Bu mini meet december 19 2015 holiday

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bu mini meet december 19 2015 holiday

Dec 2, BU Indoor Opener Dec 16, BU Indoor Mini Meet #2 Dec 27, Boston HS Holiday Challenge Meet Jan 19, USATF Adirondack Development Meet. Dec 16, License HY-TEK's Meet Manager 12/16/ PM BU Mini Meet 2 - 12/16/ Boston University Track and Tennis Center Results. Dec 1, The official Men's Track & Field schedule for the Boston Dec 1 (Sat) 11 AM Dec 8 (Sat) vs Mini Meet vs Multi Team Meet.

Scott Allen Jarrett conducting. This event is free and open to the public. The Ghosts of Christmas Eve. Come on out and listen to some great live music! The choir sings in worship service three Sundays each semester and provides the music for the Candlelight Christmas Eve Service.

NO audition or previous experience is required, and a multi-generational experience is encouraged. The Gruninger File Based on the incredible untold story of a man who risked everything to save thousands of Jews. Inthe Nazis annexed Austria, and Switzerland closed its borders to Jewish refugees. The story of his heroism is told as a suspenseful thriller relating the tense war of wits fought between Paul Gruninger and his superiors in the police force of officially neutral Switzerland.

Dates, Times, Addresses, and Prices vary below: Tuesday, November 10, Time: Dough A heartwarming comedy about an interfaith, intergenerational friendship. When Ayyash drops some marijuana into a batch of challah dough, unknowing customers are thrilled with their orders and bakery sales rise — but so does the hilarious dilemma for Ayyash and Nat.

Wednesday, November 11, Time: Churches of Rural New England Presenting 40 images by Boston photographer and trained architect, Steve Rosenthal, this exhibition showcases rural New England churches of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The exhibition is organized by Historic New England.

Linda Ziskind, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, uses family letters, documents and photographs to bring to life the suffering and struggle for survival under Nazi rule. Monday, November 9, Time: Professor Milwright will consider this mosaic writing in the context of late antique craft practices and early Arabic epigraphy in order to suggest new ways of understanding the messages conveyed by the mosaic inscriptions and their role in the ideological program of the early Islamic state.

Disguised as a nun, she finds herself at odds with both the rigid lifestyle and uptight Mother Superior. Using her unique talents to inspire the choir, Deloris breathes new life into the church and community. To promote discussion, students and faculty were encouraged to sit together during lunch. Coffee and dessert in another room allowed for further introductions and free flowing conversation.

BU Mini Meet #2

Everyone in attendance, students and faculty alike, left with new skills, knowledge, contacts, and an increased passion for addressing the complex health needs of our global population. Programs for Women, by Women, about Women. Through ongoing HIV health education and prevention programming, HOCC strives to help eliminate health disparities among women without access to optimal health care. Helene Bednarsh gave a presentation on oral health and dental screenings that led to a solid discussion.

Many of the women in attendance also received screenings from the GSDM volunteers and asked insightful questions. The student volunteers were: Volunteers spend the second Friday of every month at the shelter talking with women and answering oral health related questions, as well as offering oral health advice, oral screenings, referrals, and personal oral health products.

It gives them the opportunity to better understand the plight of women in their community, and it enables the students to work alongside other healthcare professionals in an interdisciplinary environment. November 7,volunteers were: January 9,volunteers were: You do not have to be an AAWD member or a woman to participate. Throughout the three days, the team of volunteers went into six classrooms of children ages three to six years old. During the visits, all of the children participated in circle time where the GSDM students engaged them in age-appropriate, hands-on dental health lessons.

Every child and the teacher received a toothbrush. In total, about children also received a dental screening and fluoride varnish.

Jonathan Shenkin, ADA first vice president, would break the streak. Shenkin, clinical associate professor of health policy, health services research and pediatric dentistry at Boston University, received confirmation Jan.

He will develop strategies and curriculum for Belarusian State dental faculty on how to train pediatricians in Belarus about the oral health of young children ages 6 months to 3 years.

