Dental office nice to meet you card

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dental office nice to meet you card

Dr. Smith is one of the nicest, most sincere people you'll ever meet. She has a modern office, nice patients, and provides quality, personal care. Retrain to process credit cards, submit insurance claims, and run vital computer functions. Get some referral cards or business cards printed. nice to meet you” and extend a new patient offer and welcome them to stop by and say If you would like help in growing your dental practice we can help with all of these. A Nice Card. A patient took the time to send us a kind note after her appointment. A congrats and thank you note from a patient for making the transition to a new dentist an easy one Praise for PureCare's attention to detail and beautiful office meet us services membership news questions insurance contact| N.

How can you improve lackluster patient retention numbers? Providing an exceptional patient experience through top-notch customer service is one way, and taking the time to build a rapport is another. Making patients feel appreciated also goes a long way in winning their loyalty.

Showing patients you appreciate them helps to elevate their experience while also strengthening their connection to the practice—but is something few practices actually do.

dental office nice to meet you card

Letting patients know you appreciate them will help you grow your practice. Not sure how to do that? Here are a few ideas: Reach out to new patients before their first appointment. Take a few minutes to call new patients before that initial visit. When patients refer, send them flowers. Referrals help grow your practice, and you want to encourage patients to keep telling their family and friends how great your office is.

Thank patients who refer in person, but also send flowers to show them how much the referral really means to the practice.

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Co-workers will ask about the beautiful arrangement, helping to create buzz about your practice. Send patients birthday cards. Everyone loves to get cards on their birthday. Make a point of sending all patients warm birthday wishes, either via snail mail or email.

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You might even consider including a coupon with the card to show patients just how much you appreciate their business. Thanks to all of our volunteers for their efforts preparing for the event and pulling it off smoothly. February is Children's Dental Health Month. In special celebration, Drs.

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Aaron and Kristi Johnson visited Northfield Montessori to teach kids about good dental habits. The students were engaged in the presentation and it was apparent that the kids' parents and teachers had prepared them for our visit.

dental office nice to meet you card

They had great questions about caring for their teeth and stories about their experiences at the dentist. Thanks to Northfield Montessori for allowing us to come and visit, and thanks to the students and teachers who made the nice thank you banner!

It will be displayed in the office later this week! Aaron and Kristi visited Northfield Montessori to talk to kids about good oral health. They had cool videos on an iPad, and even demonstrated the correct brushing and flossing method with an oversized toothbrush, big teeth and frosting for toothpaste. Aaron and Kristi really enjoyed their visit! Thanks again to Northfield Montessori.

Small holes were poked in the skin of the apple to represent the small area of enamel that can get weak on the tooth's surface.