Del rio flight cross country meet

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument | Taos, New Mexico

del rio flight cross country meet

October 27, , Region V/WJCAC Cross Country Championships, Ranger Junior College. October 22 February 16, , Queen City Relays, Del Rio, TX. 1, Vanessa Galindo, Del Rio, 3, 1, Hannah Garcia, Corpus Christi Carroll, 4, 1, Bailee Vrana, La Vernia, 5, 1, Morgan Addis. Predicted to finish 10th at the Atlantic 10 Cross Country Championship in this “I love nothing more than flying under the radar, and my team responds well “The first meet will set the tone for the season, and we'll keep moving forward, Abigail McGann, and Emily Schaeffer, while seniors Elizabeth Del Rio, Julia.

I thought again about landing but every time I got down to about 2, feet above the ground the heat was unbearable and Darryl, my video and driving partner, was way behind me, and I didn't want to wait on the ground in misery--so I might as well keep flying. My downwind glides between thermals were only about 32 mph, partly because I was cutting a bit crosswind to stay out of Mexico.

We had been warned that the strip of border north of Laredo and before Del Rio was full of drug runners who would shoot you on sight, but the development was better over this area so I took my chances and ran along the clouds over largely roadless areas until about 2: Four hours, 85 miles, that works out to about 22 miles an hour. Still not fast enough for a world record.

I resolved to glide longer and only climb when I had hit something above fpm on the vario. Normally this strategy doesn't work for long-distance flying. The game is to stay in the air, circling in even relatively light lift and letting the wind work for you. Cloud base had risen to about 7, feet, but the thermal climbs were really slowing down about 1, feet below base which seemed weird until I noticed that the cloud development was definitely smaller and farther apart than it had been.

There were no major cloud streets to fly along under, but I did my best to get good glides and simply move faster by leaving the climbs when they slowed at all. This strategy kept me lower, but the winds seemed better and I was able to glide at up to 35MPH if I used some speed bar and kept off the brakes as much as possible. More complex mental arithmetic supported by the first Little Debbie led me to believe a record was very unlikely; if I needed to go miles then I was still miles short with four hours of airtime, maybe five if I got lucky.

Darryl told me he was good with chasing if I had even a chance at the record, which helped my psyche a lot. A motivated driver is key to staying in the air, driver suck can be lethal to distance flying.

OK, time to race. I figured I'd hit the dirt like I always do when I race anyone who has been in a competition with me has certainly flown over my grounded gliderbut Darryl was relatively close and there were enough roads so why not?

del rio flight cross country meet

The heat was appalling; I found a very weak thermal maybe feet above the ground and started working it, I'd rather fly until it started to cool down around six than land and suffer waiting for Darryl to find me. Soon my light thermal turned into a ripper, and I happily cranked back to cool temperatures at feet, still below base but high enough to get back on the speed bar and head downwind.

December 2018

I continued to fly aggressively, often gliding to within feet of the ground while working a little to the east to miss the Del Rio air force base at miles.

The next two hours went by very quickly. I couldn't believe it was 5: I felt very in-tune with the air, perhaps the best feeling in flying for me. I could feel the thermals in front and to the sides of me through the Boomerang, and I was able to stop thinking and just fly instinctively, totally immersed in the game.

The ground rises quickly the farther north in Texas you get, and now it was about MSL and I was gliding to within a feet of it regularly before hooking violent thermals back up to about feet. The strategy had worked; at 6 p. I was at about miles and safely clear of the Del Rio air force base, which meant I could glide more to the west with the east wind as the Texas border cuts more westerly into Mexico. If I could just stay in the air until 8: The Texas Hill Country starts about miles from Zapata, and I could see that the cloud development was non-existent between me and the first hills.

No clouds generally means no good thermals, but I was at feet so I went downwind on glide toward the hills and hoped for the best. Gary had told me that the winds often really pick up over the hill country, and sure enough I was going at about 45 miles an hour downwind as the ground rose up to meet me. At about feet above the ground I started to worry; the air had been very still during the glide, a sign that the thermals are shutting down. At feet above the ground I saw about 10 birds climbing well maybe feet in front of me.

