misleading the already misled into dismissing the very phenomenon of "fake news" as being, in itself, fake news.

Media Bias/Fact Check

Prior to that, the main concerns of journalists were selling papers and avoiding libel lawsuits. The late 19th century saw the rise of "yellow journalism" which was marked by sensationalistic headlines, fake interviews and pseudoscience. In a sense, fake news can be traced back to various contestations over what was or was not historical fact, e. Even savvier rulers read the accounts of both or all sides to be able to better tell fact from fiction.

During the 17th century, several American colonies adopted laws that attempted to suppress "false news". The best-known English language satire publication was the British Punch The longest continually publishing satire publications are the Harvard Lampoon and the lesser-known The Yale Record Of course, the world's most circulated newspapers are almost invariably tabloids or "boulevard" newspapers, the word "boulevard" being a reference to their method of distribution; unlike major "serious" newspapers that mostly rely upon subscribers, a classical "boulevard" paper would be sold mostly or exclusively via small newspaper and tobacco stalls, and as such, had to attract readers passing along the boulevard with big pictures, screaming headlines, crimeviolence, and nude flesh.

Programs which make satire out of news like The Daily Show also call themselves "fake news", but don't enter this article, since they talk about actual events. Thus they also differ from satirical news such as The Onionwhich are fake events for the most part but just for laughs.

An inevitable consequence of discussing fake news with people that one might call the Wild Wild West alternative news source aficionados is the claim that "The mainstream media is the real fake news" [21] or something similar.

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The problem is that this tends to result in people turning their due cynicism of damaged institutions into paranoiaand obsessive rejection of all but the most extreme and even egregiously incorrect "alternative" sources.

The years and saw an unprecedented wave of egregiously false bullshit channeled through FacebookTwitterand good old-fashioned FWD: The phenomenon has become so bad that Snopeswhose sole job is disproving this type of bullshit, admitted they could no longer cover it all. Oxford Dictionaries in named " post-truth " as their international word of the year. His followers don't fact check anything. This exploitation takes the form of reframing those failures as complete uselessness, allowing them to insinuate their own sites as the sole source of truth, regardless of their own rather unconcerned attitude towards objectivity and fact.

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Refuse to comment when asked about the draft. Wait to dispute a story's accuracy until the story is published. Accuse the press of never having sought comment to begin with. It just has never worked, it never takes off.

alternative business meet news raw story

You'll get debunked within the first two comments and then the whole thing just kind of fizzles out. A real piece of news will be corroborated by multiple sources that don't just copy headlines from one another. If the editorial position of a site leans a certain way, they may be more inclined to create or at the very least re-share fabrications that support that leaning. Be especially wary of sources that support your own biases; you'll be less able to identify the bullshit.