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child meet oldest world

Check out awe-inspiring photos, incredible videos and news stories about all the latest record-breaking action from around the world - especially for kids. 2 days ago It's Bronny James' world and we're all just living in it. Juan Pablo Villalobos Maradiaga was born in and has just celebrated his th birthday. Guinness World Records has not officially confirmed Juan Pablo .

Weighton was one of seven children; Smith one of six. Both lived abroad for some of their lives; both have outlived one of their children.

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Weighton, who was born in Yorkshire, now lives in an independent flat at a care complex in Alton, Hampshire. Since a fall inSmith has lived with his daughter, Irene — who is 80 — in St Madoes, Perthshire. I flatly refuse to regard my grandchildren as foreigners. You can make as good a friend with a German or an Argentinian or a South African as you can with the man next door.

child meet oldest world

Now we have Putin — all the authoritarianism of communism but coming from the right wing. The following year, after the start of the first world war, he was watching fires caused by Zeppelin raids from his bedroom window.

child meet oldest world

His father, a vet, paid for the boy to stay on at school until he was 16, after which he began an engineering apprenticeship. By the time he was qualified, the Great Depression had taken hold and there were no jobs. He left the UK in to take up a job teaching in a missionary school in Taiwan, but first spent two years in Japan learning the language.

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Byhe was due some home leave, but the second world war broke out as he — now with a wife, Agnes, and son — crossed the Pacific. Their ship was diverted to Canada, and the family later moved to the US. Pearl Harbor changed that absolutely. Peter was a very successful farmer and entrepreneur, with a successful apple empire.

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The Armagh man was one of the first people in Northern Ireland to have a tractor, and to secure a license to export apples and potatoes to the UK. The Guinness World Record awarded to the Donnelly family from Co Armagh Peter's legacy lives on, says Leo, in his family, which has grown and grown to make up almost grandchildren and great grandchildren. However, Sunday's occasion was one solely for the 13 siblings, celebrated at their family home, where Leo lives still.

All 13 of us are pensionners. We had a beautiful cake and the Guinness adjudicator flew over to verify that everything was in order. When we started this thing there was a determination to bring it all the way and it's great now to have that title.

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It's more important to us because it is in memory of Austin. We had to get some of them sent out again, and then the marriage certs for the girls who changed their names. We had to have three referees back us up of course, to say we were who we said, including the local priest!