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Sep 10, Explore John Cullen's board "ben 23 aliens" on Pinterest. | See more NRG 23 Ben 10 Omniverse, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Ben 10 Alien Force. A page for describing Funny: Ben Omniverse. Store 23" gives us Ben 23's terrible names for his aliens. A highlight is the scene after they first meet. Each Ben 10 Omniverse episode is about 22 minutes in length. . Ben meets an alien con artist named Professor Blarney T. Hokestar whose . 23, 3, "Tummy Trouble", Dan Riba, Jonathan Callan, February 23, (),

Then why does he turn back into a human at the most inconvenient times? The fact that it turns him back when it's inconvenient is just kind of part of using it He almost always uses it to fight, so any time that he transforms back before winning is inconvenientbut the new Omnitrix still times out.

It just has no downtime anymore. But wasn't the reason that it timed out to recharge the Omnitrix? I'm pretty sure that was the reason in the original series, so that's understandable. But it times out just for him to change back?

Either it's bad plotting, or the new Omnitrix has the weirdest battery ever The timing out thing doesn't seem to be to recharge. Remember that in the early days, it was very clear that Ben had no idea how to work the thing. So when he'd suddenly change back and not be able to change again for a while, everyone made a decent guess and assumed it was recharging. However, when the Omnitrix's "master control" was unlocked, he could stay alien for as long as he wanted. There have been other times the Omnitrix or Ultimatrix was interfered with and it trapped him in alien form for much longer than the Omnitrix usually takes to time out.

Why the Omnitrix does time out, then, is a good question, but it's been demonstrated repeatedly that the Omnitrix has the power to keep him in alien form longer than a few minutes, if you can figure out how to get it to. Now, it can run out of power, but that takes a while such as the one where he was stuck as Ditto because his selves were separated, and the Ditto with Max and Gwen had to find the other Dittos before the Omnitrix well and truly did run out of the ability to keep him in alien form and in multiple places at once.

That took most of the entire episode, though. But, why it times out, why you can't go alien for a while after it does, and why how long it takes to be ready again is sometimes seconds and sometimes the better part of an hour no, really.

Even in the original, that was plot convenient. Sometimes less than a minute it'd work again, sometimes hours would have to have passed in-story and it was still in the red.

I'm gonna go with that second option, mainly because it made me laugh. When P'andor was attempting to get out of his armor, it took a Taedanite-powered Kevin to open it.

Did NRG's armor got less solid or what? They were kinda rubbery. Maybe they hardened themselves to the point of Taedanite Hardness? They managed to open it not to break it. Since this suit was made be Omnitrix, maybe it can be removed. Wasn't P'andor's suit a prison suit Aggragor stuck him in to limit his powers?

It would make sense that Ben would have one he could get out of if he needed NRG's full unrestrained powers. Wasn't Aggragor; P'andor's own people threw him into that prison suit, as its used for Prypiatosians-B criminals, which he was. Isn't the premise of the Nemetrix a gross oversimplification? Creatures exist, and other creatures may feed on them. It's not always a one-to-one correspondence in either direction. Not every creature has a genuine predator; one of the reasons dodos died out so quickly was that they lived without natural predators for a long time and lost their survival instincts.

Not every predator-prey relationship is a Curb-Stomp Battle ; prey develops ways to at least defend itself over time, and prey species die out less frequently than one would expect. And this is especially jarring when we deal with natural predators of alien species that are clearly portrayed as sapient. Admittedly coming from a viewpoint of a species that has outlasted any existing focused predators.

A perfect Nemetrix may be a goal, but it's probably not going to be as perfect a weapon as it is portrayed here. Keep in mind that the one bragging about it is Khyber. And the alien predators could be any powerful carnivore or whatever-the-alien-is-made-of-ivore from those races' worlds. The sapient races they could prey upon probably keep them at bay with their technology. Problem with Ben is, he doesn't get any of it, so the Nemetrix predators can ruin his day the same way you'd be screwed if it was your bare hands versus a tiger It should also be noted that Derrick has said not all aliens have predators.

For example, Grey Matter lacks a natural enemy in the Nemetrix. While the term he's using is a predator for every animal is inaccurate Ben 10's universe seems to have a lot of of rock, paper, scissors logic built in. When the hell did Trumbipulor become so powerful?! And now out of nowhere, he is a Genius Bruiser who requires an entire group of Plumbers to be defeated? Did Ben become that incompetent? He had the almighty power of peanuts going for him.

