Caraga regional athletic meet 2015

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caraga regional athletic meet 2015

Final Medal Count 19th Caraga Regional Athletic Meet in Poly Sports Center, Tiniwisan, Butuan City 1. Butuan City - golds, 55 silvers, 43 bronze. Nov 11, Park prior to the 19th Caraga Regional Athletic Meet (or CRAM ). In November , J.D. Legaspi had expired the mayor's permit. SEC conducts ISO Full Awareness Course · SEC joins Caraga Trade Expo SEC joins Caraga Regional Athletic Meet ​ · SECians joins.

Consequently, the surrounding the river features flat to rolling lands. Mountainous terrain dominate the northeastern and western areas, the countrys fourth largest lake, Lake Mainit is situated at the northern border between the province of Surigao del Norte. Agusan del Norte comprises 10 municipalities and 1 component city, the city of Cabadbaran is the officially-designated capital of the province per Republic Act The highly urbanized city of Butuan is geographically within but administratively independent from the province, the population of Agusan del Norte in the census waspeople, making it the countrys 64th most populous province.

It had a density of inhabitants per kilometre or inhabitants per square mile. The remaining beliefs usually belong to other Christian denominations as well as Islam, the economy of the province is dominantly agricultural, major crops of which include rice, corn, coconut, abaca, banana and mango.

Agusan del Norte has two congressional districts encompassing its 10 municipalities and 1 component city, as well as the highly urbanized city of Butuan, the province has many beaches in Cabadbaran and the municipalities of Carmen, Buenavista, and Nasipit. Mount Hilong-Hilong, one of the tallest in the province, is located in Cabadbaran, from the top of Prayer Mountain, visitors can have a panoramic view of Cabadbaran which includes buildings, churches, rivers and the sea 3.

Butuan is the administrative center.

Athletic meet sa CARAGA

The etymology of Caraga is said to have originated from the native word Kalag which means spirit of soul, hence, the whole Provincia de Caraga of AD was called region de gente animosa, that is region of spirited men. Legend goes that the town was named as such because the first Spanish missionaries who came in the years of found numerous small crabs matting the beach.

During pre-colonial times, the Rajahnate of Butuan ruled in what is now Agusan del Norte and it had much influenced on all of Caraga, portions of Northern Mindanao, and western side of Bohol. According to records, Butuan was in a relationship with the Sultanate of Ternate in the present-day Moluccas of Indonesia.

The Ternateans would attack and ransack Butuan and its wealth, and it was known that the Rajahnate of Butuan had friendly relations with the Rajahnate of Cebu which it considered as an ally. The Rajahnate of Butuan became a powerful Hindu state which is known for its goldsmithing and boat-making. The people of Butuan used gigantic boats known as balangay which carried numerous men, relics of these gold crafts and giant boats have been unearthed and preserved by the National Museum of the Philippines and other international museums.

Butuan also had relations with the Kingdom of Champa in what is now central Vietnam. The Butuan people managed to traverse the Sulu Sea and the South China Sea to reach Champa for trade, while the Rajahnate of Butuan was at large, the indigenous lumads of the inner sections of Caraga were free and had their own democratic societies that were highly advanced.

caraga regional athletic meet 2015

Their societies were known for their knowledge on nature, medicine, mythology, eventually, Butuan started to weaken due to massive attacks from Ternate. This CMCI is an index obtained using three major indicators such as economy, government, and infrastructure which will identify the score or ranking of each participating local government units nationwide in terms of competitiveness. RCC focal person Brenda Corvera said that the CMCI is very beneficial to the participating LGUs since it will establish awareness and consciousness to their part, through these indicators, on what aspects they need to empower in order to develop.

caraga regional athletic meet 2015

She emphasized that once the LGUs can determine the gap they need to fill, then it will eventually lead to improvements "then improvements will attract investors and will create employment.

The event was attended by all the LGU representatives from the different municipalities in the province. Leonides Perez together with the attached copy of the CY nationwide program of activities coming from their national headquarters, Dinolan assured to follow the information and guidance as framed.

Meanwhile, Dinolan said that other important activities that their office is going to undertake are fire safety awareness campaign, fire truck visibility, placement to heightened alert status and intensive monitoring of fire prone areas, and the conduct of refresher training course to all volunteer fire brigades, among other things.

Iglorio Hinayon has shown confidence about the supply service it caters to the entire 1st district of the province. Arlinda Yparraguirre, finance manager and officer-in-charge OICsaid power consumers have nothing to worry about since management of the electric utility here has inked a power supply contract with King Energy Generation, Incorporated KEGI last year.

It will be recalled that TS Seniang hit the province on December 29,but SURSECO II has immediately put back in place its toppled power lines and other facilities, particularly in Tandag City and other business centers in some municipalities, however, power supply only came almost three days after.

PIA - Caraga Regional Office:

Meanwhile, Yparraguirre also pointed out that Surigao del Sur, particularly their service area, is not yet included among the initially listed areas affected by the rotational brown-out in Mindanao.

Although the performance of athletes in the Special Olympics does not affect the overall standing of the participating divisions in the CRAM this year, the conduct of the said athletic competition is viewed significant by the participants and organizers.

caraga regional athletic meet 2015

According to some spectators, the awarding ceremony on Wednesday gave a dramatic change in sports as special athletes gained no restriction to showcase their abilities.

The platform for these special athletes does not solely concerns sports but it is also aimed to changing the culture of stereotyping athletes as only for some individuals. To show the advocacy of the host province and divisions, the closing ceremony for Special Games was attended by the Provincial governor Johnny Pimentel, vice governor Manuel Alameda Sr. The Guinness World Record has recognized theparticipants who simultaneously planted 2. Director Tamayo said this massive tree planting activity held in various locations in Mindanao "gave us a strong message that we can restore the dwindling forest through unity of the people.

He also lauded the commitment of the governors, mayors, the private sectors, students, the teachers, government employees, police and the Philippine Army who joined the event.

caraga regional athletic meet 2015

The primary function of the device is to record sudden soil movement in the area in a period of time. The device is equipped with a Geographic Positioning System GPS and other applications that are vital to the monitoring of any movement. The Phivolcs team will visit the island bimonthly to inspect and monitor the device.

Phivolcs urged Dinagatnons to report any sightings of unusual cracks in the soil and be resilient with the aftershocks that will continue to occur. An expression of gratitude By Liza M. Eclar; likewise the highly capable and spirited CRAM Technical Working Group, to the support and willpower of the front-runners of the 12 participating divisions, provinces and cities.

More so, for the exemplary coordination in bringing together the people of the host province, city and divisions. Together, all have opened a new chapter of the sporting history of Caraga Region as well as showcased to the country the appeal as sports capital. The participation of all has promoted the spirit of solidarity. At this moment when the flame is about to extinguished, it is but fitting to give due credit and recognition to the inter-agency tasking deeply rooted from the strong leadership of Surigao del Sur Provincial Governor Vicente T.

From its opening salvo, to the daily sporting activities, all the people behind are in full gear to see to it that everything is in place. From this strong partnership, yields the excellence-motivated services of the people who worked in the field.

The whole CRAM endeavor reveals not just the sports aptitude of the young Caraganon athletes but as well as the nobility of these seemingly modern day heroes whose noble acts may not have been printed on books but are the best imprinted on the head, hand and heart of these promising athletes.

Truly, the people who worked collectively behind CRAM are the wind beneath the wings of these determined athletes as they soar higher in their quest of fulfilling their sports potentials.