This was going to be close, but I could feel the thermal tugging at my glider. I knew that if I could just stay in the air until I hit it that I would have a shot at the record. The situation was complicated by a set of power lines downwind of the thermal; the wind was strong enough that I would probably be going slightly backwards if I couldn't get up in the thermal, but then I realized that I probably didn't have enough altitude to turn into the wind and land anyhow; I was either going to hit the thermal and climb out or land going downwind well above the safe speed limit.

Desperate men do desperate things. With teeth clenched and the brakes held tightly I followed a thin line of zero sink and felt my glider pressurize and surge hard at the thermal like a shark.

I didn't wait until the surge ended to start turning, and the birds scattered as I wobbled my way into their midst, cleared the powerlines and 10 minutes later was at feet under a freshly formed cloud.

My whole body was vibrating and my jaw hurt from grinding my teeth, but I now had a real shot at the record. I got on the radio to Darryl and let him know I was back in the game, and his words were, "GO! There were more clouds downwind and I raced toward them at up to 50 MPH, but sinking like a rock. The terrain below me was wild, as though God had rumpled up the landscape like a carpet. It would not be a good place to land a paraglider. At feet above the sharply rolling hills I flew near Darryl and gave him my bearing and distance, then flew over the first foot hill with a downwind speed of 45MPH.

It was now 7: Darryl filmed me sinking out behind the ridge and later said, "It was like watching one of those plane crashes on TV. I expected to see a ball of flame and smoke when you disappeared behind the hill. There was no good place to land going backwards; the sharp ridges would surely throw violent rotors with the wind, and the image of crashing miles from a road and certainly out of radio or cell contact was on my mind.

I checked my reserve handle as I sank lower and hoped I would have enough altitude to use it. I came into another ridge low, surfed up it then pointed my glider into the wind and went over the top going backwards at maybe 10 with a fair amount of brake on to help the glider stay stable through the rotor. As expected I found some ridge lift, and surfed left and backwards to where the sun was fully hammering a large open bowl in the lee. Surfing right might have been better for landing as the gully was more open, but I was already in deep so Suddenly the glider pressurized, the wind roared like it often does just before you get worked, and the vario indicated fpm lift.

Normally this is followed by stronger sink in a rotor, and I waited a second or two for the sink before the thought crashed into my head that perhaps this was a thermal-or more likely wishful thinking. I've been fooled so many times in rotor A sharp turn in a rotor is generally a bad idea, it takes your weight out of the center of the wing but the glider continued to feel pressurized and solid so in one of those endless instantaneous decisions I cranked a hard left turn deeper into the lee.

Something very good or very bad was about to happen. At 1, feet over the hills I realized my entire body was again shaking uncontrollably from the adrenaline, and I radioed Darryl that I had escaped but it was the most terrifying experience I'd ever had on a glider.

It's one thing to get blown over a big ridge with some altitude, but quite another to be facing a bad rotor less than feet off the deck. I circled lazily at base, letting the strong drift work for me and just enjoying the feeling of being high over a beautiful evening landscape; there's a fine line between terror and peace.

Texas 2017 Cross Country Meets

We had a long day, our longest one so far 71 miles to our first WarmShowers host Randy and Phyllis however, with much pushing I made it. Martin kept pushing me to keep a 11 mph speed, so we could make it to Aguila at a good time and not too late in the day.

This is what I will be missing when he leaves me in Phoenix, that person to push me, to talk to, to keep me going when I am having a bad time or melt down, that person when I have a seizure attack. We rode to Phyliss and Randy house, it was enjoyable for they lived in an airport housing area, it was a lock community and everyone that lived there were all pilots and owned airplanes. The community had a runway in the middle of it and the planes had the right of way, of course.

So nor only a garage for their cars they also had airplane garage. Phyllis made a very nice dinner for us and we had nice conversation. This was our first WarmShowers host stay and they were both so wonderful. Our next WarmShowers host is Bill tomorrow night. In the morning Phyllis made us a very nice breakfast and then Phyllis and Randy biked from their house to the downtown city with us and then we were on our way.

Thank you for the wonderful breakfast and the ride and all the best wishes. However, mostly for opening your home to us and all your generosity you both showed us. Seen my first snake today, lucky it was dead in the road that is how I like to see them. People were telling me it was too cold for them, they were wrong. Most of the day was in deserts with lots of cactus and sand and some very nice shoulders.

