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despicable me girls meet grumpy

The girls were just waking up, however Margo was feeling rough from her lack of sleep. She got out of Despicable Me: Margo's Grumpy Day. Read the Despicable Me 3 full movie script online. SS is dedicated Whaaa Oh! Girls! Oh! Dance fight! Ow! Alpha team, the diamond is secure. Come and pick . to Freedonia to meet him. Your father has .. I'm so grumpy all the time! Hey!. A page for describing Heartwarming: Despicable Me 3. Dru is also excited to meet Gru and even proposes teaming up as brothers (even if it is for a heist.) The girls throwing a luau for Gru and Lucy since they couldn't have their honeymoon. are insulting (Dru portrays Gru as grumpy all the time and probably not liking.

The most cynical of the trio. Especially in the first movie. Margo was cynical and no-nonsense but did have a playful side and was a nice Cool Big Sis. And due to her correct suspicions about Gru, she acted quite snarky and distant.

To her younger sisters, especially before being adopted by Gru. She's around Gru's waistline.

despicable me girls meet grumpy

Margo keeps her hair in a ponytail. Wise Beyond Her Years: She outsmarts Gru several times by threatening to cause him grief or bargaining with him to get her own way, one occasion where he refuses to read to them and she says they will disturb all night long.

Edith Gru "When we got adopted by a bald guy, I thought this would be more like Annie. Dana Gaier Middle, sarcastic, curious, and the tomboy of the three girls Gru adopts. Somewhat disagreeable, though she was the first to take a liking to Gru's weapons, Minions and talent as both father and villain. She likes to scare her siblings, but is easily irritated when Agnes sings. While Edith's antics can annoy her older sister, Margo, the two usually get along well.

Edith is a lot more tougher and violent than she first appears. She also likes gross and dangerous stuff. Edith gets along great with Agnes, but she did tease her a little in the first movie about monsters coming to get them.

She shows signs of becoming one; in the sequel after she successfully knocked the pinata down, she proceeds to hit it more viciously and even kick it.

The incident with the iron maiden. Of course, it turns out to be grape juice. In the sequel, we get the clear message that Edith does not like romance.

The new trailer for 'Despicable Me 3' is here: Meet Gru's brother, Dru!

She has the same reaction when she sees Margo and Antonio, and later, Gru and Lucy exchanging affections with each other: Edith is very cute and nice like her sisters, but can be more annoying than either of them; which is usually not that much.

A quirky little girl who thinks Freaky Is Cool. Dark Is Not Evil: Edith sports a black ninja garb in Despicable Me 2 and helps cure the Evil! Minions with the jelly antidote in the climax. Does Not Like Spam: In Despicable Me 3, she is seen pushing away the broccoli on her plate. Edith uses a Gatling jelly gun in the climax of the sequel to help cure the mutated Minions.

What she becomes in the sequel and is an awesome one at that — Able to perform athletic feats on a whim, carrying a katana, and even being able to play ping-pong with her nun-chucks. Edith's eyes are bluish-grey and match the second and third meanings as she is the most rambunctious of her siblings and, while not to the same extent as Agnes, can be quite childlike at times. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: The only blonde member of the Gru family and is an overall good person.

Despite Edith not being the best at ballet like her sisters, she shows a surprising amount of athleticism in the sequel. Dana Gaier looks a lot like Edith. Her eyes have been described as "bluish-grey" and they represent her childlike to an extent and fun-loving nature.

When she meets Gru for the first time. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She is mostly a Nice Girlbut she does have tendency to be a bit bratty, snarky and she loves messing with her sisters a bit. That said, there's no doubt that she loves her family. Katanas Are Just Better: Whether it's real or fake is up for discussion.

She shares many traits with Gru, being very destructive, tomboyish and sports a macabre sense of humor. She's a very cute and sarcastic Tomboy. Used this in the sequel when she was grabbing coins from a wishing fountain and Agnes asked if it was stealing. Edith quipped that it wasn't stealing if she wished for a lot of free coins.

The most Hot-Blooded of the trio. By the sequel Edith is going through her "Ninja Phase". Judging by a few scenes, she would make an excellent ninja! Doesn't usually hesitate to speak her mind.

