Chance to meet cameron boyce

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chance to meet cameron boyce

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chance to meet cameron boyce

How do the two experiences compare? I have absolutely loved working on both shows.

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Juggling school and work was difficult but it was also a good reminder that even though I was surrounded by adults in this professional environment, I was still young and I should enjoy that. Honestly, the biggest similarity between the two projects was how much I loved both casts. We would get together for weekly game nights and frequently went adventuring around Utah together during our free time.

What do you admire about him as not only an actor but as a person? Well, Cameron is one of my best friends, so the list of things I admire about him is long! Like I said, I could go on and on forever!

chance to meet cameron boyce

A post shared by Sophie Reynolds sophie1reynolds on May 28, at Anna Akana was not only the star of our female-centric cast, but also served as an executive producer. Every episode of our show was also directed by a woman. My one complaint is that we only got to do eight episodes for this season and I would have loved to shoot more!

Her clique seems to be a bit mean girl-ish. Jane has a huge heart, which is one of the things I love most about her. Throughout the season, Jane is going through this struggle to find herself and her voice.

chance to meet cameron boyce

Never understood that question. You have spent most of your life in front of the camera, what was that like?

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I was just like: At first it sucked. A lot of people in Hollywood, for whatever reason, want to keep everything secret. For the first couple of years I was on Jessie, I just wanted to be normal kid. At first you sort of feel like an animal in the zoo because they point at you, they take pictures of you and you feel like everybody is watching you.

Once I was at Disneyland, just there because I like the park, and then somebody came up to me and said: So, I felt really out of place for a while. So many of the things that I was used to doing, like going to the grocery store, became isolating so I was just like: When I looked at it from that perspective it really sort of flipped the script for me and I really began to appreciate it.

I started to really have fun with it. Now I make eye contact and I wave at them.

chance to meet cameron boyce

I do stupid things. You just change the perspective in your mind. If you put yourself in a different mindset, it changes everything around you.

How have people reacted to your transition into adulthood? People do still see me as a kid whether it be Luke on Jessie or whatever. They still do see me like that sometimes.

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My favorite thing is when they comment on my pictures saying: They feel like they own you in essence. People see one little change and they go: Especially with any artist who started at a young age. How is all of that playing out? What do you have going on?

My agent got in trouble for sexual misconduct, which is terrible and terrifying. I stripped down a lot of things in my life.

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I washed it clean a little bit. I was at that point where I was hanging out with random people and having fun — being a kid, but I realized towards the end of that I have a handful of really amazing people in my life who made me so much better and those were the people I narrowed in on.

chance to meet cameron boyce

I really started to focus on myself too. Not that I was doing crazy shit, but I just sort of started to really focus on what it was that I wanted for my life.