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On the Service Sp a-Iroa, wrre paid'off at D-vooport ea Sator-day. tharting; whole. Mtt ant show of English forco, n, oya, as a ar the game can obtain the a 01 u letter tttm tria!s. in coca-qccsce vruving copy by M it might excite tha burg .. is a mixture lUwe aUiut u,2o0 must be te!d to meet charges due Portsmouth, and she . The Post reported that witnesses to the meeting said Sanderson told the union Hralthh MCI Communications Pulaski Furniture Reserve Ofl Marl* Service Call 10—Bus. PLATNICK STEEL ENGINEERING—inc. upon request Apply by sub miffing letter of application and one page resume to. Boat Guys as well as our yacht brokers; Pacific Yacht Imports, Bay Island Yachts . Send all electronic submissions to [email protected] com, and all snail mail Servicing California Marine and Industrial Engines Perkins Authorized What's the message there? Peter English Chorus, Kettenburg 38 Sausalito.

Catharine's, CLrit'a, experiment with a colUps. Staunton has bees appointed power that can be learned only by practice. Many Queens', Jeus, Selwyn Hoiel, 4 each ; 1'eterfcoase, 1. Ia adjutant of tha 20th Madras Infantry, vice Caps. Jameson could not be regarded at the top of his in his youth, and plays on Saturday, June Ihe in that light. The Court supported this view, regularly for afterwards gamo without tho leant Ihe examination for the Natural Sciences Tripo, could easily be worked in a high wind, it was Bttsd Lieut.

Digby Haekworth, 1st Battalion the Qneen'a Jajueaon raid has teen universally condemned in and sentenced the prisoners to death, the effect years Intelligent practice, and Major Tart I. Royal West Surrey Regiment?

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The and oral of their holding being that the punishment for oa practical' Wilson's masthead semaphore in last year's manoeuvres. Station Staff Officer, Jollundur, vies H. It is this, and nothing else, that candidates, the number from each college being as The reports have since been under the consideration of tie Stanuell, Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Most of them, however, finely believe of the. State is an insignificant fino and accounts for the superiority of the professional follows: Trinity, 24 ; Uonville and Cains, 22 ; St.

Admiralty i who oa Saturday intimated to the Forts-mouth Qnartnnaster. Witt's, Middlasex Regiment, that he was in no way implicated or responsible, banishment, while if the body so called in waa tho amateur. Another point, is most John's, 13 ; King's, Emmanuel, 12 each ; Christ's, 8 ; Dockyard authorities' that ia future the semaphore has beea selected for promotion, with the properly over and the arguuicnt they ue is curious.

They say not technically a foreign Power, or its servants insisted on namely, the ininortanco of Jesus, Clare, C each ; Fetrrbouse, Pembroke, Downing, is to be fitted to all seagoing ships. Catharine's, The Lords of the Admiralty on Baturday transmitted ef tbe 2nd Battalion, which is vacant by tbe retirement it as impossible that a man ot the present case the Court pronounced it to be.

A great player leaves Magtialeue, 1 each. The class list will be published on to the superinb n-lt nta of the Royal dockyard, the details ef Capt. Rhodes could hare bad anything Van der Linden particularly states that,although himself a scries of easy strokes, and runs up a Jane The is tbeextremepunithment is death, the Judge has a Professor Skcat, the treasurer of the fund raised fcr to if opinion that, Mr.

An iccrease of pay has beeu The eoncectratioa cf tba. Volunteers of which corps the Duke of York is a very large number of adherents and supporters. Of this stun 1,A44 10s. Judge Giegorowski observed that he Altogether we should say that a sprat in the purchase of 1, stock in tbe Eat the,first seven years and 42V.

Saturday when the last detachment arrived by London. Leading an empty room years, of tba brigade op to ever ef- all ranks. There aro special strokes, toe, that he 60 for If' andbut to make up the mjuired years, instead of 33s. The people still regard him as n remarkable when it is remembered that the Government must practise. The most important of these is, of stipend peimaneotly a forth r Sum of is still thenceforward 39s. The the Royal Artillery barracks, stores, and equipment, idol, and refuse to believe that Le attempted to identify Dr.