With the scenery you can tell you are in AZ, there is nothing but cactus, mountains and sand, we are in the desert. We had a good day, a very good long downhill into Wickenburg it was very nice for a change to have this. It was amazing at the many people that came to ask us questions of what we were doing, giving us best wishes and prayers for a safe journey. We went to bed early for again we have a short day however, tomorrow I am going to see my sons and I am so happy, however on the flip side I am losing Martin, my cycling companion for this journey across the rest of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida some miles.

So many emotions going through my mind again, happy for seeing my sons after a week cycling across CA and AZ and wondering what I am going to do as a solo cyclist when I loose Martin in Phoenix. Bill took us out for breakfast and we were on our way to Phoenix… yes, I get to see my sons after a long week of cycling.

It was a long day of cycling and after taking the ACA long way on the trail, we were running late for our arrival into to Phoenix. I had a Fox News 10 interview at noon and running very late, I got my phone out and used Google to get to the park, I knew the streets from being in Phoenix before and we started to take the street to the park where my interview was set up for.

We arrived at Phoenix around I had an interview with Fox News 10, it went very well, and we had a very long talk about my journey, what I was doing and some clips of me riding my bike and was viewed on the news at 5 this is also on my website media and on my Facebook pages.

It was a nice piece. Yes, did I say solo, I was going the rest of this journey across the country as a solo rider, yes, these plus miles. And who is going to be there if I have a seizure as I laid on the side of the road with my body shaking for 15 minutes to calm me down, to keep the snakes away from me if they came or other critters, who will be there to protect me if I need it. As many times as, people asked me to end this journey, I will not end this for just a reason of me being a solo cyclist.

However, this ride will continue, and I will finish it. I am so mad at him and I am so very upset with him for leaving me out here alone to ride across the Southern Tier.

Mar 11, Phoenix — Mesa AZ …. As I left Phoenix, teary eyes along with the rainy morning. What am I going to do all by myself? Then we left the hotel with an escort down the street and out of Phoenix from my son William it was a slight drizzle that morning, which kind of made the mood just right as I was teary eyes. So many emptions going on right about now…I rode a bit and this cyclist came up to me and asked me if I was the one that was on the news last night I told him yes and he asked if he could take a selfie with me and told me it was great what I was doing and wished me well.

I felt great that someone recognized me and made my day after it was starting to be a bad one. I was on the ground, I fell, this guy came and helped me get up, I messed my right leg pretty good and my right foot. I keep going slowly to Mesa and made it there. Stayed at Warm showers host Gerri and Bill with a few other cyclist.

del rio flight cross country meet

Bill cycled out about 8 miles to bike me into the community they lived in. I took off my tights and looked at my knee, I had a very good cut and scraps on my right knee and it was swelling up pretty good.

I cleaned it out really good, took a stronger pain killer and iced my knee. Very nice couple and there was other cyclist there so we all kind of camped out in their home, I was on the couch, the others were on the floor and we had a great time. The day started off okay, my knee was painful, I had to pull it up with my hands to put it on my peddle for it was serve pain, it hurt on the first few peddles however, once I stated to peddle, it got easier to peddle, and it was good.

Today was going up a mountain, beautiful scenery and cactus all over. So, as I started to go up this mountain, I was going very well, I was determined to make it up, I had a good pace and I was on the last swag of it at mile 32, I shifted back on my seat and my seat moved to the side. I was like what the hell just happened.

I was standing on the side of the mountain, with the seat in my hand, the screw in the other shaking my head, wondering what in the hell am I going to do now. I am in the middle of no-where. Before I left for my journey I purchased Bike insurance that came with Road Side Assistance, with me being a solo cyclist and not knowing too much about bikes, I called them, she was very nice, and we talked for a bit and they located me on by my phone GPS and asked me if I was in a safe place, I told her I was on the side of the mountain.

As I sat on the side of the road for 45 minutes looking at the mountain, looking at what I had conquered and what I still had left to conquer as I was waiting for the tow truck to come and get me I was so angry, disappointed, sad, I wanted to make that mountain.

I checked into the hotel and there was a Wal-Mart right next to it. Thank you, Tom, for your service and my new seat and getting me back on the road. I knew there were other little creatures like scorpions lurking around that I could not hear, but it was the desert and I know they were there.

