City of sheffield winter distance meet

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city of sheffield winter distance meet

The home of elite swimming in Sheffield. Winter Distance Meet (pdf) · Winter Distance Meet (html) · Teaspoon (pdf) · No Frills (html). This Championship will take place at Harvey Hadden Sports Village, Nottingham and this year will be a Long Course meet. It will take place on. Information about City of Leeds open meets as well as other meets that the club enters. City of Sheffield March Madness Meet (50m) City of Leeds Winter Dev Meet 26 January City of Leeds Spring Dev Meet.

Sheffield – The city for students

By car[ edit ] Sheffield sits beside the M1 motorway and is most easily reached from junction 33, which connects to the city centre via the Sheffield Parkway. A convenient park and ride tram stop is located close to the city end of the Parkway, and if you're only visiting for the day, you are strongly recommended to use it.

Fifteen miles further north on the M1, you can connect with the M62, the main route from places North WalesLiverpool and Manchester and east Hull ferries to mainland Europe. Beware that the route becomes very busy over holiday periods, and can be treacherous during cold or snowy weather. Sheffield provides a park and ride service aswell as station car parking, see National Park and Ride Directory [33].

By bus[ edit ] Sheffield Interchange is the city's hub for local and national bus services, and is located two minutes walk from Sheffield's railway station. National Express [34] operate long distance services to all parts of the country, including a regular service to London Golders Green and Victoria. The discount long distance bus operator Megabus [35] does not serve the Sheffield city centre, but offers several services each day to central London from the Sheffield Meadowhall Interchange.

Meadowhall is twenty minutes away from the city centre by tram, or five minutes by an equally frequent train.

city of sheffield winter distance meet

Megabus departures may not be listed on departure screens at the Meadowhall Interchange: By boat[ edit ] There are visitor moorings for canal boats at the Victoria Quays basin, on the North-east edge of the City Centre.

The canal has locks just large enough for boats 61 feet long by 15 feet 6 inches wide.

Midlands Championships – Winter Meet

Get around[ edit ] On foot in the City Centre[ edit ] Sheffield's city centre has seen significant work done to prioritise pedestrian access, including, amongst other things, excellent linkage from the train station to the city centre and a comprehensive city-centre map and signage system.

Most things to see and do can be reached on foot.

city of sheffield winter distance meet

Sheffield walking directions can be planned online with the walkit. By tram[ edit ] A Sheffield Supertram. Services run from just before 6am until around midnight Mon-Sat and from around 7: Tickets are purchased from the conductor after you board; retain these for inspection. Notices at your tram stop will indicate the route and fare needed for your destination.

Children under 5 travel free and those 5 to 11 or carrying a 'Megatravel' secondary school buss pass travel for 70p, irrespective of the distance travelled.

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Concessions are available only to applicable residents of Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley. Senior citizens travel for free except on weekdays before 9am on any mode of public transport. By bus[ edit ] Buses are almost exclusively operated by the large public transit operators First Group and Stagecoach. They generally run every minutes during the day, and every 20—60 minutes in the evening.

A network of twelve 'Overground' bus routes is offered by First, with a high frequency of service less than every ten minutes through the day Useful bus routes for visitors to the city include: It is advisable to arrive a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to depart.

Otherwise each bus company offers its own range of tickets not vailid on other operators' services even on the same route, except on some grouped routes where an Optio ticket is available on any service.

Without a concession, or a period ticket, you will pay more the farther that you travel. There are a variety of week and month passes available. The city owes its existence to this rich landscape. Even before the Industrial Revolutionthe villages around Sheffield were established as centres of industry and commerce thanks to fast flowing rivers and streams that brought water down from the Pennines.

City of Leeds Swimming Club

The valleys through which these flowed were ideally suited for man-made dams that could be used to power water mills. The City Centre lies where these rivers and valleys meet. The city has expanded out along the valleys and over the hills between, creating leafy neighbourhoods and suburbs within easy reach of the centre.

Each valley has its own character, from the densely industrial Don Valley in the north-east, to the green and cosmopolitan residential streets in the Porter Valley in the south-west. Speaking very generally, Sheffield is split into two; the western half, closer to the Peak District, is more affluent, and contains some of the wealthiest postcodes in England, whereas the eastern half, where most of the heavy industry is concentrated, is more working class, and unfortunately has some of the country's most deprived neighbourhoods.

Industrial Revolution and aftermath[ edit ] Poet industrialist Ebenezer Elliott was a tireless champion of the working class in Sheffield and nationally.

Sheffield: A Guide to Living and Working in This City | CV-Library

Industry in the city really took off when the railways arrived, allowing for the mass import of raw materials and export of finished products. The crucible technique of making exceptionally high quality steel was invented here by Benjamin Huntsman inand for decades it was to give Sheffield the economic advantage over other steel-producing cities. The Sheffield metallurgist Harry Brearley is the most commonly-credited inventor of stainless steel, in Sheffield is still home to several steel works and a number of cutlery and blade manufacturers including Swann Mortonand Sheffield steel can be found in surgical equipment and kitchen drawers the world over.

However, the economic recession of the s hit Sheffield hard, and large numbers of workers were left unemployed by the changing shape of heavy industry in Britain. Increased mechanisation has meant that while the steel industry has remained an important part of the city's export economy, it employs a fraction of the former workforce.

Like Liverpool and Glasgow, Sheffield gained the reputation for a socialist political scene in reaction to the Conservative government of the day and the not always tongue-in-cheek label of "The People's Republic of South Yorkshire" was applied to the city and its environs. The resilient spirit of Sheffielders in these bleak times made the city famous in the black comedy film The Full Monty, and people even today retain a remarkable optimism against hardship.

This is seen most acutely in a local saying, "Smile, tha's not dead yet! Bold housing projects such as the widely-known Park Hill, and the pedestrianised shopping street The Moor are relics of the s vision of a "city on the move".

In reality, this left much of Sheffield with a poorly maintained legacy of failed utopian concrete fantasies, but this braveness and edginess is cited by many as being a fundamental part of Sheffield's character. Even if the built environment of Sheffield occasionally leaves something to be desired, large parts of the City Centre have been spruced up by investment, while in other areas this is still a work in progress.

However, the large amount of pedestrianised space and the presence of street-running trams gives the centre something of a continental feel.

city of sheffield winter distance meet