Arhi ff arnav khushi meet sanaya barun today

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arhi ff arnav khushi meet sanaya barun today

Arnav knew his Khushi and gathered that she had no idea what it was. She was the one who made him who he was now. . Saying that,Khushi pulled him closer and their lips met. . Links to the season 1 of IPKKND I would like to have an index of ff frm beginning volume wise bcoz here under index it. Today's Episodes, E52 & E53, am IST on #StarUtsav #Arhi #BarunSobti & #SanayaIrani #Sarun #RabbaVe BTW that's not Khushi's pic. Kort door de bocht: “U behoeft alleen: een up-date te doen met de verslagen en #Arnav & # Khushi aka #Arshi / #ArHi ~ the eternal Tom & Jerry of Indian television. Barun Sobti Arnav Singh Raizada, Arnav And Khushi, Bga, Sanaya Irani, Arshi FF: New start, Please? completed 6/5 (Page 18) (Fan Fictions Forum) . Barun Sobti is an Indian model, Television actor and now is venturing into Bollywood. . Singh Raizada Rani Sahibā Khushi Kumari Singh Raizada ☺ There Eyes Met.

Yes he had already considered her as his wife. And she had considered him as her husband. Arnav put all his weight on his shoulder and faced Khushi. Arnav looked in her eyes again,as if to check whether she was having cold feet or not.

Khushi was deeply blushing but her eyes still yelled with confidence that she needed him. Needed him today and forever. Arnav then removed the silver bangles she was wearing from her snowy white arms and kissed her arm deeply.

He the moved to her face and saw the same confidence and determination which touched him. He knew that if Khushi wanted it. It must not be wrong. He removed her sari from her back and unknotted the strings of her blouse.

Her heart beat fastly and he was also rapidly breathing. But he intended to go slow.

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Because again,it was Khushi he was talking about. Arnav tried to read her face again as if he was looking for a moment her forehead would crease with a shred of uncertainity and he would pull away.

arhi ff arnav khushi meet sanaya barun today

But all he saw was love and passion. But Khushi did not need to hear them. Those words rang from every breath Arnav took. At first both of them were gentle. They went smoothly but softly. But as seconds ran past them,that desire began to consume both of them and they yearned to hold each other tighter and closer.

Khushi and Arnav both were unfamiliar to this side of Khushi. This took Arnav by surprise but pleasantly. And he too,answered her kiss with a deeper kiss. Her touch with a wilder touch. Her embrace with a warmer embrace. Adrenaline rushed and with in seconds both lay there undressed. Khushi wanted him more and more. Her desire was mounting every passing second when Arnav pulled back.

Khushi was surprised and shocked both at the same time.

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Arnav was still heavily breathing. He was sweating when he got back to his senses and looked for his shirt.

He found it a few meters away,he dragged it and began to button it. Khushi was still shocked. And a part of her was also humiliated. This was going to be her first time and before they could get somewhere,Arnav had pulled himself away.

arhi ff arnav khushi meet sanaya barun today

We will have tomorrow and the night after that and the night after that! I know you Khushi. He told her that he had to back off because it was her virtue he was worried about. Tonight and tomorrow night,there is no difference. I will walk out of it a hero. I am not so sure. We are not married yet Khushi. Khushi took a deep breath. Then she took one again. Khushi did not reply. He sat down beside her and held her face while she covered herself with the white sheet.

This time holding her face and making her look at him. Khushi in response held his hand and put it on her chest. Arnav felt her heart beating. And then Khushi placed her hand on his face,sliding her fingers behind his ears and caressing his face with her thumb. Khushi felt her thoughts becoming a complete muddle in her head at this gesture.


She felt as if her brain had decided to take leave and go away from her body. Her skin was on fire everywhere his mouth had touched. She grabbed his shirt front and clung to him, moving closer. She needed contact, more contact of her body to his. Khushi tried to think, tried hard while he continued touching her, kissing her. Her mouth dried, her belly tied into knots when he reached the neck of her halter top.

arhi ff arnav khushi meet sanaya barun today

She wanted him to touch her, wanted his hands down her ribs, playing with her breasts, under her breasts, sliding down the complete length of her.

