Are we destined to meet certain people

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are we destined to meet certain people

People are destined to meet in one or the other manner for its believed we are connected at psychic level from brain to brain and frequency. As much as this book actually made my homework more enjoyable in elementary school, I always wondered about the people we meet in our. Soul mates are people who impact our lives and help us find out who we are – sometimes that's through friction and tough times and.

In fact, the word soul mate usually refers to someone that your soul needed to meet to grow. Not someone you are to be with forever and ever, but a learning mate - a development partner.

Soul mates, when we meet them, always have one thing in common: Soulmates expand your capacity to love and to be loved. What does this mean, Amanda?

Well, sometimes it means that they love you forever and teach you how to be loving.

are we destined to meet certain people

Sometimes it means you stay with this person forever and you grow together as continual teachers in love. Sometimes it means this person completely breaks your heart and from that, you learn the true capacity of heart break.

are we destined to meet certain people

A soul mate teaches you about loving and love in relationship with another human. There are lots of people, sometimes romantic and sometimes completely platonic, who will teach you what love means. Ultimately, will you endlessly love all your soulmates? Some of them, you may dislike for quite a while. Difficult teachers are like that. You can identify the soulmates that exist in your life right now or have existed in your life in the past, by doing two things: Count the most beneficial and rewarding relationships in your life 2.

Count the most difficult and heart breaking relationships in your life Like it or not, in these relationships, you had a soul mate. How do you find the soul mate who loves you for who you are equally? Find out how to give to yourself the love that you deserve.

Become the highest and best version of yourself that you possibly can. A soul mate is an love match in equality.

You want the highest and best match - become that for yourself. In other words, become a soul mate for yourself and the highest and best soul mate will begin to be drawn to you. Decide what you require to feel love and be loved by another and put it to paper as a list for the universe.

Your Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones want you to find someone who appreciates and loves you for you. While they can send you potential actors and actresses for your move - you have to tell them what they are searching for in the casting. In other words, give them the details of who you are looking for to fill your role. Be as specific as you can, all the way down to how you want to be treated and how you want this person to behave and comfort you when you are sad.

Include all the elements of this person that will satisfy your soul. The first time I created this list, it was 5 pages.

You are pre-destined to meet certain souls even before birth

And I edited it several times - each time I was offered a recruit for my movie that was slightly off key! Those are the 3 main keys to finding and aligning with a soul mate - and not just any soul mate - the one who loves and values you exactly as you are.

are we destined to meet certain people

They say that each soul has another soul destined to be together with. However, even if there is some truth to this, it does not mean that everybody will find their soul partners. There are some cosmic rules according to some spiritual teachings, that we must follow and live up to in order to attract them.

Your soulmate has already been preselected. Your soulmate and the people in your lifetime are part of great plan The Universe has for you. What you need to do is prepare yourself when they come. And by being prepared, we mean to be yourself, to shine your own unique light so they can see YOU. Your preselected soulmate is looking for YOU and they will not recognize you if you pretend to be someone else.

Your gut feeling will show you the way.

Destined to Meet? Twin Flames, Soul Mates and How to Meet Yours — Amanda Linette Meder

The best tool to use in finding your soulmate is your gut feeling. When your soulmate is near you or is about to show up in your life, your gut feeling provides you with signs that could either be subtle or really obvious.

Hence, you should always be aware to notice the signs. The signs that you might feel are: These results lead difficulties not as a punishment but as a defensive mechanism to tell you that you need to walk away. You need to feel whole and authentic to yourself. The cosmic marriage is your prophecy of love. Because it has been predestined, the union would bring bliss, fulfillment, and wholeness.