Atlantic pacific meet your new love lyrics

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atlantic pacific meet your new love lyrics

Atlantic/Pacific began their career in a half hazard manner with a basic With their latest LP “Meet your new love” out, the guys had to face facts. Both Garret and John write the lyrics for all their songs in an organic fashion. TOP 20 FOUR TOPS— STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE (Prod, Strong vocal performance, unique lyric and clever arrangement. folk- rocker swings from start to finish and puts Miss Collins in a new commercial bag. . ASCAP ERA THE SANDALS-Tell Us Dylan (Embassy, BMI) WORIO-PACIFIC our love is a fresnel lens that spins and spins and spins whether or not we should get a new phony gadget . i'd like to meet you again at the personal space bar for a glass of lemonade for the atlantic ocean in my infinity tub .. the while you were looking at me with your solar eclipse eye. desert pacific octopi. how long.

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atlantic pacific meet your new love lyrics

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