And at this point I knew it, for the first time I was scared cycling across the United States as a solo cyclist. As I laid on the ground on the side of the Old Hwy 70, a few cars passed me and kept on going, it was like really how they could go right past me, they see me laying on the ground, I could me dead…. However, thinking about it, why should they stop I asked myself. I cried a bit knowing that there was nothing I could do. This scared the shit out of me, for this was the first time I was on my own and there was for the first time nothing I can do and I had no help from no one.

As the seizure stated to pass, I sat up and regained my strength, about 10 minutes later I was able to stand up and I got back on my bike and continue to peddle to Bylas. Bylass was my ending town for the night. As I regained strength in my upper body and arms over the next hour. It was nice not to have a hill to go up. I thought I was supposed to get tailwinds going West to East, all I was getting was side or head winds since I started this journey.

I went thought the Land of San Carlos Apache Tribe, which was interesting, and at time sad seeing some of the homes and towns so run down, as I cycled on Old Hyw 70 and I was in the Indian Reservation all day. Took my shower, ate dinner and just relaxed on the couch and got my Facebook and notes caught up. I ran into John from England a few times today on the roads it was nice to see a familiar face and to talk to a fellow cyclist about ours journeys, how we were doing and just to have a conversation with someone after being out there with no one to talk too.

Good luck my friend and safe travels. Pulled into Thatcher and there was a pizza place across the street from the hotel. Took a shower like normal, Pizza seems to be the norm out here however, that is good, and I love it. The days riding seems to be getting easier and easier for me, this is a good thing however, the loneness is starting to get to me, the mind games are starting, the no one to talk to, to have a conversation with, to help me when I feel like giving up, no one to push me when I am having a bad moment.

Cycled on the Old West Highway, once again going through mountain, it was a very hilly ride with some very bad shoulders along the way. There were tall weeds growing in it and had to ride in the streets. One of these days I really wanted to give up, nothing seemed to go right for me and I was not moving fast at all no matter what I did.

Meet up with Nahla again which was very nice to see her again after all these days. We seen each other and acted likes long lost friends and ran up and gave each other hugs. We all have been playing leap frog along the route. The winds started picking up along the way and about 8 miles from Duncan the winds were up to 20 mph.

The traffic was starting to get really busy and lots of semi-trucks on the road. Nahla was afraid ride her bike into town about the last 4 miles, so I told her I would meet her in town. I was waiting for her to get in town and then I had to go find somewhere to use the bathroom and turned the corner and there she was. I was like where did you come from for she was behind me.

She said the Sherriff closed the road to cyclist and they were bringing all cyclist in. I was in a place they could not turn safely to get me and only a few miles from town they let me continue on my way in and they brought her in.

Found out the reason for the traffic was due to them closing the Interstate 10 and re-routing everyone to the road we were on. We all had a great time talking and catching up on our journeys.

It was a wonderful evening filled with joy, respect and love that you have for each other that you gain while you are out there cycling together. You bond as a family out here. Love you all and until I see you again, take care and be safe. I heard so many rattlesnakes along my way, when you are cycling out on the highway and it is so quite out there, just you and the snakes, all you hear is the rattles going off it is such an experience.

It is such a memory I will never forget. Lunch again was an oatmeal cookie and some mango slices due to no stops in between. I really hate these days with nothing in between however, you learn to prepare yourself and always make sure you have your goodie bag with you just in case.

Lordsburg elevation is 4, and seems that all I do is go up and up however, you never seem to be going down, why is that. Got lost on my way to the hotel and finally made it there went another 6. Two states down six more to go…. Decided I was not going to do the ACA maps and go through the mountains that would take me 3 days and a climb of 10k feet.

If I did go this way I know first, I would have many seizures and second, my knee probably would not make it since I was still having issue with my fall in Mesa AZ.

So, I decided to jump on Interstate 10 a straight shot and pretty flat, who would thought I would be cycling on the side of 18 wheelers going 85 mph, wow what an experience. The shoulders at first were rocky however, big then about 5 miles down they were perfect… then a wonderful tailwind came, and I was up to 15 — 17 mph pace, what a delight.

Then after mile 32, every 10 miles was a rest stop, a gas station or just some place to pull over and take a break. I stopped at Bowling Continental Divide Trading Post in Separ talked about what I was doing, and they paid for my lunch, thank you for your generosity.

It was a piece of heaven after a few rough days. I made it past were I wanted to stay however, which the tailwinds and the nice shoulder I decided to continue to go on to the next city of Akela. I had meet a very nice young lady Teri at a rest stop, I noticed her as she was walking to her car with others and she noticed me and my bike and all my bags and came over and talked to me about what I was doing and gave me a big hug, we talked for a bit of what I was doing.

