Ang probinsyano 2015 ratings for meet

“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” hits highest National TV rating

ang probinsyano 2015 ratings for meet

TOP 10 RATINGS ARTCARD OCTOBER ABS-CBN remains to be with million views, and “Ang Probinsyano” with million views. “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano” hits highest National TV rating ; Watch “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano,” weeknights on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD. FPJ's Ang Probinsyano is a Philippine action drama television series based on the . To boost his poll ratings, Director Hipolito resolves to wipe out Pulang Araw and orders a strike on their stronghold in Mt. Karagao. . Then, Andy's mother wanted to invite the group to meet Brother Lorenzo Alano (Rey "PJ ".

They successfully ended the operations of two drug laboratories, leaving no one alive. However, Bruno was then captured by unknown men, and Vendetta were not successful in rescuing him, leading to his death. His mother, Dulce Irma Adlawanblames Vendetta for his death. Vendetta found a new enemy in Mayor Jethro Garrido Bernard Palancawho sells drugs to college students, some of which also selling drugs from him.

Mayor Garrido set up a concert motivating students to stop taking drugs. Vendetta found about the planned concert, so Cardo orchestrated a plan for them to get in.

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They disguised as a band participating in the concert, named Vengaboys. They won in the battle of the bands, and were congratulated by Mayor Garrido. Unbeknownst to him, they are a vigilante group who plan on taking him down. After handing them drugs, Cardo confronted Mayor Garrido, provoking a shootout.

ang probinsyano 2015 ratings for meet

Cardo later shot Mayor Garrido to death. However, after successfully taking down the drug operations, Cardo realized his shortcomings to his wife. He wasn't aware that Alyana was almost kidnapped by Emilio and de Silva's men at her office. When Alyana was about to be kidnapped, her office boss, Marco Cabrera J.

Santoscame just in time to save her from the kidnapper. Alyana then broke up with Cardo. However, Cardo is still determined to fix his marriage with Alyana. Unbeknownst to her, Major Catindig found out about the plan but was not aware that it was Cardo.

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The initial clash claimed the lives of Lolo Efren Robert ArevaloLola Melba Marissa DelgadoMarie and her parents during their breakfast meal, which forces Cardo and his group to open fire at them while trying to escape. As they were chased by policemen, Bubbles, Anton, Patrick and Diana were wounded.

They commandeered the police mobile vehicles and went to a hospital to treat them. Terante and Brandon went there to kill all of them but were too late as Vendetta escaped from their clutches, making their mission a failure and all of the vanguard of policemen, 17 in all was killed. Terante was then berated by the Cabreras and Hipolito was going to cash in the proposal.

Meanwhile back at the compound, vengeance was served cold upon Rosa and her boyfriend when one of Patrick's friends killed both of them for reporting to the police and giving Vendetta's location away to them, avenging Patrick's family's deaths. While Cardo's comrades were being treated, one of the staff members successfully called and informed the police about Vendetta raiding the hospital, despite Ramil catching him off guard.

When Cardo knew about this, he and his comrades escape the hospital before Terante and his men arrived. Cardo then commandeered a jeepney and took his comrades to Sto. Despite being in shock of what Vendetta went through, they took them under their wing. They enjoyed the sights and swam upon the river. They raised plants and animals to reduce the family's upkeep on them.

ang probinsyano 2015 ratings for meet

He acquired Baldo's Rommel Padilla consent and help. Hipolito, agreed upon the share of income if he could meet with Gustavo, courted Dela Vega Ryan Eigenmann relentlessly until Gustavo agreed at last.

ang probinsyano 2015 ratings for meet

He went along with Homer's group. The two met on Gustavo's place and sealed the deal. All the while, Homer recognizes Gustavo as Don Emilio, the one who mauled him for cornering him with the drug deal.

JP and Teddy continued their crusade against Cabrera, the latter went to meet up several policemen that hated Terante's rule, but unknown to them, a mole implanted by General Marquez tells his superior who 'Juan Verdad' is. JP meanwhile was hired by his former professor and he met up some students who are student activists. They organized rallies on Quezon Memorial Circlethe Palace and anywhere, Terante dispersing them every time.

“FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” hits highest National TV rating 2018

Teddy was threatened by an assassin from 'Juan Verdad's posts. And Cabrera's patience snapped when rallies were set up on the Palace gate, so he used force, by dispersing it without using police force, and abducting the ringleaders. One of them tried to escape, but was killed. The others fates were unknown. JP escapes the commotion and pleads to visit the youth group leader's wake, but was warned by his parents. Brandon's power tripping continues after plasticizing with fallen policemen's families, he went to a bar, but he mauled a security guard that only intervened.

The 2 policemen, who always frequented Konsehala Gina's carinderia, took Marge's bag. They reported it on the station, but the police does nothing. The mayor later retracts his accusations, and the 2 policemen took away Mang Kanor, for "investigation". Later, Adonis tried to plead with the Chief of Police, but the chief declined and laughed. Lola Flora's quest for his brother's justice, went to overhear several victims about the lawyer's deliberate ignorance.

She also talks about the case. Tyson's men went to Baldo's group to check upon the progress of the bandit group's prep.

ang probinsyano 2015 ratings for meet

Baldo took the services of another bandit leader, Gapon Ariel Villasanta. Tyson and his men spotted Bubbles and the other women washing clothes. The group tried to rape her, when Jerome and Rigor went to the rescue, but mauled by Tyson's pack, but not until Aubrey warned Vendetta about what's happening.

They rescued the women and drove the gang away.

ang probinsyano 2015 ratings for meet

After the issue, they went to the Barangay Captain, which the village head agreed upon Vendetta helping the tanods on their patrol, although in a volunteer basis.