Peanuts are Serious Business. Yeah, maybe he'd had a couple of peanuts, but not enough to grow enormous. Also, he already was able to defeat Humongousaur before taking peanuts. Plus, in grown size he could defeat Way Big, something a giant Vilgax couldn't do. How are we supposed to take Ben seriously after that? Maybe Trumbipulor had been working out since his last capture, taking some classes in robotics, taking some self-help classes.

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And to be fair, that giant Vilgax vs Waybig fight wasn't exactly a tough fight. Vilgax did more damage in his normal size against the giant alien the first time he appeared. Thing about cold opens is, you don't know when it started. Maybe it was always this hard and we were only seeing the wrap-up. May I also say that we don't know everything about Trumbipulor's race. Maybe Peanuts are a from of Unobtainium on his world. What bothers me more-so is in Ultimate Alien his mouth was presumably under his trunk.

And now it is part of his trunk. Just my own personal problem with that. In Malefactor Malware has returned and he took something from Rook's truck. Ben chases him and we see him getting away Why doesn't he have some sort of flying or motorized thing in him?

You'd think that he'd at least absorb a hover-board He absorbed a jet pack in "Trouble Helix. Did he absorb it when he was yellow or red? So, who was Diamondhead fighting in the flashback in "Arrested Development? Speaking of Nesmith, he apparently has a building, and one of the reporters asked if he was involved. Seeing what he did in "Catch a Falling Star," the darkest episode in franchise history, there should be no way, as he should be serving multiple consecutive life sentences.

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I also wonder why they mentioned the guy. He's kinda obscure memorable, but no Vilgax and also, Omniverse is a lighter, cartoonier series and Nesmith is pretty much the opposite of what it's going for. Though they did consistently call him Captain Nemesis, and he did his evilest stuff when not in the suit, so maybe we're supposed to think of "Hero Time" and not "Catch a Falling Star? To the question of why they mentioned him, this show enjoys making references to previous moments.

I remember the Kraken, but I don't remember Daigon. When was he referenced? He mentions he defeated him in Predators and Preys when confronting Khyber. So basically, this explanation makes no sense. Well, maybe Derrik just retonned that episode out of existance like he did with Primus?

Which episode of Alien Force did Goop do that? Good Copy, Bad Copy. And he obviously didn't retcon this episode of existance or that would raise even more question, since this is the introduction episode of Albedo.

Alright, so, unless they decide to remake the episode and cut out Goop's powers, then this is a plothole. Here's one I have. Now I personally don't see to many plot holes opened up right now. The only thing that really they can say is "Well that episode and that episode never happened. Where is Eunice living now?

Or are we reconning her too? It actually raises a bit more plotholes than you think: Where do the Ultimate Aliens live?

Granted, Primus did raise Retcon, but this doesn't really help; If I had been them, I would have decided that Primus just worked as an independant reserve of DNA should something happen to the Omnitrix. As for Eunyce, I have no idea. Albedo was Azmuth's assistant. Maybe Azmuth had some reserves of DNA. As for the Ultimates Did they go to Primus at the end of that episode? If they didn't bring them to Primus, maybe they fund somewhere else.

So, I just took care of a few plotholes, now is there anyone who can answer my question of Eunice? Maybe Eunice is working on Primus like Myaxx used to. Ultimates could live on other uninhabited planet, or perhaps they just joined alien society on some inhibited one. Primus doesn't exist anymore. She used to until Derrik reconned it. Now where is she? I meant Galvan Prime. There we go, that'll work until we get an official answer Why does Azmuth suck at building battle suits?

The guy invents the Omnitrix, Ascalon, and any number of other things sought after by supervillains from across the galaxy. But when it comes to the thing that insures his personal protection, in Secret of the Omnitrix, Cannonbolt is able to break it easily, and in Store 23, alternate Ben fries alternate Azmuth's suit with one zap from Shocksquatch.

You'd think if Azmuth built a robot suit, it'd be super-invincible. Alternate Azmuth especially has no excuse. He knows exactly who he's going after and what the Omnitrix aliens can do.