Shenkin will travel to Belarus this spring for two weeks to help the dental faculty to develop a training seminar for pediatricians to conduct oral exams and improve the health literacy of their patient populations. They want to prevent disease from happening beforehand, which has been my mantra in the United States for years. I hope this project bridges a common divide between dentists and physicians that exists worldwide.

Instead of fluoridating their water, which is how many U. One of the challenges in Belarus, as in many countries, is that many children under age 3 only see a dentist when they are in pain, leading to an increase in dental caries.

Shenkin will develop will help pediatricians understand oral health behaviors that result in health outcomes; clinical skills to identify early signs of disease; placement of fluoride varnish to reduce disease risk; and educational tools to promote oral health in children.

The training will also help physicians understand the importance of setting up a dental home for their patients. I am very proud that Dr. Shenkin continues to serve on our faculty while also serving patients in Maine and now, colleagues and patients in Belarus. Copyright American Dental Association. Garcia has been an active AADR member since he joined in Garcia and the Henry M.

He is focused on understanding the causes and consequences of oral health disparities and developing interventions to eliminate them. Garcia is also dedicated to identifying the relationship of oral conditions to systemic disease and health-related quality of life.

His research includes longitudinal studies of oral health in diverse populations and the analysis of treatment outcomes. The work has included randomized controlled trials, observational studies, and community-based participatory research. Studies encompass the areas of oral epidemiology, health services research, and health policy.

Garcia has been elected to its leadership. He has earned numerous awards and honors throughout his career, including the Career Development Award in Health Services Research from the U. The AADR has nearly 3, members nationwide. Dean Hutter addressed the attendees: It is a wonderful accomplishment and one you should feel very proud in achieving.

bu mini meet december 19 2015 holiday

During the alumni reception, Dean Hutter proudly announced that on August 29, GSDM signed an agreement with Sirona Dental Systems, and as a result of this collaboration, GSDM is the first dental school in the nation to transition entirely to seamlessly integrated digital dentistry.

With the implementation of digital dentistry, GSDM has committed itself to providing state-of-the-art technology to its students, faculty, and staff, and fostering its use by practitioners in the community. Ancillary information such as photographs, computerized axial tomography, cone beam, cephalometric, panoramic, and facial scans will also be attached to the digital record.

This data may then be overlaid and interact to produce a complete digital representation of the patient, including 3-D renderings of the face. Furthermore, this transition presents a unique opportunity to conduct an innovative program of comparative effectiveness research on digital dentistry, which will allow GSDM to play a leading role in advancing evidence-based dentistry in the US and the world.

Chan created the lesson plan and presented it to the students with the help of Pre-doctoral student Destinee Ingrao. There were 18 children in attendance ranging from ages 6 to Chan and Ingrao talked to the students about the importance of brushing their teeth and flossing each day. They taught them what cavities are and how they form, and the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods.

They used Play-Doh on large Lego blocks to simulate plaque and to demonstrate proper flossing techniques.

BU Mini Meet #2 - Overall (Raw)

At the end of the presentation, the children were given an opportunity to ask questions. The Health and Wellness Fair is an opportunity for GSDM students and volunteers to provide valuable oral health related information to Suffolk University students, faculty, and staff.

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It also allows Suffolk University students to increase their awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, behaviors, and resources within the Boston area. Lituri provided oral health promotion, screenings, referrals, education, and activities to the Health and Wellness Fair attendees.

Students worked with the children in small groups and talked to them about the importance of teeth and why they always need to brush them.

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They engaged the children with the use of puppets and a song about brushing teeth. First, they told them about what they were going to do, then showed them, and when the children understood what was about to happen, the students were able to do the oral screenings and apply the fluoride varnish. The purpose of the program is to better acquaint pre-doctoral students with pediatric patients and to provide oral health outreach to preschool age children.

Bay Cove Human Services is a private, non-profit corporation that provides a wide variety of services to individuals and their families who face the challenges of developmental disabilities, aging, mental illness, and drug and alcohol addiction. The organization holds the wellness fair to improve health awareness through education and prevention.

Some of the offerings to attendees of the fair were health screenings, blood pressure and glucose checks, and information on community-based health services. Attendees were treated to music and food and also participated in various wellness activities.