Nefario showed up at the right moment. Edith is never seen without her sherpa hat. She wears to her ballet recitals, at her parents' wedding, and while asleep. Her pink sherpa hat. It never comes off Or even when she's asleep. My pancake's shaped like a dead guy! Out of the three sisters she's the one who gets the least amount of lines and screen-time, especially in the sequel where she is basically Demoted to Extra.

This is rectified in Despicable Me 3 where her characterization is more fleshed out due to having more of both lines and screen-time that is roughly equal to that of her sisters.

Despite the pink clothing, she's the tomboy out of the three orphans. It's part of her personality. It gets expanded on in Despicable Me 3, as she is mostly seen pulling pranks with the support of Dru.

despicable me girls meet grumpy

In the first film, Edith was more quiet and reserved than her sisters. Her sarcastic facial expressions definitely fall into this trope. Both with her regular outfit and her ballet tutu. Small Girl, Big Gun: In the Despicable Me 2 climax, uses a giant gun filled with the jelly containing the antidote to cure the Evil!

Wears a pink sweater in her normal attire. Out of the three girls, Edith is the most likely to join in her adoptive father's former footsteps as a villain. She is interested in Gru's cool high-tech gadgets, thinks its cool that her bed is a hollowed-out bomb, was excited about Gru shaping her pancakes like a "dead guy", is violent to grown-ups she doesn't like and has a generally gross sense of humor.

Tomboy with a Girly Streak: She wears pink and, like her sisters, enjoys ballet, but she's the least good at it. In Despicable Me 3, Edith decides that in the unlikely event that Agnes actually finds a real unicorn, Edith will film the unicorn with her phone and get rich. Look at that fluffy unicorn! He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die! Elsie FisherNev Scharrel current voice Youngest, tender, and joyful of the three girls Gru adopts.

She's an oddball who loves unicorns and anything that's fluffy, a lot. Also, the first to take a liking to Gru and Kyle, his "pet dog", the most, rather than seeing them with suspicion. All Girls Like Ponies: She has the innocent personality of a typical child.

And all she wants is to be loved and love her family. And Call Him "George"! Kyle happens to be hugged by her, and ended up being dressed by her and Edith to look like a girl. To Edith, at least, despite them not being actually related.

It's Downplayed because the "annoying" part doesn't come up as much and they get along great. The Baby of the Bunch: The youngest of the girls, as well as the youngest member of the Gru family. Proved to be this in her spotlight short Training Wheels.

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Remember that stuffed unicorn she won from the first movie? Beware the Nice Ones: This child can smash rock with her screaming. Making her angry is Lampshaded by Gru, "Agnes, easy on the churros! Her signature blue overalls and being the nicest of the Grus. While not to the Minions' level, Agnes is the most popular of the girls, usually being the one marketed alongside Gru and the Minions. She even got her own spotlight short Training Wheels.

The most joyful, happy-go-lucky and innocent of the girls. Justified, as she's the youngest. Also doubles as The Heart. Agnes always encourages optimism and hope.

The most innocent and naive of her sisters. Which is why Margo is so protective of her. And it is cute. I know what makes you a boy Your big, bald head. Sometimes I look at it and imagine a little chick popping out!

When Agnes sees her toy unicorn about to be eaten at the near end of the second movie, she lets out a loud shriek. Said shriek breaks things in the house. All three of the girls are adorable, but Agnes is widely considered the cutest one. A Day in the Limelight: Stars in her own Minion short, "Training Wheels". Her prayer in the third movie implies this. And he'll use his magic powers to help me do math. She definitely looks Asian, but is American.

This is most likely due to her young age. The first time Gru meets the girls, Agnes is the one only excited and she starts happily hugging his leg. Girls Love Stuffed Animals: Especially if they happen to be unicorns. Her screams have this property.

Always seen wearing a red ponytail. She's been described as being the "heart" of the Gru family. Out of her sisters, Agnes is the closest to Kyle, their pet "dog". In the third movie, Agnes was willing to sell her prized stuffed unicorn to make money for Gru and Lucy after they got fired from the AVL.

despicable me girls meet grumpy

How does Agnes's ponytail manage to stand straight up? The most innocent, nice, and naive of her sisters and family, in general. Not as cynical as Margo, but not as rambunctious as Edith.

