Casual outfits to meet his parents

15 Things You Should NEVER Wear When Meeting His Parents

casual outfits to meet his parents

Dec 14, Ben Stiller met his girlfriend's family for the first time in Meet the Parents? " When my son brought his new girlfriend over for dinner the first time, she . and little kids around, so it wasn't the right environment for that outfit. Oct 31, You're already captured your S.O's heart, but his or her parents'? That (or mom jokes!), prep yourself with a casual and lighthearted outfit. Aug 21, Even if he doesn't have the best relationship with his parents, it would still some massive mistakes in how you dress when you meet the parents the town but you also shouldn't dress too casual when meeting the parents.

casual outfits to meet his parents

You want to wow them with your class and wit, and not show off your assets in a negative way. Now is not the time to wear your platform party heels. I recommend pumps, low or mid heels, or simple ankle booties for the daytime. Prim and proper is best. Wear your hair down or wear in a neat ponytail during this pivotal occasion.

As for your makeup, keep it natural looking and simply elect to enhance your natural features. Leave the messy bun, clumpy lashes, and smoky eyes at home.

casual outfits to meet his parents

Dress casually, but make an effort to look a little bit more polished than usual. Skinny jeans no distressed denim this timea nice sweater, ballet flats or chic ankle boots are a great idea. Conservative yet feminine pieces like shirt-dresses, a pretty sundress worn under a cardigan or structured jacket, ruffled tops over cropped trousers are also other great options.

A red sweater over a knit skirt, or maybe a polka dot silk blouse with jeans and colorful flats are some ideas to stand out in style.

casual outfits to meet his parents

A classy or interesting statement necklace with a monochromatic outfit is also a great way to get dressed and get noticed in a crowd. Be chic, but be simple and comfortable.

Opt for understated jewelry, and show off some personal items. Wear soft the medium colors instead of anything too bold.

Given the intimate setting, now is the perfect time to don jewelry or accessories that have a good story behind it.

They can be an excellent conversation prompt. A little black dress always works for a fancy evening affair. Bringing flowers or a bottle of wine is an easy way to win over the parents right away.

casual outfits to meet his parents

I like everyone and anyone who gives me wine, from the guy ringing me up at the liquor store to the bartender who pours me a glass at happy hour. You are letting everyone know your taste and style without even speaking. Clothes are amazing in that way. However, you can certainly make some massive mistakes in how you dress when you meet the parents The fact that you could lose the approval of his parents just from what you are wearing is terrifying.

So, how should you dress? It may be okay to wear leggings to the gym, while binge-watching Stranger Things, to your 8 am class, or when running to CVS because you need tampons.

We'll let the whole leggings not being pants thing slide in those situations because leggings are totally comfortable and awesome. They make your butt look hot and they are generally pretty slimming.


Leggings also, though, put everything on display. Go the extra mile and wear jeans.

What to Wear: Meeting the Parents

Actually, really go the extra mile and wear some cute slacks or a dress. When we said no leggings, we meant any form of leggings and jeggings are still totally leggings.

How to Dress to Meet Your Boyfriend's Parents: 8 Steps

Sure, jeggings almost look like jeans, but they are not. They are made of material that is similar to leggings and your whole lower area will be on display, as if you were wearing leggings.

casual outfits to meet his parents

You are not fooling anyone. Save jeggings for that 8 am class or when you have your period. Those are times when it is perfectly fine to fake wearing jeans. They gave birth to the man you love and they deserve better than your jeggings. Your 8 am political science teacher is who deserves your jeggings because why the hell is he teaching an 8 am class.

The bandage dress is miraculously tight but also miraculously flattering.