That's what he uses to go after a guy who can become Way Big? Or Giant Manster, if you prefer. Well, Azmuth did swear off building weapons after Ascalon, and the Omnitrix wasn't designed to be one. He probably intentionally makes the suits crappy, even if it's just a mental block. I don't think the main Azmuth's suit was meant for battle, he was kinda secluded. I thought it just kinda helped out with building stuff, like for heavy lifting.

Same for alternate Azmuth. It seemed that he just sent Tetrax and Twentythreetwentythree after him all the time. I think the better question is why did he go to confront Ben Is it just me, or did Store 23 go a bit heavy on the sweat effect?

Or has it always been like that and I'm just noticing it now? Depends on what you mean by Sweat Effect. The OP means the visible sweating of the characters. And no, it hasn't been like that before. So, I just read on the character sheet for the aliens Ben has that Chromastone had gained the ability to fly, but this was reconned by Derrick. If I may be as so bold to ask, when did Chromastone fly?

So, Derrick reconned something that never happened? I'm cool with that. In Special Delivery, Ben destroys Mr. Baumann says that Ben always destroys his cars in the episode. The first time is when is 5 and he lights it on fire it with his magnifying glass.

Second time round is when he's 11 years old and he destroys it using Way Big during a fight with Animo. This one makes less sense asto his claim, but then I remembered that Ben later became famous and Mr. Baumann originally thought it was just another one of those freak alien attacks that were happening all over the country Which is usually the coverup Ben used in the original seriesand I assume that he put 2 and 2 together later on when Ben was famous.

Way Big just goes away and avoids the blame. My personal question has to do with the third one. Thing is, that Ben turned back immediately afterward. Baumann didn't see Ben turn back from Big Chill but in the flashback he still blames Ben. How does Baumann Ben did that!? Baumann saw Ben transform into Way Big, so he always knew it was him.

I didn't see him there when Ben transformed. I think it was safer to assume that he heard a loud noise, went outside and saw one of those aliens that have been appearing all summer on the news and whatnot.

Nevermind, I re-watched the episode.


He was there when Ben became Way Big. Zombozo mentions talking to Vilgax in Special Delivery. How is that possible? I mean, until proof of the contrary, he only is a earthling as well as a second-zone villain, while Vilgax is, well friggin' Vilgax. How could they even meet? Maybe there's a support group for people who've gotten their butts kicked by Ben, ther's enough of them by now.

Can you really imagine Vilgax going to that sort of thing without suffering even more Villain Decay than he did in season 3 of Alien Force? You're going to accept the word of a demented, psychopathic, Monster Clown? How do you know he wasn't lying to make himself seem tougher? Yeah, that's what I thought. Vilgax once teamed up with a psycho year-old, if you recall. He basically beat the crap out of him as soon as he got out of that ice, it took them a moment to actually team up.

Plus, there is a difference between teaming up with a guy having Omnitrix-based powers that made him the second most dangerous villain in Ben 10's Rogues Gallery at the time, and teaming up with a Monster Clown who remains pretty much a second-zone villain.

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This one's kinda related to the Primus retcon. There was an episode in Ultimate Alien where Simian, an aracnachimp who was working for the highbreed, who was thought to be dead, turns out to be alive.

However this episode started on Primus, so this episode may have been retconned. So here is my question. Does that mean that Simian is alive or not? And if so, and if he appears, will Ben be surprised or did this episode happen but with a different starting point?

I think this is a time we're making too much of something. Rather than "everything remotely related to Primus never happened so we're in a heavily altered universe whose shape we barely know anymore," Derrick had in mind more "the Omnitrix has its DNA inside it rather than it all being by remote. But what's Primus have to do with Simian anyway? Simian returns in "Simian Says. I think we can safely say that rest episode is solid canon. Al we have to do always replace "Primus" with "lab on Galvan".

How come Ben was so easily kept under Hypnotick's illusion for so long in Showdown even during the periods where Khyber's pet was distracted from casting it! I thought the same thing. Plus, why didn't he changed into a different alien when Azmuth made the pet turn back to normal? He had quite the time to do so before Khyber whisled While i saw the flaw in feedback, but the conversation seemed like that was not the reason they did not want him to use him.

All i got from what was said that overusing an alien would cause problems for the DNA. One would think that the same could be said for four arms, heatblast or diamondhead since he used them a lot before getting new aliens. I don't really get that either. Though to be fair, Ben never used those three as much as he did with Feedback Well, on a technical standpoint, Ben's used Heatblast, Diamondhead and Fourarms much more then Feedback, but he alternated.

