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best places to meet models discusses several unexpected places for men to meet women and tells you what to do, and what not to do, to get the girl's. top ten 10 best destinations find models meet celebrities famous party socialize aspen snowmass village heidi klum gisele bundchen kate. The Best Places To Meet Models. You've hit the clubs night after night and while the quality is good, it's still not great. If you live in a top-notch.

From Heidi Klum to Kate Moss both of whom were spotted there recentlyyou can't throw a snowball without hitting someone famous.

6 of the best unexpected spots to meet women

What not to miss: Enjoy a little aprs-ski at the ultra trendy Caribou Club. A favorite of the Donald's, the high-scale restaurant has been termed "the best private club in America" by the New York Post.

Who are we to argue? Number 9 Tokyo - Shinjuku When international models want to get freaky in Tokyo, they head to Shinjuku, the city's overwhelmingly busy business and shopping district.

In addition to housing some of Japan's most towering skyscrapers, Shinjuku is also home to Tokyo's red light and gay nightclub districts and a mind-numbing number of shopping options.

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The throngs of people that descend ensure there's no room and no escape, which means you could just rub up against a gorgeous model Then again, you could also rub up against a guy with an eye patch and two teeth. The rewards and risks are yours. Get an unforgettable taste of Japanese culture in Kabukicho, Tokyo's pleasure quarter.

best places to meet models

This notorious adult entertainment district leaves nothing to the imagination. Casual dating by kalyani10 Dating a model is something most singles fantasize about.

How to Meet and Date a Model

Here are a few tips on how you can meet and date a model. This website has models looking for wealthy men they can date. Work with them If you are not a billionaire or a Hollywood star yourself, the best chances of coming in contact with models lie in the profession. Try to get an opening in the fashion or the entertainment industry where most of these models move about. Photographers, designers, makeup experts, hair stylists, event managers and public relations executives of media companies are the people who interact with models on a regular basis.

Be seen in the right places One of the most effective ways to meet models is to attend the biggest parties in town.

6 of the best unexpected spots to meet women

You only need to open the entertainment section or page 3 or your newspaper to know that some party or event is being hosted all the time — whether to promote a product or to celebrate a successful venture. Most of these events are hosted by industrial houses and companies which recruit pretty young things to be seen and photographed at the venues.

So if you can manage an invitation to such dos, you will not only be assured of meeting a bevy of models but even get to mingle with male and female guests who look equally hot.

best places to meet models

Visit their favorite spots The thing with modeling is that you work hard but then you play harder. If you have not been able to land an invitation to the best parties in town, head for the nightclubs and discos which have the hottest music and the craziest cocktails. While gaining entry here too will not come cheap, you are at least assured of rubbing shoulders with the hippest guys and gals. Models, both successful and wanna-bees have a thing about partying hard and long and at the most upscale nightspots you can have ample opportunities to make their acquaintance.

Get ready to spend Models are high maintenance people and they have an eye for the best that money can buy.

best places to meet models

So if you are a woman and seeking to be noticed by that hunk from the TV commercials, make sure you are decked up in the best labels - carrying a Louis Vuitton bag and wearing Jimmy Choo shoes might not guarantee dating success with a Greek god but it will definitely attract notice and may be even act as a conversation starter.