A parent version in the sequel. Agnes instantly has a connection with Lucy Wilde and ask Gru if he's going to marry Lucy. He denies it, but after coming to realize his feelings for her and after dates, he does marry Lucy.

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Make Me Wanna Shout: When Evil Kevin tried to eat her stuffed unicorn, she screams loud enough to not only break his goggles, but several picture frames and a small stone bust of Gru's mother. Unicorns, given her love for them, and later the stuffed unicorn she carries around. Averted in the most adorable way possible. Her sisters aren't mean by a long shot, but with Margo being a Deadpan Snarker and Edith having the role of the The Prankster and a Bratty Half-Pint to an extentAgnes is by far the most kind-hearted and innocent.

Didn't suspect or question Gru's adoption of her and her sisters in the first film, although when the tube to Gru's lair was revealed after she stepped on the button to activate it, she did tell Margo that she didn't think Gru was a dentist as he had earlier said he was. Pint Sized Power House: Agnes can break rocks with her screams.

Goes hand-and-hand with being The Pollyanna. Agnes is full of optimism.

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She always looks on the brighter side of things. In Despicable Me 2, at her birthday party, Agnes was wearing a princess costume that had a unicorn "steed" sewn to her dress. Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Relatively pale skin and black hair. Agnes's red hairband and the fact she's a good person. Justified since Agnes is only 6 and therefore has no idea when someone is being sarcastic. Ships Lucy with Gru the instance she meets the former.

To Lucy Are you single? In the first film, Agnes dug straight into a doggy bowl that Gru filled up with candy. In the second film, she tried eating dozens of churros but Gru intervened. Impulsive as heck, but even more sweet. Lucy gets another Mama Bear moment when she fixes her earlier mistake in applying "tough love" at the wrong time, causing Margo to pick up an unwanted admirer. Specifically, Lucy shoots down the admirer's marriage proposal and then outright threatens the boy's mother into not putting a curse on Margo for the refusal.

Margo gives Lucy a hug for this. To add, the curse was on both of them. At no point does Lucy acknowledge her curse. She is only concerned about Margo's curse. When Gru is fired from his botched capture of Bratt, Lucy immediately stands up for him.

She even states that if Gru is fired than she's fired too. Right after the above scene, Gru tells Lucy that she didn't have to do that, since Gru knows how much Lucy loves her job.

Lucy explains that she loves other things more than her job, with a meaningful look that Gru is one of those other things she loves more. The girls throwing a luau for Gru and Lucy since they couldn't have their honeymoon. And in the same scene, both Gru and Lucy taste the soup that Agnes made for them. The way Gru and Dru accept each other as brothers so quickly is really heartwarming.

Even their Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure is very short lived. In one scene, Gru and Dru have disguised themselves as each other as an attempted prank on the rest of the family; they even copy each other's mannerisms. The heartwarming part is that even though their portrayals of each other are insulting Dru portrays Gru as grumpy all the time and probably not liking whatever dinner is, Gru portrays Dru as an idiot who laughs all the time and hugs people whether they like it or notthey both still think each other's performances are hilarious.

And a subtle one comes from Lucy and Margo — Like Edith and Agnes, the two are aware that Gru and Dru switched clothes and after the trick was "revealed", both can be seen with an exasperated look on their faces while also doing the "you've gotta be kidding me" one-hand-on-the-cheek body gesture.

A cute little mother-daughter in sync action. Dru's interactions with his nieces for the first time — commenting on how adorable Agnes is, encouraging Edith's mischievousness complete with a fist bumpand remarking on how mature Margo is and playfully mistaking her for 15 something she is flattered by.

What made Dru automatically drop his anger at Gru? Learning that his nieces have been kidnapped by Bratt. Gru's Imagine Spot about him and Lucy getting back their AVL after recovering the Dupont diamond from Bratt — The cute part comes from Gru imagining Lucy playfully squishing his face while he puts his hand on her waist before lifting her up in the air completed with a roar of applause. Even after realizing that her one-horned goat isn't really a unicorn, Agnes doesn't care and keeps the goat, which she names Lucky, as a pet.

And he seems to love her back.