Where as every time we see him in Omniverse, he pretty much goes Feedback whenever he can. But, then again, I guess we're supposed to assume that Ben became Feedback a lot more of-screen.

What kinda story we going with on him? Is he the same one from the Ben 10, Returns? Is he a different one? Is Race against time canon now?

I'd like to see some details on this. I'm pretty sure he's the same one from Ben 10, Returns, or at least very close to it. He shares a voice actor with the Ben 10K we meet at the end of the episode, so it seems he's still an evil AU Ben.

Well, you see, I keep hearing that they were acting like the Ultimate Ben 10, episode never happened. I'm not sure if it was a full on retcon, or if we're just treating it like Shadow and pretend that it didn't happen, even though it did. Race Against Time was always considered canon and the proper finale to the original series.

The proper Finale to the original series was Goodbye and Good Riddance, the last episode of the original series. Race Against Time is canon, though only by Alternate Universal existence. Actually, the proprer finale was Secret of the Omnitrix. Goodbye and Good Riddance was a what-if episode in the same style than Gwen 10; hence the comic book thing at the beginning and the end of it.

Ah, well, I forgot about that. Either way, my point about Race Against Time being canon only though alternate timeline still stands. Now, could someone please answer my question with Eon?

He even shares a VA with the Ben 10K we meet at the end of the episode. Also, his grunts are still ninjas with lightsabers instead of He's definitely show-based and not movie-based; maybe Ben becomes Eon in more than one version of the future. I think it's a Broad Strokes approach; mostly, they're not married to the UA version of Ben 10, being Ben's future.

Having watched the episode? It's the showrunners doing whatever they feel like without worrying about how it actually fits into what came before. Decide for yourself whether I mean 'again' to refer to the previous weirdness surrounding Eon or to the previous actions of the current showrunners. But the Omnitrix Ben has in present day is a new one; how does it come it's still subject to the failsafe?! I don't think it was. Ben was just so traumatized he didn't even try to use it.

After he came to terms with and got over the trauma he went to town. Alternatively, he didn't even think that it was in the new Omnitix. And Azmuth didn't tell him because? Also, Azmuth said clearly that Feedback was indeed removed from the original Omnitrix and could never be replaced, so the trauma theory doesn't work.

But you just said Original. This is a new one. Maybe he assumed that Ben already knew that Feedback was in the new Omnitrix? Used to be a smart guy Azmuth was there, he didn't tell Ben because he didn't want him turning into Feedback again. Because, the reason he didn't want Ben to turn back into Feedback was because he might loose control of his other aliens.

That was years ago and Azmuth assumed that Ben learned from his mistakes. Then why didn't he tell Ben about Feedback being inside it again?

As said above, He assumed that Ben knew Feedback was in the new Omnitrix! I think two things can be assumed. First Ben rescued Feedback from Malware in someway that will never be explained. Second is that anything that makes no sense about the new omnitrix vs the old either is writer error or the Omniverse really means something about stuff crossing over and not always making perfect sense. Which lines up with an entire planet being retconned out of existence.

So according to her page on The Ben 10 wikiaGwen has Telepathy. But it's not mentioned in her profile on this wiki, so is this an error, or is there an example of her using Telepathy at an point in the Alien Force to Omniverse series? She never really did telepathy like Ra'ad but many "telepatish" things. I would have expect such a sophisticated weapon to be far harder to rebuild, considering he called it the most perfectionned weapon in the Universe.

And yet, they didn't even bother showing us how he got it back. I think that Galvan pretty much manufactures the things for Plumbers. Just my own theory. I am aware it's probably just that, but even then, I find it hard to swallow that something as advanced as that thing could be recreated in such a short time Well, on that case, we can also just assume that they already had a truckload of the things somewhere.

They could have just given him one of those. If it's so easy to mass-produce, how does it come Rook seems to be the only one to have such a tool in the whole galaxy? I mean, seriously, everyone is impressed with it, including Malware, and Rook himself called in "the most advanced thing in the galaxy". You want to swallow that this is just easy to reconstruct or that there are multiple like a random blaster?