Amazed of what you are doing… stay strong, love that smile of yours when I went up to you today! That gave me faith and hope for anything is possible!! Take care, God bless you! Thank you, Teri, for all your kind words at the rest stop and the message you left me. God Bless you and your family. Have a safe trip back home. Went through the Continental Divide where the elev was 4, feet.

Today was a day from hell cycling…. I left the hotel and I had some good tailwinds for about 10 miles however, when I shifted in Las Cruces to go South that 20 — 30 mph tailwind turned to side winds to my right. I had to do everything for 47 miles to keep my bike on the road and not blow in front of a car. I got my 1st flat time a few miles past Las Cruces I was on the side of the road with all my bags off my bike and so desperately trying to take the tire off the rim, so I can get to the tube out to replace it… I was there for about 10 minutes and trying for about 5 with no luck I had never changed a flat before.

Went miles through Pecan trees and flat roads in a valley with mountains on both sides of me, with my upper body hurting as I tried to keep my bike on the road with the winds so bad. Rode on the Don Juan De Onate Trail and had to dodge some big ass tumbleweed blowing at me so big they could have knocked me off my bike. When I got to El Paso, why is it I always get to major cities around right for the rush hour traffic, while riding on Hwy 20 still going up a hill, there were 3 car lanes, a right turn lane and lots of businesses on the right side.

So, I could not use the shoulder for too many cars turning, no bike lanes, I was beat, the winds were still at 27 — 32 mph and the dust blowing in my eyes and mouth was driving me crazy and to add more….

I had a meltdown after 4 miles of this… I pulled over in a parking lot and cried, I had the good and the bad going on in my mind, I wanted to give up, I could not take no more of this shit, I am done with it! I thought to myself I have two options: It was so nice of them and hugs to you both, when I got to my room … I made myself a nice hot bubble bath to try a relax from the day not only my muscles however my mind. I had a rest day tomorrow, so I could take a bath, I learn not to take a bath on cycling days for your muscles get weak.

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I walked in with my seat in one hand and my post in the other asking them if they could fix it for me, I told them the story and they kind of laughed…. They did my seat, checked my brakes and few other things and put some goop in my tires for I was getting ready to hit those Texas roads with those Devil Heads. I later went to Track One restaurant right next to the hotel I was staying at for lunch and I was talking to my waitress on what I was doing.

We started talking about what I was doing and the things that I had been through so far and he told me lunch was on him. Ken was a very nice man and I really enjoyed talking to him, and if you are ever in El Paso go to Track One, the Chopped Steak was very good. Mar 21, El Paso — San Elizario… This was a short day of 25 miles, the roads were good and had a great shoulder and tailwind for a change.

Once again very close to the Mexican boarder and seen the wall and border patrol was in full effect. As I was riding to David campground, on the side I looked over and I saw a camel, I was like a camel in Texas on the side of the road, I stopped, and he came up to me and I petted him, so very cute. Once again, I was chased by 2 dogs, they were two little dogs and grabbing at my ankles… oh how I am getting so tired of this, people watch your dogs and tie them up or put them in your damn house.

I got to David Cantu campground where I was going to stay for a few days. I put the tent up, it took me a bit, this was the first time I ever put it up, we really need to mark this A, B and C so we know where the long bars go for it would make so simple.

For Martin normally did this however, after a few times I did get it up correctly. David came home, and we went out for lunch which was very good. Had a great talk with David and a few other cyclist Jem, Joe and Izaak as they also stayed at David and they were cycling the Southern Tier.

I toured the town of San Elizario and there is so much history behind this town. Learned about the Salt War and Billy the Kid breaking into the jail to get his friend out of jail.

This was the only jail that he ever broke into. Mar 25, San Elizario — Fort Hancock… This was a good day, David rode with me to Clint to show me the Clint Veterans Wall where we meet Lorenzo due to David got a nail in his tire and Lorenzo picked him up on the road and drove him to the Memorial Wall, and after visiting the wall and talking with Lorenzo for his son name was on the wall and he had a brick on the pavement.

I was heading south to Fort Hancock and you are all such wonderful people and I will miss you all very much, may God Bless you all and stay safe out there and continue your work. The streets were not that good for the shoulders were small or gravel however, it was a pretty flat day. Seen more pecan trees, cotton along the roads and riding again in a valley.

