Csu university meet 2013 tx68

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csu university meet 2013 tx68

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csu university meet 2013 tx68

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csu university meet 2013 tx68

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Load shedding in bangladesh essay format Anaplastic neck of Hewe, his very cordial essay about barack obama biography books tone. These known locations of rush skeletonweed showed the susceptibility model omitted areas of low vegetation, so a second model was trained on areas missed by the first model. The results were merged and clustered into 5 groups: Additional on-the-ground searches will occur in to evaluate the wind dispersal model in conjunction with the habitat suitability model in identifying new infestations.

However, it is not currently labeled for grazed rangeland and pasture. Recent studies have found indaziflam to be an effective herbicide on rangeland annual grasses such as downy brome and superior to other annual grass herbicides such as imazapic, rimsulfuron, and glyphosate Sebastion et al. The purpose of this study was to compare effects of combinations of indaziflam with various herbicides, including propoxycarbozone, glyphosate, imazapic, and rimsulfuron on the winter annual grasses medusahead Taeniatherum caput-medusaedowny brome Bromus tectorumand Japanese Brome Bromus japonicus.

Some treatments were evaluated at both preemergence and postemergence application timings. Studies were established at one brome site and one medusahead infested site in Northern Utah.

csu university meet 2013 tx68

Fall applications were made in November of and spring applications in April of Injury and annual grass control were evaluated visually and cover data was collected utilizing point-line transects. Propoxycarbozone provided minimal control of Japanese brome and medusahead, and cover of both species was not different from the untreated control by fall in both trials. Glyphosate and imazapic provided moderate control in early summer but had high covers of winter annual grass by the fall.

Imazapic applications rates were likely too low for the higher rainfall experienced in the treated area. However, desirable grass cover in October was not different among treatments in the brome trial. In November, desirable grass cover was greater than the untreated for all treatments in the medusahead trial with the exception of propoxycarbazone alone at both application timings and rimsulfuron plus indaziflam applied in the spring.

In October, treatments containing indaziflam had among the least Japanese brome cover. Likewise, all treatments containing indaziflam had among the least medusahead cover at the November evaluation. While some of the treatments evaluated had very high levels of grass injury, fall grass cover was not negatively affected. The long-term suppression of annual grasses with indaziflam, with transitory injury to perennial grasses, provides an option for protecting and reclaiming perennial grass stands from annual grass invasion.

An experiment was conducted in southwest North Dakota to evaluate herbicides and application timing for Japanese brome control during grassland restoration and to measure impacts on grass and forb production. The area was naturally infested with Japanese brome that had become established over years.

The site had been planted with a native plant seed mixture containing five native grasses and five native forbs in the fall of There were two POST application times; six herbicides treatments were applied in falland three herbicide treatments were applied in spring Total forage biomass was determined on July by collecting forage samples from each plot.

Fresh and dry weights of grass and forbs biomass were recorded. Forage yield increased with fall application of sulfosulfuron, with yield increasing as rates increased. Imazapic increased forage yield with and without paraquat. Spring application of sulfosulfuron and paraquat did not increase forage yield.

Spring application was less effective than fall application for controlling Japanese brome and did not result in increased growth of desired grasses and forbs. For rangeland sites infested with Japanese brome, a late-fall application of imazapic or sulfosulfuron should provide a benefit of Japanese brome control and increased productivity of desired forages.

Seed meal from yellow mustard Sinapis alba L. However, there are challenges associated with the use of mustard seed meals as herbicides including batch-to-batch variability, cost and logistics of transportation, storage, and application of large quantities of mustard meal required for weed control. These compounds and mustard seed meal extract were tested for herbicidal activity when applied in aqueous solutions both preemergence PRE and postemergence POST to Powell amaranth Amaranthus powellii and green foxtail Setaria viridis planted in a loamy sand soil in greenhouse trials.

Rates tested of SCN- 4-OH, and nitrile corresponded to the relative amount of each present in mustard seed meal extract. Pigweed seedlings were 3 to 4 cm tall with 3 leaves and green foxtail were 2 to 4 cm tall with 3 leaves at the time of postemergence applications. SCN- and seed meal extract applied PRE reduced the number of Powell amaranth and green foxtail plants per pot, final plant height, and plant dry weight at 3 weeks after planting.

