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bt meet me charges

Download BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and option to set app to only connect using WiFi to save on network data charges. BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice dramatically improves meeting. option to set app to only connect using WiFi to save on network data charges. Professional conferencing unit with wireless microphones a fee. For more information on. BT Calling Features, call BT free on To make sure .

Enables the chairperson to add additional participants to the conference. This dial-out option is a service feature subject to additional charges. Enables the chairperson to mute the lines of all participants. Using this option is particularly advisable during presentations. Enables the chairperson to prevent any further participants from gaining access to the audio conference by locking the conference. The audio conference may be directly recorded and after the end of the conference, the recorded file may be downloaded for archiving or storage.

This recording option is a service feature subject to additional charges. Participants may continue the conference, even if the chairperson has left the call. By using the command to end the call, the chairperson can disconnect all participants at the same time. A notification will be played into the conference when its duration reaches minutes three hours. If the chairperson doesn t respond, then all participants will automatically be disconnected.

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BT MeetMe also provides the chairperson with the facility to control the conference via the internet. There are no downloads specific to Desktop Controller although the chairperson will need to download the Outlook Add-in application to access the Call Start Alert feature described below.

bt meet me charges

The chairperson can launch Desktop Controller in a number of different ways: The chairperson can simply click a URL: They will then be prompted to enter their account password which will allow the service to dial-out if the individual has not already dialled in. Alternatively, they can skip this stage and just enter the monitor screen of the call after entering their account password.

A copy is available upon request from BT.

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Once installed, the chairperson can start a join or monitor session direct from Outlook, opening the Desktop Controller at the join or monitor pages. Plus a selection of global access numbers can be selected from the add-in for participants joining from other countries. Requires Outlook Add-in to be installed. Anytime a participant dials into the chairperson s BT MeetMe account, the chairperson will receive a call start alert pop-up on their desktop PC.

The chairperson can elect to join, monitor or close the pop-up alert. By selecting join or monitor, the chairperson is automatically taken to Desktop Controller. It can be launched from your internet browser, Outlook toolbar or via a Call Start Alert feature pop-up.

It will automatically configure the application with the individual chairperson s MeetMe account details. Once configured, the mobile device will be in real-time contact with the BT MeetMe service.

Anytime a chairperson s BT MeetMe account is activated i. The application will only be accessible by the chairperson and will be tied to their BT MeetMe account via their chairperson password. Participants joining a call hosted by a chairperson using the application will notice no difference to the service experience.

The key features of Mobile Controller centre on the following options available via the application or via the Call Start Alert pop-up: Or, they can choose to dial in as normal from their device or via another phone Monitor: The chairperson s device GUI will show the conference in real-time including who is on the call, their call status, as well as access to all the BT MeetMe conference features Ignore: Turns down joining the call at that time.

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However, the chairperson can open the application and monitor or join whenever they choose. Please contact your BT account manager for further information. Outlook Add-in access Outlook Add-in requires the following minimum specification to operate: In addition, for each Outlook version the following will be installed by the Add-in installer if not present.

Where the software is to be silently installed using the.

bt meet me charges

Outlook and Microsoft. For deployment, chairpersons can install the Outlook Add-in by downloading and installing from the online location provided in the welcome pack. Or the customer may appoint an administrator to download the. All downloads will be subject to the EULA presented at the time of installation. Mobile Controller access Supported devices: BlackBerry model series 71xx, 72xx, 81xx, 87xx, 88xx, Pearl, Curve Software: All wireless carrier networks are supported: All you need is a connected device to start a web conference for two or 2, people.

Using two leading web conferencing services — Microsoft Live Meeting and Cisco WebEx — BT makes video a quick and easy alternative to voice conferences where you can also view and share documents. BT One Collaborate streaming Deliver multimedia audio, video or web content over the internet and your intranet.

With streaming, or 'webcasting', your business can extend presentations and training to audiences of almost any size, virtually anywhere, anytime.

Use in a tele- or videoconference, or for streaming live events. BT offers a number of features as part of the service, including advanced reporting and analytics to measure engagement and effectiveness, and a full recording for follow-on use.

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice

Schedule, organise and manage your own streamed events, enabling you to reach your target audience the way you choose. Hosted applications and client-side software allows broadcasters, corporate communicators and other content owners to publish, protect, deliver, and measure the uptake of video and other rich media over a corporate intranet. As organisations look to achieve competitive advantage in the real-time world of the internet and multichannel delivery, the need for better internal and external communications becomes a differentiator.

How do you start? As long as you have a phone line, you can use audio conferencing.

bt meet me charges

As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can use web conferencing streaming, and desktop video conferencing. For higher quality collaborative products, first, you need to refresh your infrastructure and converge voice and data onto an IP network.

The benefits of BT One Collaborate Collaboration Empower dispersed teams with tools to help them collaborate and work more effectively together; get closer to customers and suppliers with more face-to-face meetings and conference calls.