Dodge dart meet

Mopar Nationals Dart Meet

dodge dart meet

Meet the Dodge Dart. A fresh design breathes new life into an iconic name. By: Tim Janello. Tuesday, June 24, - National Dodge Dart Events - Dodge Dart Events, Gatherings, or National Meet- Ups. 4th Annual Midwest Dart Meet. Public. · Hosted by Allen Yoho and Gretchen Gausmann. Interested. clock. Sep 15, at AM – Sep 17, at PM.

dodge dart meet

The Dart is offered in five trim levels: Dodge also tossed around a Rallye model, but changed it to an option package, the ones with the eye catching, hard to miss stripes. Dodge loaded the Dart with technology, everything from driver interface to safety controls. The stance and handling comes from the four wheels pushed out to the corners giving it almost a inch track and legs stretched more than inches to the rear with just an overall body length around inches.

Northern California Dodge Dart meet in San Francisco

The Dart is not sporting the front end of olden days either. The sleek design gives it a very low 0. Dodge added active grill shutters and insulated belly pans covering 90 percent of the underbody to cut drag and lower interior noise levels. The shutters cut 10 percent of air drag by closing off the airflow through the lower part of the grill, redirecting the air around the car.

National Dodge Dart Events

The intake piping is hid under the engine cover. The baffle on the right nestled between the cam cover humps help control noise. From the outside the All-Aluminum engine hides the MultiAir system located under the rear half of the cover.

dodge dart meet

The Uconnect system gives the driver access to a navigation system, smart phone connect, multimedia center, satellite entertainment and more by simply pressing a steering wheel mounted button and talking. Dodge adopted dual spray fuel injectors for better fuel atomization to improve cold starts and lower emissions while improving MPGs. The spark plugs were upgraded to a platinum center and iridium ground electrodes for longer life and better spark for improved combustion.

The PCM can push fuel metering and timing to the maximum limits without engine knock plus adapt to various fuel grades for better performance.

dodge dart meet

This smart PCM has a limp-in strategy to protect the engine even with a complete loss of coolant. It also has a more complete oil life monitor to better predict oil change intervals.

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It hits a staggering foot-pound of torque at 2, rpm and holds it all the way to 4, Fuel economy is excellent ranging from 37 to 41 mpg highway depending on model and transmission choice. Solenoids on right are part of the controls for automated shifting.

Mopar Nationals Dart Meet

MultiAir is an advanced form of variable valve timing coupled with variable lift, which can adapt to any situation immediately giving a smooth idle with instantaneous revving.

This system uses oil pressure controlled actuators between the cam lobes and the intake valves to vary lift. The fast response solenoids control intake valve lift per-cylinder per-stroke to control cylinder air charge making throttle plates irrelevant.

A camshaft lobe drives a piston pump to develop the oil pressure storing it in a small reservoir located under the cam cover for operation.