Compton swap meet tupac albums

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compton swap meet tupac albums

You Probably Didn't Catch The 2Pac Connection In Kendrick's 'King to the Compton Swap Meet to buy some new clothes to wear for Dr. “It was right before [Tupac] died – I was 8 at the time,” says Kendrick for hit “California Love” with Tupac at the Compton Swap Meet much-anticipated final album, it's unsurprising Lamar has learned to “never rush.”. The concepts behind Tupac Shakur's infamous “Thug Life” mantra have rubble that surrounded the Compton Swap Meet, while Tupac and Dr. Dre . With his past three albums, Kendrick has opened up a Pandora's Box of.

Kool Keith isn't actually from here, but Sex Style couldn't have come from anywhere else. It's too libertine for New York, too smutty for Miami, too fun for Detroit. For the record that simultaneously created and perfected pornocore, Keith had the good sense to take his DreamWorks advance and, um, perfect his craft in a vast array of strip clubs, shitty motels and back alleys all up and down Sunset and La Brea, leading to self-explanatory and eternal life lessons such as "Don't Crush It" and "In Your Face.

compton swap meet tupac albums

Dre and DJ Yella's funked-up, cruise-friendly production. While the day-in-the-life lyrics and spare beat of "Boyz n the Hood" custom-made for cars with booming systems make it Eazy's musical legacy, "No More? Tyler, the Creator Goblin You know who I envy? More specifically, hip-hop fans who will be 13 in The recently released Goblin was expected to "save hip-hop," but the work's very long, very weird and very troubling transmissions from a year-old who already feels life doesn't have much to offer anymore have made it basically radioactive to anyone but the most staunch contrarians.

A record this idiosyncratic and disturbingly absorbing deserves far better, but it's going to take about 10 years for it to lie in wait and become what it was always supposed to be: Goblin won't save the game inbut it just might for impressionable teens, many years from now.

Suga Free Street Gospel How do you speak pimp? Let Suga Free learn you something. Then picture the parchment-skinned Pomona player, all crisp linen suits, with a flow as dizzyingly aerial as a paper plane in a monsoon. Suga Free would never hit a woman but he'd slap the shit out of a bitch.

compton swap meet tupac albums

Even if the stories aren't pretty, Suga Free is, and he will let you know as much. You'd be better off listening to Street Gospel than reading The Game.

On the work he seems fueled by the change of scenery and invigorated by the fast-paced funk production; having mostly eschewed overt political commentary with N. A, he changes course on this album, narrowing his anger, focusing his lyrics and criticizing both black and white America for the inner city's problems.

Aged eight, witnessed Dr Dre and Tupac filming the video for ‘California - Capital XTRA

Dre What's the best-selling Dr. Oh yeah,which may not have defined the keys-and-chronic aesthetic like its predecessor, but it damn near perfected it. Now 12 years old, the album sounds nothing like other best-sellers from its bloated era, but rather like an endless string of perfectly conceived trash-talking anthems. The dream team of Dre, Eminem, Snoop, D.

compton swap meet tupac albums

The Game Doctor's Advocate Dr. Dre's presence looms so large over this list that he's responsible for one of its entries despite not showing up for it. The Game was alienated from just about everyone responsible for his multiplatinum and far less interesting debut, The Documentary, and thus Doctor's Advocate finds him going all Falling Down on the rap game.

Believing that he hasn't got shit to lose, he offers up an absolutely frightening and joyless spree of vengeance. Equally suited to '64 Impalas or doctoral dissertations for psychology students, it's the single greatest album entirely about one man's abandonment issues. Unfortunately, Ice-T ceased to make even a lick of decent music immediately after this album, and spent the rest of the '90s doing everything possible to incinerate his artistic legacy.

Freestyle Fellowship Inner City Griots Reimagining the West African storyteller tradition as jazzy juking bullies of the block, no quartet ever rapped this well. It reinvented lyricism as more than just a vehicle for guns and grams or freak fests with everlasting bass.

Suddenly, Leimert Park percolated with park bench poems about homelessness, stab-happy Vincent Price horror plays and surrealist flights to Fantasy Island -- "zorked and zany as a Zulu zombie. His ghostwritten verses for Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and Snoop Dogg are all over this list.

But it was on his debut masterpiece, 's No One Can Do It Better, that his dexterous, authoritative flow finally got the spotlight. The platinum work's Dre-produced tracks like "D. Cypress Hill Cypress Hill Though you might not be a fan of Cypress Hill's later work, their self-titled debut is the kind of record that doesn't feel like a classic until you realize that damn near every song on it is a total fucking classic. Ice Cube Death Certificate Briefly, being hard and being political were synonymous in rap.

Though Straight Outta Compton was a street-level manifesto, Ice Cube's solo work attempted to spread his influence more broadly, and nowhere was he more successful than on 's Death Certificate. Unlike the conscious rappers of today, on the work he eschews platitudes in favor of hard lines on divisive subject matter. Los Angeles Times There's a shot early in the new film about rap group N.

A, "Straight Outta Compton," that shows a teenaged Andre Young lying on his back at home, surrounded by records. It's a quick moment. Albums encircle the artist now known as Dr. Dre, a selection of funk, soul and early rap by James Brown, Roy Ayers, Zapp, Parliament-Funkadelic and others that both inspired the platinum producer as he became a household name and helped soundtrack big chunks of "Straight Outta Compton.

It's the late s, and he's shown lugging a milk-crate stuffed with vinyl to a DJ gig, scratching and beat-juggling with them on turntables, spinning jams that he'd later sample on platinum N. With his success, Dre moves into fancy studios where those tracks can boom more freely.

A's legacy "Compton" director F.

'Straight Outta Compton's' music tracks sample culture's infancy

Gary Gray mixes these funk, electro and early hip hop tracks along with N. A's more incendiary work, and in doing so weaves in fascinating sonic context, a kind of subliminal storyline on sample culture in its infancy. While much of the commentary on the film focuses on the politics and personalities that drive the action, rumbling below is a story of music, inspiration and the ways in which generations bridge the past with the present to form new creative ideas.

Straight Outta Compton

The hiphop from Compton sprang from a rich tradition. The squirrelly-sounding Eazy-E overcomes laughter in front of the microphone, and soon he's rolling through verses. Dre's beats improve as he masters the mixing board. We witness Ice Cube turning anger into rhymes.

compton swap meet tupac albums

A's early work traveled from the pressing plants to record stores and swap meets and into car stereos without any regard for then gatekeepers of commercial radio or MTV. The music in the movie offers a lesson in how that insurrection was fueled by the use of familiar grooves.