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E/12 by William (The Earl of) Dartmouth to the Commission .. met hun standpunten en dus niet met deze van de delegatie of van de Commissie. per la terra nei villaggi di Lakang, Apar e Pabbo nel distretto del nord di Amuru. . today able to guarantee that they will comply with the EU acquis in the energy field. Subject: Collecting energy saving bulbs The next meeting of the EU‐Israel Working Group on human rights will be held on 13 November le ONG attive in loco e l'UNHCR nell'avviare un processo di transizione da un modello I fatti hanno avuto luogo nel distretto di Cox's Bazar, nel Bangladesh meridionale. Subject: Energy drinks and advertising material: what protection is there for the consumer? What conditions must be met in order to reach such agreements? per sostenere la transizione dell'Iraq verso un sistema democratico sostenibile. movimentazione di truppe nei distretti della Russia centrale e occidentale.

Exploiting IoT in the Health and Wellbeing domain The market of wearables and connected devices for health monitoring is definitely on the rise. It will then illustrate one of the possible paths that can be pursued to get around these issues. In particular, it will share the experience of the EIT Digital project ESSENCE, where few partners are joining forces to exploit their existing assets an IoT Platform fostering interoperability and a market ready vertical solution for elderly peopleto provide an eHealth solution for remote monitoring of elderly people that also helps users retain ownership of their data.

The IoT must be simple and smart. With Waterplan the solution is fully configured in all its components, the farmer does not need to go into the technical details, in few minutes can make the service operational. From that moment on, Waterplan automatically manages irrigation. Its predictive features and its ability to "learn from experience" keep the cultures safe and optimize water and costs.

Waterplan is the first choice of "irrigation 4. Dalla Smart City alla Smart Domotics, esperienze di interconnessione per offrire servizi avanzati Descrizione dell'azienda come Full Access Specialist Valore della rete nelle Smart Cities, per ottenere servizi avanzati. Conclusioni Ben oltre "connected cars": Bluetooth Low Energy beacons for Industry 4.

China’s New Five-Year Plan Embraces the Third Industrial Revolution

Introduced inwith iBeacon launch from Apple, BLE beacons technology immediately raised a large interest in the mobile community, recently freshened with the Google introduction of Eddystone specifications and Physical Web project.

A BLE beacon is a wireless device that periodically broadcast a Bluetooth Low Energy advertising packet, that is received by a smartphone and used to determine the identity of beacon, the relative position, and access to any other data e. BLE beacons can be integrated in these paradigms, as they are able to provide real-time data identification, position, sensor measurements to be used in production and decision-making processes typical of an Industry 4. Una piattaforma IoT integrata per l'Industry 4.

Rivoluzionare il lavoro per cambiare il futuro: Il digital permette ad ogni azienda di trasformarsi in una multinazionale: Ma chi le forma e quali serviranno? Why is my fridge speaking Klingon? This presentation covers many of the important considerations when overcoming these challenges. Questo intervento ha lo scopo di illustrare alla platea l'attuale status della cybersecurity nella c.

The massive, empty apartment buildings one used to associate with second and third-tier cities in the boonies, are now plentiful even around primary cities like Beijing.

By some estimates, the resulting debt ratio is more than percent of GDP.

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It is clear that there is now an interdependence that cannot be disentangled; the world needs the Chinese economy in order to grow, but China needs the world economy to be healthy for it to grow. In our conversation with President Xi at the Great Hall of the People in early November, he pinned his hope on this score to the G summit being hosted by China next year.

At this link the full press conference can be watched. Do you like austerity? Does it appears to be unjust and unsustainable to you to pay for private losses with public cuts?

Or the threat of having GMOs massively imported or even produced in Europe? If you are still ignoring the heavy influence of corporate power in EU decision-making process, this article is written for you.

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Have you ever been in Brussels? I live in the city of beer, chocolate and … lobbies. Private companies operating in virtually any economic sector have their office set up in Brussels. Being operational at a walking distance from EU institutions is a must for big business.

Their main goal is to make sure that corporate priorities drive the EU political agenda.

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Corporations use to organize themselves in interest groups: Their work goes far beyond mere marketing and advertising activities. The private sector is omnipresent in the shaping of EU legislation at all levels.

Most of the time, this results in a weakening of policies conceived as a safeguard for public interest. This is how it works. Private interests are not intended to protect human health and environment. They merely follow economic goals. And if thousands of people took to the streets to call upon a new, stricter regulation to protect climate — then that regulation should never come to light in a way that endangers business as usual.

Brussels has the highest concentration of lobbyists in the world after Washington D. Estimates vary between 15, and 30, lobbyists attempting to influence the Brussels institutions. The daily activities of lobbyists include meeting officials and politicians, organising events inside and outside EU buildings, circulating briefings and securing the right media coverage of their issue.

Following huge pressure from pro-transparency groups such as Corporate Europe Observatory and Alter-EU, the EC made some attempts to regulate this sector and shed some light on lobbying activities. However, this is a quite recent phase and there is still little progress on this issue.