Army jrotc national drill championship meet

Army JROTC to compete for national drill championships | Article | The United States Army

army jrotc national drill championship meet

Official Homepage for the National High School Drill Team Championships, remains the most famous Junior ROTC military competition weekend in the world. The way Gates, the competition director for the National High School Drill Team Championships, sees it, close to a dozen teams from the Army. JROTC cadets showcase drill competition skills Pacific Region JROTC Drill Championship, at Hawaii Army National Guard Rainbow Hangar.

army jrotc national drill championship meet

But he and his fellow Cadets managed to shine at the right time. James Madison Texas High School took second overall. On the unarmed side, North Miami Beach only won one category -- inspection -- but finished strong enough in the others to pull off the win over runner-up Smith Cotton.

Every time you compete, you learn things about your team. Every competition is a growing process. Jeff Smith, Cadet Command commanding general, served as guest speaker for Saturday's awards ceremony. He applauded the students' accomplishment of qualifying to compete nationally, being a collective small percentage of the more thanCadets who make up the total Army JROTC corps.

army jrotc national drill championship meet

Not many people can ever say that. That you made it here speaks to who you are and what you are doing. Between events, Christina Galindo huddled in a meeting room in the lower level of the convention center with her Winter Springs Fla. High School teammates, polishing rifles for an upcoming armed inspection. The task offered a bit of a breather since she had already been part of regulation and color guard competitions. As the team readied for its final event of the day, Galindo, the team's commander, said the events had been somewhat nerve-racking.

But the junior expressed confidence at Winter Springs' performance. Winter Springs Cadets had been practicing for the Army Nationals since school began in late summer, going for two and a half hours most days of the week.

National Competitions and Events

For Galindo, a self-proclaimed "drill freak," she has spent additional time on her own honing her skills. Drill, Galindo said, is different from other sports in which she competes because of the mental toughness required to handle and overcome the monotony of learning and performing the same routines over and over again.

army jrotc national drill championship meet

But we love it. You can see the improvement. Among them will be West Charlotte N. Some Cadets from the team known as the Mighty Lions used the Army meet as a scouting expedition of sorts to gauge where they stack up heading into the season's biggest and most prestigious competition.

And to prepare themselves to face the intensity of being the center of attention on the drill pad. Day 3 of the Nationals remains. Those looking to learn more details on how they can individually attend these events should go here.

Army Nationals Homepage

This extravaganza features the finest trophies available in athletics at any level. It has to be experienced to understand the special nature and glorification of all things military this night maintains.

Hundreds of instructors every year make this the focal point of their season. This all-service competition takes place every year in Daytona Beach, Florida and brings together schools and cadets of all ability levels but all share the passion for military drill. It remains a privilege and a pleasure to be associated with this exciting, uplifting military competition.

As these items change, please review the Weekend Schedule to best see what is happening when.


Great judges, oceanfront hotels and warm tropical weather give the Nationals the first-class atmosphere that all of the attendees deserve. Along with interesting articles, scores, pictures and final standings from the most recently completed National High School Drill Team Championships competition, the magazine contains the Official Invitation for your school to enter this prestigious, world-renowned drill and ceremony spectacular that school year!

All schools who register to attend by this deadline are entered immediately. Those waiting after this date to register may still be accepted but other factors come into play. Having this early deadline allows all motivated ng the Nationals will provide all schools from across the Nation an equal opportunity to be a part of this memorable drill weekend. Updated details regarding all competition levels at the Nationals, including: With the inclusion of all three of these exciting competitions, the Nationals have become the home for every drill program wishing to end their drill season doing something all of their hard working cadets will remember for the rest of their lives.

army jrotc national drill championship meet

We often receive email messages from cadets who competed here at the Nationals that are now living and working within the private sector or serving their country as officers and enlisted personnel within the many branches of the Armed Forces.

Here's wishing all schools, teams and cadets the best as you prepare for the coming challenges. Remember to always do your best!

army jrotc national drill championship meet