Did hernan cortes meet christopher columbus

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did hernan cortes meet christopher columbus

In an attempt to find a westward passage to Asia, Christopher Columbus landed in the This was the beginning of European settlement and and conquest of the who's name is synonymous with the Spanish Conquest is Hernan Cortes. Cortes heard of Christopher Columbus' discoveries in the new world. He requested a meeting with the Aztec Emperor, Montezuma II, but was repeatedly. In the 15th century Christopher Columbus began the conquest of America and was the first Where did Christopher Columbus land? First came the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire in present-day Mexico, led by Hernán Cortés. battle (and Huáscar's capture) when he met Pizarro, who invited him to a meeting .

Today, Malintzin, commonly known as La Malincheis a very important figure in Mexican history, though interpretations of her actions are a great source of controversy in Mexico. Along the way, the Spaniards came across different indigenous groups willing to help them defeat the Aztecs, especially the Tlaxcala.

These groups had previously been conquered by the Aztecs and forced to serve the Empire, and they resented having to make tributes and provide victims for religious sacrifices. Under constant attack, the Spanish were forced to flee the city.

Atahualpa accepted — backed by thousands of loyal warriors, he was not afraid of Pizarro and his men, who numbered less than However, Pizarro launched an attack, killing thousands of Incas and capturing Atahualpa.

The Inca leader knew what the gold-hungry Spanish were after and offered to pay a ransom by filling the room where he was being held with gold. Pizarro accepted, and during the following months Incas brought gold, silver, jewelry, and other riches from all over the Empire.

Eventually, Atahualpa was able to pay the ransom, but the Spanish executed him anyway inmarking the end of the mighty Inca Empire. How were the relatively small Spanish armies able to conquer much larger indigenous forces? In addition to their strategic alliances with different indigenous groups, the Spanish had several advantages.

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First, their weaponry and armor were much more advanced. They also had horses, imposing animals the natives had never seen before. The Spaniards were largely outnumbered and barely escaped Tenochtitlan and went back to the east coast to meet Cortes. The Aztecs were a warrior people and would capture people from nearby tribes and would sacrifice the captured peoples as part of their religion. The Aztec were very much hated and feared by the other Native American tribes. The other tribes saw a chance to get back at the Aztecs and joined the Spaniards.

With the new help, the Spaniards were no longer so badly outnumbered and conquered the disease weakened Aztec Empire. Cortez would bring back the large amount of gold and riches to Spain. The new riches quickly made Spain the greatest super power of the time.

did hernan cortes meet christopher columbus

Spain's Colony of Mexico, Many other Spanish Conquistadors would travel to the new world to become rich and create a new colony for Spain. Coronado would ride all the way up to current day New Mexico. BySpain had created the new colony of Mexico.

did hernan cortes meet christopher columbus

Spain created a class system in Mexico where different people could have different levels of jobs and power. For example only the Spaniards could hold leadership roles, and most mixed race people, Native Americans, and black people were forced into slavery conditions. So many Native Americans died of the new diseases that the Spaniards brought many slaves from Africa to work the plantations similar to the history of the southern United States. The Catholic church was very powerful in Spain.

did hernan cortes meet christopher columbus

In the Americas, the Spaniards would destroy important Native American cultural artifacts, and tear down the city of Tenochitlan and other Native American buildings. In their place they would build Spanish style churches and houses.

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The Spaniards tried to convert as many people as possible to catholicism, and the Catholic church became powerful in Mexico.

They also helped enforce Spanish as the main language. Spain tried very hard to destroy Native American customs, language, and culture.

did hernan cortes meet christopher columbus

They had built lots of large warships with lots of guns and cannons. Spain had become the bully of the seas.

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England had decided to break free from the Catholic church and this greatly angered Spain. The English Navy had a lot fewer and smaller boats. The English used their knowledge of the ocean tides off of Great Britain, the speed and maneuverability of their smaller boats, use of fire, and better cannons to upset the Spanish.

After the unexpected defeat of the Spanish Armada, Spain had many of its warships destroyed and Spain lost their domination of the sea and settling of the new lands in the Americas.

After the battle, England would become one of the dominant countries and would settle more of North America. Inthe Pueblo people revolted and temporarily made the Spanish leave the area. The area of current day Western Colorado was on the northern edge of the colony called New Mexico and if you lived here during that time Spain would have claimed you would be under the their control. But there were so few Spaniards in the area of western Colorado that the area was still truly controlled by the Native American tribes.

Spain Brings Horses Along with the Spanish culture and religions, the Spanish also brought their horses. The horses provided them an advantage fighting the Native Americans in the region. The Spaniards could travel long distances without tiring out their army too much.

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The Spanish conquistadors started traveling much farther inland and soon formed the colony of Mexico. It did not take long before the Native Americans would also master using the horse. Before horses, traveling long distances for Native Americans was very difficult. Native Americans' lives changed significantly when they started using the horses.

did hernan cortes meet christopher columbus

Tribes like the Cheyenne and Souix could follow the buffalo migrations on the Great Plains.