Herbicidal activity increased as rate increased. The highest rate tested of SCN- at 4. Nitrile applied POST at 1. These results suggest that the herbicidal activity observed in solutions of mustard seed meal extract on these weeds can be attributed primarily to the SCN- content. Managing Red Potato Blemishes with 2,4-D.

Efficacy of herbicides commonly used in berry production has not been reported, however. Therefore, two field herbicide trials were established in a pasture highly infested with broadleaf dock at the Washington State University Northwestern Washington Research and Extension Center near Mount Vernon, Washington, and seed germination trials were initiated.

In the first trial, sixteen herbicides were applied May 23, to bolting broadleaf dock and, in a second trial, eighteen herbicides were applied October 28, to broadleaf dock regrowth approximately one month after mowing.

Plots in both trials measured 2. In the first trial, glyphosate at 7. In preliminary tests, broadleaf dock seed germination was greater at 20 C than at 15 C or 25 C, indicating that control of broadleaf dock seedlings could be optimized if preemergence treatments were applied prior to the summer season.

Initial seed germination data from seed collected from surviving broadleaf dock plants in the first trial indicate that herbicide clopyralid may reduce germinability of seed and slow the spread of the weed in berry fields. One alternative is the use of animals as biological agents capable of reducing weed populations. The objective of this study was to evaluate the positive and negative effects of White Chinese geese within an organic quinoa production system. Two control treatments were also included; one receiving no weeding and another kept weed free via hand cultivation.

We tested the effect of the geese on weed density, quinoa seed yield, and agronomic characteristics of quinoa e. Additionally, we evaluated the reliability of the geese in consuming only weeds, and their ability to work within Good Agricultural Practices GAPsall under field conditions on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.

Reductions in grass and broadleaf weed species were observed, with geese primarily consuming weeds and leaving quinoa plants undamaged. Preliminary results show quinoa seed yield in the two-day treatment was slightly lower than that of the unweeded control, whereas seed yield in the five-day treatment was slightly lower than that in the completely weeded control.

Plant development followed a similar pattern across treatments. These results illustrate the possibility that White Chinese geese could be utilized to successfully control weeds and improve the soil nutrient content of crop land used for quinoa, all while working within the rules of certified organic production.

Environmental conditions in northwestern Wyoming are optimal for crop seed production. In order for farmers to add a new crop to their rotations effective weed control programs are critical. Currently there are few herbicides labeled for use in white sweet lupine, and some impose serious cropping restrictions for Wyoming growers.

Field studies were conducted near Powell and Ralston WY with the objective to evaluate efficacy and crop safety of herbicides applied pre-plant incorporated PPI for weed control in sweet white lupine grown under furrow irrigation.

No signs of visual crop injury were observed with any of the PPI treatments, and further plant stand counts recorded showed no differences between treatments.

All PPI treatments reduced weed pressure when compared to the non-treated checks, but differences in efficacy was observed between treatments at each location. Despite the early weed control provided by the PPI, weed pressure increased during the growing season requiring the area to be hand weeded twice. Sweet white lupine is a novel crop in the area and there are no records available in regards to its potential yield.

Yields obtained from the hand weeded treatment indicate that lb. Results from these studies suggest that several active ingredients have the potential to be used for PRE control in lupine. Nevertheless, these treatments will not provide season long weed control.

Preemergence options exist but activity is dependent on spring precipitation for activation, and as a consequence control can be variable. Pyridate, a photosystem II inhibitor, is a potential POST applied herbicide for chickpea, where it was formerly registered.

Infour trials were conducted to evaluate chickpea tolerance and POST broadleaf weed control for pyridate.

csu university meet 2013 tx68

Treatments of pyridate at and g ai ha-1, with and without a nonionic surfactant 0. An additional study was conducted with chickpea varieties Royal, Sierra, Billy, and Sawyer, to observe varietal response to pyridate at the two aforementioned treatment concentrations with NIS 0.

Results from the weedy study determined treatments of pyridate applied at either herbicide timing controlled common lambsquarters, resulting in significantly higher chickpea yields. Yields were greatest in treatments with the higher rate of pyridate g ai ha-1 with and without NIS applied at the later application timing and kg ha-1, respectivelywhile the weedy check yielded approximately half kg ha The only exception was when pyridate was tank-mixed with clethodim g ai ha-1 and a crop oil concentrate 0.