She was trying hard not to think of how his mouth was moving over the line of her tank top when sudden inspiration made her speak up. His fingers moved towards her nape and caressed her there. She had no idea this was one of her erogenous spots. His lips followed his hands, kissing an invisible spot on the nape of her neck.

He had turned devious though. How could she think when she was being bombarded by sensations from head to toe? He moved closer, his hands slowly sliding down the exposed back.

This was wild- this passion and it was making her wild with need. She wriggled, helplessly moving backwards until her back touched his chest completely and she could feel the hard stomach and something harder beneath that stomach. He desired her so intensely that he wanted to run his hands on her bare thighs and put his hands under her short skirt.

But he was strong and he could control. She wanted to touch those lips, she needed them on hers. He was the ultimate tease though. He lifted his head and moved a little away from her, considering her question. I need you to kiss me. She responded back in kind and moaned. She reached up to him, winding her arms around his neck and dragging his mouth to meet hers. She slashed his lips with her tongue and kissed him hard.

Her lips parted again for him to enter. She wanted to open for him all the way. She wanted to experience him, feel her blood racing across her veins, inside out. The kiss deepened while she grew soft and pliant in his arms. As if sensing what she was thinking, Arnav lifted his head and took a deep breath. Arnav smiled slightly as she started smoothing her top and straightening her skirt that had ridden a little higher.

Her lips tingled and her body was still aching for his, the fire of need going strong. I know where everything is now. Khushi blushed again as the meaning of his sentence seeped in. She gritted her teeth, gave him a blank smile and moved away. All she wanted to do was move away from his physical presence and calm herself down. Amma' You know how she is! She always speaks nonsense! Atleast on listening to this Payal may calm down!

I am really scared with the current expression on your face Payal! Especially before the 'World War 3 Of Sisters' starts now!

arhi ff arnav khushi meet sanaya barun today

We will be back by two in the afternoon! Exactly the gol gappes that I love! I wonder if we do get gol gappes in England? If we don't get gol gappes, so what? We can make our own gol gappes! As if we know how to make gol gappes! If I would know I would never be eating them here! I would have made gol gappes and right now I would have been at home busy munching my gol gappes! I'll find out and promise, I'll make gol gappes for you in England! I am Lavanya for your info not "Lavy"!

Till yesterday you were calling me Lavs' And you remember, when we had geography test you started calling me Lava! And during our cookery class, you put my name 'Molten Chocolate Lava cake' Remember? And now the worst! Sorry Lavy, Lava, lavs! You know you are the only one to whom I am so close! So if I call you by nicknames what's the problem in it? You have become so mean Lavy! Okay call me whatever you want! It's fine with me until I am the only better half of my Jalebi Bai! And they went in different shopping malls trying dresses, miniskirts, slim jeans, girly tops, making fun of each other's choice, trying dresses of old times: Romeo type dresses, walking on the streets without any objective; just enjoying the cool breeze, dancing in the middle of the road, singing loudly traumatizing each passer-by!

This was their friendship; a bit spicy, a bit sweet, full of ups and downs, but always filled with zeal as they were always together forever in good or bad times to lend a supporting shoulder to each other! Finally I've finished with the packing! That was tough work! But still it was fun!! Hmmm' So I've taken my Devi Maiya; check, my laptop; check, what's left? How can I forget! You'll be coming with me!! It's fifteen past eight!

How can I forget this too! If you can't remember Ipkknd then you are doomed Khushi Kumari Gupta!

arhi ff arnav khushi meet sanaya barun today

Khushi at down comfortably on her sofa while watching her favourite serial, which had now became part of her life, while munching happily' "How they look cute together! How I love them! Sanaya said 'Hum bhi aapse I love you dammit!

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Look at Barun's expressions! We are always here in your heart right? We are always with you and you are not leaving us forever are you? You are just going to complete your studies and then you will be back in India with us! Stop crying now Khushi'" Garima said, trying to comfort her. I'll not be able to watch it in England! We don't have Star Plus there amma! You know I always watch Ipkknd even during exam times! I don't know now how will I live without Ipkknd!