Well, I imagine that, while yes, it is in some way manufactured, I also imagine that it's still one of those super rare weapons that is only meant for high-up people, such as elites, magisters, people who have to deal with Ben Tennyson on a daily basis.

If that's the case, I'd think he'd be able to make a new one. Nope, the Galvans made it. He did however, make some personal modifications. Also, upon further research, he apparently is the only one in the universe to have one. You know, that's actually quite a good question. One that I don't have an answer to. Well, we saw him transform into both subspecies during the episode, when he's trying to get both of them to stop arguing. Baumann" for the most part focuses on Mr.

Baumann, and explains why he knew Ben could turn into aliens prior to the Time Skipalong with somewhat fleshing out his motivations. A lot of the things Ben had already learned back in the original series and the previous sequels teamwork, fighting without the Omnitrix, etc. In Ben's first encounter with Hypnotick, he escapes from its Lotus-Eater Machine by remembering that being a hero is about helping people, not getting the adoration the illusion showed him.

During the next time Ben faces Hypnotick, he falls for the hypnosis even more easily than the first time. An especially blatant case in episodes like "Store 23", where Ben, when called out by Max for toying with the villainsanswers by " They are bad I am good, the end!

This attitude from him can come up as very frustrating after the White and Grey Morality of Alien Force and the whole arc in Ultimate Alien that had Ben struggling to not become a Knight Templar. They seem to change their minds after getting a lecture from Scout about how they shouldn't judge by appearances, but in the very next episode, they're back to hating him again. Malware basically shapes up to this, leading to his death.

All Malware initially wanted was to be cured. It was hinted before that exposure to aliens had something to do with Grandpa Max's Lethal Chef tendencies, but it's made clear in this series that aliens love his cooking. He's only a Lethal Chef to humans. All Amazons Want Hercules: It's revealed that female Tetramands are traditionally stronger and better fighters than males, and that a female will only choose a male who can defeat her in combat to be her husband.

All Girls Want Bad Boys: This is a universe where Max dies before Ben ever found the Omnitrix, thus Ben 23 never gets the Character Development of the original Ben and nearly rips Azmuth in half because of it. Later it's revealed there are hundreds of alternate timelines and some of those Bens are evil, and at least two never get the Omnitrix. And somehow there is one where Argit has it. Tennyson" has Chadzmuth, the Galvan lawyer. He freely admits to being amoral, and abuses every loophole in existence to free his clients.

In Ben's trial he has Ben turn into a Tetramand and invokes a special privilege Tetramand defendants have that allows them to challenge court verdicts through single combat with an opponent of the prosecution's choice.

When Ben's Celestialsapien opponent proves to be too much, Chadzmuth points out that you only have to be a Tetramand to invoke the challenge, not to complete it, and Ben could turn into whatever form he needed.

And I Must Scream: Lord Transyl's victims are fully aware of everything they do while Transyl is jerking them around like puppetsand while they can still speak, it seems to be about the limit of what they can do. And the Adventure Continues: The series ends this way with Ben and Rook, bored since the Maltruant incident and seeing the beginning of creation itself, decide to go explore the world with Gwen and Kevin.

And Your Reward Is Clothes: Ben saves the universe from being annihilated with Alien X, but no one believes him. He does, however, get a shiny new hooded sweatshirt. Pax is an animal rights activist who, on two separate occasions, unleashes creatures that are an inherent danger to other living beings and actually tries to prevent Ben from attempting to curb their destruction because it would require reimprisoning them.

Unlike the previous iterations, Ben and the others are much more likely to have anime-style outtakes, such as the veined-forehead for stressed out. In "And Then There Were None", Vilgax reveals that he has a Chronosapien time bomb that can destroy every single timeline except the one in which the Omnitrix never existed, causing a Class X Time traveler Eon recognized the device, indicating that such devices are not unique, though he only expected it to destroy one timeline.

Destroying all the timelines, except one is not something he saw coming. Also notable is that Atomic X was vulnerable to it, in contrast to Alien X's immunity to the Annihilarg.

Appearance Is in the Eye of the Beholder: The Contemelia are fifth dimensional beings, whose true form cannot be comprehended by the minds of third dimensional beings. Instead, they appear to each being as who or what they hold dearest in their hearts; Ben sees a walking Mr Smoothy cupRook sees his father, and Maltruant sees himself. Skurd, on the other hand, simply sees them as masses of energy. In "Store 23", 23 was pointed out to be a reoccurring theme.