Similar results were observed in the variety trial with significantly greater yield for all varieties treated with either rate of pyridate compared to the weedy nontreated control for each variety. Significant crop injury was observed for chickpea varieties Sierra and Royal although no negative impact on yield was observed.

Weed-free studies indicate that chickpeas have tolerance to pyridate with no observed crop injury or significant reductions in yield compared to the nontreated controls. Pyridate appears to be an effective postemergence herbicide for chickpea in the Pacific Northwest. There are no postemergence herbicide options for broadleaf weed control in chickpea, so growers often rely on preemergence PRE applications for broadleaf weed control. However, soil-applied herbicides require adequate rainfall for activity and rainfall after planting is unreliable.

The objective of this research was to compare early preplant herbicide applications to PRE applications for broadleaf weed control in chickpea. An irrigated field study was conducted near Prosser, WA in Visual control ratings and weed density measurements were made 4 to 6 wk after planting. Plots were harvested for grain yield and seed weight was determined. Rainfall varied between sites and years and was a significant factor influencing results across sites and years.

Application timing had no effect on visual weed control, weed density, crop yield, or seed weight in three of the five field studies. Application timing did affect some results at the Pullman sites in andalthough the effect was not consistent between years. Invisual control of ANTCO was significantly less for linuron and metribuzin treatments applied prior to planting compared to the same herbicides applied PRE.

Differences in weed control were observed between herbicides at all locations and years. Sulfentrazone consistently provided excellent weed control while linuron consistently provided the least control of CHEAL. Although the effect of application timing was not consistent across all field sites and years, our research suggests that flumioxazin and sulfentrazone may be applied up to 6 wk prior to planting with no negative effects on weed control or yield compared to PRE applications.

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Making herbicide applications prior to pea emergence is imperative to obtain satisfactory yields. Lab near Sidney, NE to evaluate the effects of application timing on weed control and pea yields of using a variety of herbicide treatments. The field pea cultivar DS Admiral was treated with several herbicide regimens on three treatment dates, and which represent a fall, preemergence, and postemergence applications.

Visual control ratings of downy brome Bromus tectorumpuncture vine Tribulus terrestrismarestail Conyza canadensisand Russian-thistle Salsola tragus were recorded throughout the growing season. The plots were direct harvested using a Hege plot research combine, and grain yield was recorded. This research demonstrated that fall applied herbicides can be just as effective at controlling weeds in field peas as spring applied herbicides.

This can alleviate some of the labor and time constraints that are common for producers in the spring. Continued research aims to identify more effective and economical herbicide regimens to be used for the production of dry field peas in the Nebraska Panhandle.

Flathead County Montana

Winter Canola Tolerance to Clomazone and S-metolachlor. As a result of the limited number of products available, absence of preemergence herbicides, and increase in herbicide resistant weeds, weed management in canola is challenging. To assess potential premergence options in Oklahoma winter canola, two field trials were conducted during the field season in Stillwater and Lahoma, OK to evaluate winter canola tolerance to clomazone and S-metolachlor. Following planting, clomazone and S-metolachlor were applied alone or in combination.

Clomazone was applied at 92, or g ai ha-1 while S-metolachlor was applied at,or g ai ha Total percent crop injury was recorded 3, 5, and 8 weeks after planting WAP. For these treatments, no injury was observed. Increased canola injury due to clomazone at the Stillwater site was likely due to colder temperatures that followed a later planting date. Concerns raised include increased pests, gene flow and seed contamination. Anecdotal differences in persistence and volunteer potential among crops belonging to the Brassicaceae family have been noted by growers.

A field trial was initiated to determine if differences in seed persistence exist among three widely grown Brassicaceae crops and how tillage affects seed bank longevity.

Radish Raphanus sativusturnip B. Three treatments, deep tillage, shallow tillage, and no tillage, were performed and repeated yearly for three years.

During the year, emerged plants were counted. A non-residual burndown herbicide was applied immediately after each count to prevent seed production in the plots. Excluding the initial flush of volunteers, emergence in deep tilled plots increased for all three crops over the three years.