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author sandra brown photos of meet

See more ideas about Sandra brown books, My books and Books to Read. fave Sandra Brown book, one ever read and have not read any other author since. Sandra Brown is the author of sixty-eight New York Times bestsellers, including Sting, but soft on regulations when they get in the way of meeting a deadline. Sandra Brown, Arlington, TX. Welcome to the OFFICIAL fan page of NYT bestselling author, Sandra Brown! Image may contain: one or more people.

Already the back of his shirt was damp. He wiped drops of sweat off his forehead. Her expression now came close. I feel bound to hold him in contempt, too. As for Gerard, he has to toe the company line. I served my time. After the other day, he owes us. Not unless we turn up something rock solid that places Savich at the scene. He laid his head against the headrest and closed his eyes.

The DA is probably more upset with me than he is with the Neanderthal who killed his wife last night over a tough pork chop. He was in the cell next to mine. If he told me once, he told me a dozen times that the bitch had it coming. The clumps of Spanish moss dangling from their branches looked bedraggled in the oppressive heat. My hair will be thinner, my waistline thicker. What will it all have been for?

DeeDee leaned back against her seat and turned to him. His execution scared the hell out of any other mule who has ever even remotely considered striking a deal with us or the Feds. Savich used Freddy to send a message, and it went out loud and clear. You talk, you die, and you die ugly. He slammed his fist into his palm. How does he do it? All the demons in hell must be working for his side.

author sandra brown photos of meet

But I swear this to you, DeeDee. Which he deserved for losing his cool in court. And that must have given Savich a lot of satisfaction. She bent down to pick up two editions of the newspaper from the sidewalk and swatted him in the stomach with them.

Once the door was unlocked and they were inside, he made a beeline for the wall thermostat and adjusted the AC. It would give me an excuse.

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But what I am not going to do is get dressed up and go to that dinner. You cracked the widow who cracked her husband over the head with a crowbar.

He gets flustered every time he looks at you. Heaven forbid anyone mistake me for your date. Nor are you dumpy. Muscular, because you work out like a fiend. My mom used to give herself perms at home. Stunk up the whole house for days. Dad begged her to go to the beauty parlor, but she said they charge too much. You know how it is.

I caught hell that time. This time, Dad commended me for standing up for what I thought was right. Prepares his sermons on a computer. He has the whole Bible on software and can access any scripture with a keystroke. But not everybody is happy about it.

author sandra brown photos of meet

One old-timer in his congregation is convinced that the Internet is the Antichrist. Then, with a yelp, yanked back his hand.

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author sandra brown photos of meet

Elisa Laird is her husband's pride and joy. A trophy wife ten years his junior, she ably performs the societal duties that her husband's career dictates. Nothing is more important to Judge Laird than his station in the community. And his three passions are well known: So when homicide detectives Duncan Hatcher and his partner Dee Dee Bowen are summoned to the Laird's home in the middle of the night, they know that discretion and a quick, thorough investigation are the keys to keeping their jobs.

Elise and the Judge claim that Elise fired her pistol at a man who was burglarizing her husband's study.

author sandra brown photos of meet

It's an open and shut case, at first glance. But Elise is acting strange. Dee Dee doesn't fall for her "victim" act, instead seeing Elise as a beautiful manipulator whose actions just don't make sense. Despite himself and his partner's warnings, Duncan finds himself falling for the frightened woman, and jeopardizing his own life to find out whether the Judge has hidden reasons for his wife to "disappear.

Duncan and Elise may spend their lives looking over their shoulders, if they can survive each other's betrayals. Water plays a large role in Ricochet. Find examples of the different forms of water found in the novel. Brown choose to use water as such a prevalent image? What effect does it have on the story and for what might it be a metaphor?

How does water help to build tension? Brown sets the story in Savannah, Georgia. Does the story have a "southern feel"? What would be the effect on the tale if it were set, for instance, in the desert or in snowy upstate New York? What role does location play, and what other details does Ms. Brown use to create atmosphere? There seems to be an underlying biblical meaning to the story. Duncan is the child of ministers and there are references made throughout the novel to such things as "redemption" and even to Elise rising from the dead.

Ricochet | Book by Sandra Brown | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Discuss the novel as it relates to the bible. Who represents Satan, the snake, etc. Who is "born again" and who gains redemption? Is there a Christ figure in the story? Although Duncan is a handsome man he doesn't have a girlfriend. What do you think he is waiting for? Beside her physical attributes, why is Duncan attracted to Elise?

What does she represent to him?

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Do they have any similarities that might explain why they fall in love? Duncan plays the piano, yet he doesn't want anyone to know about his talent.

Why is he so secretive about his passion? Brown use the piano to illuminate the development of Duncan's character? Compare and contrast Dee Dee and Elise. Why doesn't Dee Dee trust Elise? Could they be friends under different circumstances? Elise decides to marry Cato in order to get revenge for her brother's death.

Why might her character do this? Are there any other ways she might have gotten information on Cato and Savich? Why does Duncan risk his career in order to catch Savich? Does he do it out of love, or does he have a sense of obligation or duty? Is there anything in his background that explains his determination?

author sandra brown photos of meet

Many of the main characters in the novel are flawed, yet they could still be considered heroes. While Jay had been diagnosed with Dawson Scott, a veteran journalist traumatized by his work in Afghanistan, rejects the fluff piece his editor urges him to write, and Late one night Dodge receives a The onion begins to At the recommendation of Dr.

Instead, Low Pressure reopens many old wounds in Austin, Tex. July Sting Sandra Brown. This story pivots on the relationship between Kendall Deaton Burnwood, an idealistic It is a switch on the hoary scenario of boy loves girl, loses girl, wins girl: The heart transplant that beautiful, arrogant Cat endures in the first He mistakenly shot his best friend and partner in the midst of a drug raid; now he has found his wife in the shower with another man.

Hungry for justice, Basile resigns his job in Teenager Sabra Dendy, only daughter of Fort Worth Above and Beyond Sandra Brown. Richard Stroud, has perished in a terrorist attack on the American embassy in Cairo, Play Dirty Sandra Brown, Author. Threadgill's former partner, Oren Wesley, lures him back with the news