I wanted to get there early for were going to be getting some more good winds in the 30 mph in the afternoon once again from the SE and was not looking forward to fighting sidewinds again. Stayed at Bates motel for the night… well I have stayed at a few of these along my way, why do they always put me in the back of the hotel and not the front.

This seems to be a bad habit I have picked up cycling… trying to get somewhere due to weather and not eating correctly. I hope this is not going to get me on my journey. Fort Hancock is another very small town with really nothing there, I have gone through so many of these and it seems to be the norm as I cycle across the US and that is what makes this ride so much fun, I am hitting all these small towns and meeting so many wonderful people there.

Off the main roads and on the hidden path of the United States of America, the true America. Mar 26, Fort Hancock — Van Horn… I got up in the morning and went across the street to the gas station for there was nothing from Fort Hancock to Van Horn and had to grab a sandwich for lunch, some snacks and drinks for the day. Then next doors for breakfast, I was talking to this Border Patrol officer in the restaurant about what I was doing on my journey and my journey so far, I ate my burrito and potatoes and then I went to pay for my breakfast and the waitress told me he had paid for my breakfast.

Thank you to the Border Patrol officer that paid for my breakfast. I jumped on Interstate 10 and the wind Gods were on my side and I had a great tailwind for a change. I rode on the Texas Mountain Trail. Seen a sign on the road…. I had a few bad spots with some good hills however, overall a great day.

I found a wallet on the side of the Interstate 10 and picked it up, put it is my bag and figured I would call the local police department when I got into Van Horn. I got little teary eyes and gave her a hug and thanked her for her kind words and donation. For the words that people have spoken to me or the txt messages people have sent me on my way. No matter what I must continue my journey. Mar 27, Van Horn — Alpine… Got up in the morning and went to the gas station for I have 74 miles with nothing I mean nothing in between Van Horn and Marfa, needed to get a sandwich for lunch, potato chips, snack bar, extra bottle of water and Gatorade.

When I left Van Horn it was wonderful, no winds and then it turned into another day from hell a very bad day, I had side winds once again around 30 plus mph.

10.1.2016 Canyon Invitational Cross Country Meet Girls 3200 & 5k Drone/GoPro/Camera footage

I seen the Prada store display and tumbleweed blowing all over. The Prada store is a symbol on the Southern Tier, it is a monument for us. And it felt so good when I finally seen it, it made it worth it, I was doing this. Had a few mental breakdowns today and the shoulders terrible. It is mentally getting to me and the games in my mind are getting worse being out here by myself with no one to talk to, to help me on these bad days.

I am going to lose my fricken mind, I stood out in the middle of nowhere screaming my head off, crying, cursing out the world, and wanting to give up. After my meltdown I got back on my bike for you have no choice, shit I am in the middle of nowhere and I have to bike out of here, so get your ass back on the bike and peddle.

For you still have a very long way to go so you can not break down not. At about mile 54 the sheriff came and told me a bad storm was coming and there was no way I would be making it into town before sunset and ask if I wanted a ride in. I know inside I was not going to make it for I still had a long way to go to make it to Marfa and I was behind due to the chip road and winds, so we put my bike on his truck and my bags and got in.

We went to Marfa and there were no hotels available for the night, so he took us to the next town of Alpine. I went to the hotel and my knees are killing me from fighting the winds all day. I am down to getting about 3 hours of sleep a night, I try however, that is all I am able to get. So I am not eating right and only 2.

Mar 28, Alpine — Marathon… this was a pretty good day, nice ride which is good from yesterday disaster. My legs, knees and arms muscles are still sore from fighting the winds all day. I found the target store in the middle of nowhere which is another monument for cyclist.

I talked to the cows for a while, you see when you are out there, and they are the only thing you start to talk to them and I think they are really listening to you for they are staring at you or are they saying as I feel sometimes that I have lost my mind, you are like hey big guy how you doing, hey there missy you need to gain some weight, you are kind of skinny there.

Nothing I had ever seen before, I got in my room and took a shower and off to find lunch, found a little place that was closing in 45 minutes and got me some lunch. I ordered me some Chicken fried steak and it was very good. Went past the Gage Hotel and ate dinner at this really nice Steak house, I splurged and got me a really nice big steak, potatoes and it was very good.