Due to inclement weather, however, this year organizers decided to hold the event on the thirteenth day of the month. The 3,year-old tradition is a family celebration usually accompanied by many outdoor activities. According to Chinese and Vietnamese tradition, families stay up late, eat moon cakes, and gaze at the moon—a symbol of peace, prosperity, and family reunion.

Approximately members of Chinese and Vietnamese communities attended the free festival and enjoyed food tastings, lion dances, lantern decorating, raffles, and other activities. ADSO members were on site to provide oral screenings and promote oral health. Goldman School of Dental Medicine succeeds in its mission of excellence in community service.

Attending the event was an opportunity for GSDM students and faculty to interact with Brazilian families from around the area, learn about Brazilian culture, and to promote oral health. The Festival was hosted by the Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers MAPSwhose mission is to improve the lives of Portuguese-speaking individuals and families from Massachusetts and help them become contributing, active participants in American society while maintaining a strong ethnic identity and a sense of community.

MAPS works with and for the Brazilian, Cape Verdean, Portuguese, and other Portuguese-speaking communities to increase access and remove barriers to health, education, and social services through advocacy, leadership, and community development. The event kicked off with a performance of the Brazilian National Anthem followed by activities such as face painting, drawing, pony rides, live performances, and ethnic food tastings.

bu mini meet december 19 2015 holiday

Various health-related organizations were on site to provide screenings for attendees. GSDM students and faculty offered dental screenings and talked to attendees about the importance of oral health.

Held at the Mattapan Health Center in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, the mission of this event is to improve the quality of life for residents of Mattapan and surrounding communities by providing health care services.

bu mini meet december 19 2015 holiday

I am so very proud to be Dean of the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine and such a fine group of individuals. Dentists as Employees or Owners? Raul Garcia authors guest editorial for the October issue of JADA October 28, Is your oral health care affected by the type of dental practice you visit?

The article was written on behalf of the Santa Fe Group, a not-for-profit organization of international scholars interested in improving oral health. Dentists as Employees or Owners, looks at the trend of dental practitioners in the United States today as they transition from owning their own practices to working for someone in a larger group practice model.

Large group practices in which dentists are employees are on the rise while smaller private practices in which dentists are owners are on the decline. The editorial explores why this may be taking place and discusses how changing socioeconomic, racial, and demographic trends may have led to disparities in access to oral health care, particularly in populations that have a higher risk and prevalence of oral health disease. With a greater number of new dentists entering the workforce than retiring, and the vast majority of new dentists leaving school with mammoth debt loads, it may no longer be feasible for recent graduates to buy private practices of their own.

New dentists entering the marketplace are being drawn in greater numbers to dental service organizations DSOs. As a result of their increased buying power, these large DSOs are often able to offer lower prices than private practitioners and are able to accept more types of insurance, thus widening their potential patient base.

Garcia notes that these new mega-offices are not necessarily competing for patients against private practitioners; they are often vying for potential patients who are not already utilizing dental services, thereby creating new patients and expanding the market to those with unmet dental care needs.

Garcia makes several important observations about the changing nature of dental practices. Held on August 22,the annual daylong event gives homeless and at-risk veterans a chance to receive food, shelter, clothing, health services, and more.

Volunteers from the Boston University Henry M. Oral Health Promotion Director Kathy Lituri organized a full day of service consisting of two volunteer shifts—a morning and an afternoon—to be available and help the more than veterans in attendance. In addition to Lituri, 29 volunteers donated their time throughout the day.

For the GSDM volunteers, the day consisted of promoting oral health by providing screenings, denture cleaning, and labeling. Packets with information, brochures, and visuals were available to any veteran who needed more information. According to Lituri, they screened about 75 people and interacted with many more. Lituri told the volunteers afterwards: In addition, Lituri was joined by faculty volunteers Clinical Instructor Dr.

Volunteers provided dental screenings and led oral health activities for parents and kids in attendance, including instructing the children on brushing techniques with stuffed animals and teaching about oral health through arts and crafts. Parents also had the opportunity to talk to the volunteers and ask questions while their children were learning. After three hours, GSDM volunteers had performed 97 dental screenings and interacted with hundreds of families.