Care bears meet fun shine bear badge

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care bears meet fun shine bear badge

Activity 1 Meet the Care Bears. Begin Care Bears Week by It's always raining on Grumpy Bear's belly badge, but he still likes to have fun. Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! is a computer-animated feature film released on August 4, by Kidtoon Films. Cheer, Share, Funshine and Oopsy decided to try the Funderbolt ride. When Wingnut meets Oopsy, they became friends. The magic comes back, as well the belly badges to every Care Bear excluding Oopsy. The Care Bears are a fictional group of multi-colored bear characters originally painted in Each Care Bear comes in a different color and has a specialized insignia on its belly that represents its personality. . In its place is the gathering tree, which is where the Care Bears now gather to meet or hold festivities. Also.

There has been no word on what caused the delay. An expanded rollout is expected in March It was followed by another six episodes.

care bears meet fun shine bear badge

Unlock the Magicwas announced. The series is to premiere on the Boomerang premium streaming service in January The series will introduce a new character named Dibble, who will serve as "the team"s newest pet and companion". Please clean it up to conform to a higher standard of quality, and to make it neutral in tone.

August Main article: InCarole Ashkinaze of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution referred to them as "the whimsical, late 20th-century descendents [ sic ] of what we used to know as guardian angels: Running against a Care Bear is like, well, running against the Easter Bunny.

A less recurring character is The Cloud Keeper, the portly gentleman who maintains Care-a-lot. He only appeared in some of the franchise's early publications and on the DiC-produced TV episodes.

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Later on, additional bears joined them, as well as the Cousins. For the new TV series, Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-lotfive of the Care Bears were chosen to be the main characters of the show. However, the other Care Bears still make appearances in the series. The unofficial role of leader of the bears, as of the new series, was transferred from Tenderheart Bear to Cheer Bear.

care bears meet fun shine bear badge

The cousins were not relaunched in the series. Some elements of the Care Bears franchise pay homage to the legend of King Arthur. For example, the name of the main characters' residence, Care-a-lot, is a play on King Arthur's legendary Camelot castle.

care bears meet fun shine bear badge

In addition, Sir Lancelot 's name inspired that of Love-a-lot Bear. On the first two specials and DiC television series, they battled against Professor Coldhearthis assistant Frostbiteand occasionally Auntie Freeze; in Nelvana's version, they faced Wizard No Heart, his bumbling assistant Beastly and his ill-tempered niece Shreekyand minor villains such as Dr. Fright and Sour Sam. Following the revival, Sir Funnybone the rat was introduced as a villain in the movie Care Bears: For the revival, the new film Care Bears: These combine to form a ray of love and good cheer which could bring care and joy into the target's heart.

The Care Bear Stare has several different looks. One has a beam coming from the belly being made up of several replicated images of the symbol.

care bears meet fun shine bear badge

A yellow beam with red hearts is sometimes seen as well. The movies Care Bears: In the new series, Care Bears Adventures in Care-a-lot, the stare appears as a beam of light in the color of the bear from which it originates. In the DiC series, the call looks identical to the Care Bear Stare and is often performed at the same time without it being referred to as the call.

In the first movie, the Cousins, excluding Swift Heart Rabbit, simply made whatever animal noise is common to their species since they did not have any belly symbols; those are later given to them by the Care Bears at the end of the movie.

In the second movie, the Call looks like a musical score which radiates from their belly symbols. Although commonly used on villains, the stare and call have been also been used on humans and the Care Bears themselves. It was occasionally used in the DiC series to cure Care Bears and humans who were placed under the effects of Professor Coldheart's uncaring magic. It also occurred once in Adventures in Care-a-lot, when it was used to temporarily cheer Grumpy up in the episode "Tell-Tale Tummy".

In addition to the Care Bear Stare, the Care Bears can also use their belly symbols to summon other assistance such as heart-shaped balloons, cloud cars, rainbow bridges and sending out a distress signal. By Welcome to Care-a-lot, the belly badges activate by will once again, though the bears may rub their belly to activate on occasion.

He's great at connecting with children and reminds those who are having a bad day that they're always loved -- which is why his belly badge is a rain cloud with heart-shaped raindrops.

Gallery Coloring Page Tenderheart Bear Tenderheart is very wise, grandfatherly bear whose heart is always in the right place. Whether it's advice or understanding, he knows just what a child needs to help them share their feelings. He has the perfect belly badge for the job, too -- a big, red heart! Gallery Coloring Page Harmony Bear A talented performer who is all about bringing folks together and encouraging them do their best, especially through music. She believes that differences are the key to creating harmony in the world.

The flower on her belly badge reflects this by having different colored petals. Always wanting to be part of the "big bears'" adventures, she is a playfully curious bear who is never short on questions -- about everything! But he needs three ingredients to make the CareTaker work: He sends out Wingnut on a mission to Care-a-Lot to get the three ingredients.

care bears meet fun shine bear badge

When Wingnut meets Oopsy, they became friends. Wingnut takes Oopsy to Grizzle's lair. Grizzle tells Oopsy that he created a new ride but in order to make it work, Oopsy must gather the sunshine, the stormcloud and the rainbow. Oopsy and Wingnut return to Care-a-Lot and later come back to Grizzle's lair with the sunshine and the stormcloud but Grizzle isn't happy with the rainbow that's painted on Oopsy's backside and says that they need a "real" rainbow.

Oopsy uses the whistle to call Cheer. Grizzle then colors the CareTaker with Cheer's rainbow.

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Then, he told Cheer to try the CareTaker. Cheer rides the CareTaker and her rainbow symbol disappears. Grizzle falls out of his metallic suit, then he gets angry and gets back in his suit.