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ct bike swap meet

The 50th annual Spring Swap Meet will once again be held at the Lake Compounce parking lot in Bristol CT. I 84 to exit 31, north on , follow the signs or use. 8 12th Annual New London Motorcycle Club “Season Kickoff” CT Bike Blessing at . 22 Stafford Springs Spring Swap Meet, 7am – 4pm, Rain or Shine Stafford. Farmington Valley Trails Council Annual Meeting Friday, November 16, 6: 30pm - pm. Avon Senior Center, W Avon Rd, Avon, CT The not-for-profit .

The Racing Sparse grids, single file races?

ct bike swap meet

The resulting full grids, top name racers and busy paddock make for outstanding spectating. The Motorcycle Swap meet The swap meet has six hundred vendor spaces and sells out months before the event.

Trexlertown 2017 Vintage Bicycle Swap Meet

Jeff Ray CEO noted years ago that when one mega meet kept increasing its fees due to popularity, the smaller guys got nudged out. Soon it was nothing but professionals selling reproduction parts and services.

Nine reasons why the Barber Vintage Festival is the one motorcycle event you cannot say 'no' to

He realized that attendees have a "lust for rust," that they like to find those small treasures like the Pickers do. In fact the swap meet has a pickers contest. The entrants with the most unusual item entered, are awarded a trophy and a free space the next year. Each year the field got larger and the speeds faster. By better brakes and dual speed rear ends were making it really interesting.

ct bike swap meet

Last year they realized that they were now getting into the era of 3 speed transmissions and big V-twins. The happy result is the Indian — Harley wars might never end.

At least not while Barber is offering such a choice battlefield. The year the field consisted of a couple of Harley Davidsons that had been battle tested in a Cannonball cross country run, a Triumph single and an Indian V-twin. Another facet of the mid-day activities on Saturday is a parade lap of honor for any machine that had participated in the Cannonball race, a cross country rally for pre or pre motorcycles depending on the year.

Multiply that times three at The Barber Vintage Festival. Each club was given an area to stage a ride-in bike show. It was popular and as the festival grew, more shows sprung up; formally and informally.

Motorcycle Classics magazine took over the formal task of the "main" bike show and with the promise of the winner making the magazine owners started turning up with bikes from all 49 states. A walk around the track might take you past a pride of lions on the hunt, an Indian totem, giant flowers with spinning petals, Don Quixote on his horse, and a man seemingly drowning in a lake known as the "Zombie Frenchman.

The traditional stunt show is taken over the top literally by the On The Edge motorcycle stunt show.

ct bike swap meet

Based in the UK this accomplished quartet of trials bike experts pull off the impossible numerous times a day. Nestled in the fan zone is a strange looking metal mesh ball that houses as many as three genuine "daredevil" riders at a time all somehow managing to miss each other as they ride inside the sphere fast enough to glue themselves with centrifugal force upside down at speeds up to 60 mph.

The three "man" team is actually two guys and a gal and the crowd loves that reveal, which is saved until the end. More surprising is that this, like many carnival shows, is a family business and the globe and show date back to when the Uris family took it on the road.

Completing the trio is an old fashioned Wall of Death.

ct bike swap meet

This mother of all carnival shows is run by the American Motor Drone Company and showcases the vintage American sport of board track racing using antique Indian and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Fans stand inches from the riders who scream by and grab dollar bills from the crowd as the whole platform sways with the force of the machines inside it.

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Want to attend the Barber Vintage Festival in ? Camping and swap meet spots sell out in days once sales open. The website is really informative, check out this link for the FAQ.

The restaurant is nestled below the intersection ramp, a prominent feature seen in many photos and paintings of the place. Bythe crowds had grown to over 12, and things were getting a bit wild with riders engaging in parking lot burnouts, wheelies and more.

The local government clamped down, so events moved to a nearby university for a few years, but in Cycle Sunday was restarted at the original and current location. The events are back and they are going strong. Marcus Dairy hosts two Cycle Sundays annually in April and October and they continue to draw thousands of motorcyclists. Every Sunday finds the Marcus Dairy parking lot full of motorcycles and the restaurant full of hungry riders. The Marcus Dairy, a legendary East Coast motorcycle gathering spot.

How to Get There: From the Connecticut coast area around Bridgeporttake I north, U. Route 6 west, I west and Route 7 south. From points north, head south to the 84, and then motor over to the 7 south.

ct bike swap meet

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