El monte high school swap meet

Swap Meets in South El Monte, California

el monte high school swap meet

California Swap Meets. South El Monte High School Swap Meet. North Durfee Avenue South El Monte, CA show more details. Phone: () . California Swap Meets. South El Monte High School Swap Meet. North Durfee Avenue South El Monte, CA show more details. Phone: () . 97 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at 'South El Monte High School Swapmeet'.

He's also a seasoned journalist, community educator, "good food" enthusiast, and cultural analyst of all things cool -- but most importantly Luis is a proud Angelino.

We asked the Youth Voices students from three local El Monte and South El Monte High Schools this question at the end of our third meeting, and requested they design a postcard that defines their city as they see it.

Southern California Flea Markets | Swap Meets in SoCal

The assignment required students to explore and photograph a historical landmark or unique location iconic to local residents. The postcards offer a personal link and understanding of their neighborhoods, community, and history. Commuting is an important part of life in the San Gabriel Valley.

el monte high school swap meet

The majority of high school students commute by alternative sources such as walking, biking, and skating. The Valley Mall "A nice place to shop with ice cream in hand. With a variety of storefront businesses, restaurants, and medical clinics, the shopping corridor spans east on Valley Mall Street. Food is a predominant figure at the Valley Mall with an array of Mexican foods, such as the highly-rated El Chamangoa fruit salad, healthy juice, ice cream, and sandwich shop.

El Chamango's best seller is a mango smoothie with mango chunks, Mexican Chamoy chili sauce, and a Tamarind-Chili stick called The Chamango. For a healthier option try a Bionicoa popular Mexican dessert fruit salad, made up of a variety of fruits drenched with sour cream and condensed milk, topped off with granola, shredded coconut, raisins, and sometimes honey.

Zamora Park "Parks are key to any neighborhood and this is mine! The following account is primarily based on a lifetime of observations— my own family has sold at the swap meet for the last twenty-some years. The Swap Meet Opened in the s, the Startlite Swap Meet once operated as a drive-in theatre that housed up to vehicles.

The otherwise empty theatre lot simultaneously began operating as a daytime outdoor swap meet shortly after its opening.

el monte high school swap meet

Aside from the marquee, its only notable infrastructure is the fence that denotes its boundaries in relation to its light manufacturing and residential neighbors, and two relatively modest buildings located at the center of the swap meet, where a cafeteria, administrative office, and restrooms are located. Sold at the swap meet are toiletries, herbal medicines, pet clothing, and seemingly everything in between.

South El Monte High School Swap Meet

It would be negligent, though, to say that the influences are obvious, beside the language barriers that exist between the groups, broken English often being the only language that ties the communities. The entrepreneurial spirit certainly thrives throughout the entire swap meet; however, unlike their Hispanic counterparts, Asian vendors appear to actually prescribe to the idea of remaining inside the spaces for which they have paid.

As urban theorist James Rojas might say, vendors enact, or begin enacting, the environment with their presence, their arrival marking the birth of a new swap meet day [2].

By mid-morning, vehicles are unloaded and stands set-up in time to welcome early customers.

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Vehicles, particularly those containing the components of a larger stand, are often modified and outfitted with shelves, metal crossbars, and netting to better store merchandise. The structures are, for the most part, modest in size and design, but will occasionally reach heights equivalent to a two-story building and may sinuously weave around the many trucks, equal extensions of these entrepreneurial enterprises, parked in between the stands.

Several hours are often spent building the structures, which are typically composed of metal poles, tarps, and the joints and cables that hold them together.