Store 23 transported to a world with Ben 23, and the frequency of the interdimensional engine of In "Ken 10", Kevin 11, had a sleek, black outfit from his time in the Null Void. The Rooters are more or less shown to be the origin of this outfit. He also got his chin scar from Ben. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Ben and the gang aren't the only affected ones. Justified in-universe in "So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies" when Ben has to recreate the entire universe due to an alien doomsday device going off, and while everything looks the same, the classic Mr.

Smoothy mascot now looks like more of a demented looking character. The Secret Saturdays get this treatment during their crossover episode. In fact, they look way different than their original designs. According to Chadzmuth, the Celestialsapiens are behind this and even references Azmuth's changes in appearance.

Cousin Lucy only appeared in an episode of the Original Series episode six year prior for about six seconds. Even Ben, Rook, and Rook's siblings barely seem to care that they seemingly accidentally killed him. Inside, Ben has a flashback and finally forgives himself for losing Feedback, resulting in him reobtaining and transforming into Feedback to escape from Malware from the inside.

Malware was doubly surprised for Ben escaping and doing it as Feedback, the alien he had destroyed in the past. Ester is made leader of the Kraaho after beating their former leader, Seebik. When he returns in "Mystery, Incorporeal", Darkstar tells Gwen about how Charmcaster banished him from Ledgerdomian, even though she was there and there's really no reason to.

Wyatt makes no secret of the fact Grey Matter is his favourite alien; not only does Grey Matter come back after being absent for the two previous sequels, but Azmuth and the Galvan have ended up as part of two different arcs. Blucik and Driba, two Galvan of questionable skill, are added as regular supporting characters. He also likes the Gourmands, and "Tummy Trouble" focuses on two particular tribes of them. Sludgepuppies have also had two episodes, one bringing back the one-shot cousin Lucy after six years.

XLR8 also seems to get a fair amount of attention, after being replaced by the Suspiciously Similar Substitute Fasttrack in the previous series. Aside from getting back into Ben's roster, a small group of them from little kids to teenagers show up as background characters from time to time "Hot Stretch" and "Collect This" being two examples. Rook says that he knows something about the weapon that the robot does not. As the robot fires and blows a hole in its own chest, Rook says "you're holding it backwards".

Charmcaster, accidentally summoned by Ghostfreak, gives an impressive villainous introductory speech She didn't take this lying down, however. Magister Patelliday, an old, apparently a bit senile Piscciss Volann Plumber and Barney Fife pastichegets captured by pirates as a plot-point for "Gone Fishing". While Ben, Rook and Max are trying to find and rescue him, Max assures them Patelliday can handle himself of his own.

Back from the Dead: Argost resurrected by Dr. In his sole previous appearance he was Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by Kevin 11, seemingly killing him. Then his ship blew up with his body still on it. Ben seems unsurprised by his reappearance, being more taken aback that he has gone "mostly legit". Rook, who despite being an alien relies on various technology and weaponry to fight.

He blocks a laser with a spoon as an Offhand Backhand. Ben's actor is a parody of 90s animation tropes, so he has this in spades. The Bad Guy Wins: Princess Looma does this to Julie, Ester, Rook, and Herve to use as gifts for hers and Ben's wedding she was planning. K8-E, a female teenaged Kineceleran that appears in several episodes. Twice in the same episode; the pilot starts with a scene of 11 year old Ben fighting against Malware and winning ; then, we get a scene of present Ben, Gwen and Kevin chasing Zombozo.

Ben and Rook pulled one in "Of Predators and Prey" by faking an argument and letting Khyber kidnap Ben so they could better find him. Psyphon does it in "Outbreak" by tricking the Plumbers into shutting down the forcefield so he and his henchmen can escape. Ben pulls one in "The Vengers", pretending to quit being a hero so the Vengers, no longer having a common foe to focus on, wind up fighting amongst themselves for all the fame and glory.

In Showdown part 2, Malware vs Helix-powered Feedback. Or at least, who he's working for isn't. He did cause a tremendous amount of property damage when we thought he was evil. Because Destiny Says So: Spanner presents this as an argument for why Ben and Kai should get together. In the future he's from, they're a happily married couple. Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Jekyll was a Forever Knight researching an alien Super Serum.

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