The restaurant had a bunch of cow skulls on the wall. As I was eating there were two tables that brought their dogs in with them…. And the two dogs started growling at each other and they had to break them up. I am like even at my really nice steak dinner I have to deal with these damn dogs.

This was another good day did a 55 miler and felt pretty good, talked to my cows for a bit for I seen so many of them. I was riding along the road and heard a very weird noise, as I am curious I stopped my bike and made sure my bike was in between me and them, to see what it was, and it was 5 wild hogs, they call them Javilina. Three of them ran off back under the drain and under the fence to get back into he hills as soon as I stopped my bike on the side of the road and other two stood on the side of the road with me just looking at me behind some bush.

I waited for them to come out for me to get some pictures of them. I got chased by another dog, I am getting so tired of them and my tolerance level is getting lower as I am getting to the point of being scared of them. Riding on the Hwy and I had some good climbs and I had some good down hills and it felt good for a change. In the middle of the hills I stopped and had my Chocolate milk, it tasted so good, nothing like some chocolate milk on a good long ride. How much longer am I going to be in these mountains and hills country I keep asking myself.

I heard Austin it flattens out and I am almost to Austin, one more week I kept telling myself. Mar 30, Sanderson — Del Rio… The morning started off wonderful, I was on the road as the sun was coming up and it was so beautiful. Went for about 15 miles and then the day started to get from good to bad, the hills had become more steeper and I started to walk them for I could not ride it, I had my first seizure at mile 19, and got over to the side of the road and off my bike and shook it out.

It is this mental game you play out here on the road. Then in my mind it is racing again, I am screwed if a snake comes.

Well I am good, shaking is finished, and I am starting to get control of my arms and some upper body control. I need to get myself to standing… once I am standing I am good and then I can get on my bike. I am back on the road again cycling again… than about 5 miles down… here we go again I am on my 3rd seizure of the day about 34 miles in, I was on the side of the road for this one was not as bad however, still shaking a lot, Betty and Joe this older couple in a winnebago pulled over to see if I was okay, I told Betty that I was having a seizure and it will pass soon.

She asked me where I was heading to and I told her Comstock and she said that I was going to get in and they were going to take me to Del Rio, there were no medical facility in Comstock and in case I needed it Del Rio would have it. There was nothing on the sides of the road to view except for a few cactus, trees and that was it for 33 miles.

I did find a few trees along the way to take a break under and get a bit shade, you see out here there is no shade and all you do is bake under the sun for at least 8 hours a day cycling depending on how many miles you are doing that day. Mentally this is getting very challenging to me and hard being the only one out here on the road.

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It is days like this to where I find myself breaking down, crying and getting discouraged in myself and what I am doing and wanting to give up.

I went out for a good dinner and hit the bed early for I will have a bad day tomorrow and I knew it before it even came for I viewed the map and noting but hills and no shoulders for the next 43 miles to Vanderpool. Where is Enterprise when you need it. I stopped at the gas station on my way out for once again not too much in between and need to make sure I have enough water and dinner for there is nothing in Vanderpool. So, Easter dinner will be a Ham and Cheese Sandwich and a dill pickle.

It started off very nice, the scenery was beautiful for about the first 10 miles, I took a video and sent it to my family via a text message telling everyone hello and Happy Easter.

However, you seen the mountains in front of you and just went to hell another bad day much worse than yesterday, total hills, sharp winding curves, no shoulders at all, bad bumpy roads….

This is no joke of a road in the heart of the Texas Hill country. I walked 4 hills, for about a total of about 5 miles. And, I know I still have a long way to go until I finish, and I have every means of doing so.

I tried to call my son William as I told him I would do so and had no connection just add more to my day. So, I had me a hot dog and fries.

I got to The Lodges of Lost Maples for the evening, I walked in and had a meltdown, cried and went into the bathroom and there was a claw foot bathtub with lavender bath salts. I was in heaven for a moment, I filled it up with hot water and took a long hot bath. After this I had my Easter dinner, a ham sandwich, dill pickle and hot tea I brought from the gas station that morning. You learn to grab food in the morning for in the day you never know what you will find on your way and I knew there was no place to eat there.

I went to bed early for I wanted this day to end and then there was a knock at my door, for I had no cell phone service and my family was concerned for no one had heard from me all day.