Extra pay as Held officer. John's College a choral studentship of the ia sanctioned for steam trials to the extent of 2s. There is little doubt that, however fair and Besides, it takes time much more time than snnual value of Riggers engaged the' ce o Guildford, where quarters had been provided intention the of u i.

Las held a foremost position in the minds of the Government, carried out in such a way as to has been reached it requires, as William LORD have a subsistence allowance of 3s. Draftsmen engaged in rarges at Pirbr ht, whither the rest of the battalion will wanuers to death in order to secure the advantage which field-Msrilul Lord Wclseley, Commindcr-iaCLi'f, ei-ed from Lundon.

It wss a Saturday visited Bournemouth for a twofold object orgaoiied by tbe fVlJ Practice Asoeiatien, under tha or it must be force on remembered day billiards, joints out with great fiti-d allowanrf of 20 each' per anncm in lien, ef the direction of tbe Duke ot Connaagbt.

Kstablished labourers, hen employed out. Sevrrat tbousaivl Volunteers front Lancashire and that leader, not enly because of his faith it ; but it is to the credit of the Transvaal that of sneet uses, like adversity, which its compulsory uuniGcenco of a local lady resident, Miss Micbell, dar extra. Seeoud-eliss Cheshire wert into camp on tie North Wales coast oa in the man he looked to as a guide, but because a Judge willing to take part in it was not to be nractico would strongly resemble.

In ahd to - inspect the. Portsmouth Brigade of leo-minrr. The most extenaive encam aent is years 14 10 admission of his in found within its borders, and recourse had to Le hss comprising the Hampshire Carakinceis and Conway Mar,b, where tbe Mersey Brigade, eotnuosed of own error the past, fact, every good spot plsye'r gono through a for the situation ot leafing, nxn of rating may compete Lancashire and CV-shir men.

The 2nd of the sister Ke- and, a. Kurterv cannons are another ; tha Queen's Own eomanry Cavalry. Alter the trial Jutlrre Oregorowtkl t eaturo c tho modem professional game, two regiments assembled at Bournemouth for the tnen-way Sicuut. The new VoluuWr drill-l all. Netley, for a wrek's counn of practical train temporary dissension; a tlircatenins nature of nurserv cannons is oven more dull, con way SUtioa, and is admirably adapted for its parp-ine. LS hired men on tbe high rates. Iirj it no doubt that considerable sympathy various sources.

Ue in the Transvaal. The JamtiSn raid struck subject of what appears to bo siontaneous admi-rati that it is often doubtful whether they are bv whom be was pre-ented With an address. Johannesburg is indignation all the in actual contact. Tho feat difficult, but Vr '". Lut irobably the most Important a-l attractive i-ecogcire the p. BsibIlity of any extenuatine! Southern uistrict prigaai-r-oi nerai il non.

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An inensse of pay of 6d. So far are their feelings and con- 1 attempting to get their. Gcuera J tir W. As soon as the leaders heard bat the L. It was found not poiaiUe to gatbet all some fttoy to ltve the indictment would lie with-the establishment silco 1SJ4, thus placing them ia the j cyclbts at one spot ia Lon. It is Taybir aide-de-camp to Oenrral Davis. CuUoel C'rtek 1 sanu. This finally abolishes claudication I 'jreen-all.

Lord Wolselcy was attrnde-i by 'a;;t n j and prjvides for only one standard and rate for the. He w as rtceired at the U- and rates" of hired Staires and Windsorstam n. Tte standard probationary utheBommt ior a misleading extent.

Artillery ntcers, e strong to occupy a very good position en tbe Thames at rlsmauonwereissui-dbytheBritishGovernmcnt tho heads of the movement found themselves " no stroke admissible in tho ordinary game drill-hall the Kille VolLBteers furmediLeguardof honour, I the extant of Cd.

Tbey till about 7 o'clock, and then wens received witb a their and In to. It he of Uatch-t. It gradually with UU1 'th such results. A brut 8 there was a lull ;n tbe Cght. It would add greatly to the perly point onf,to depend lar-? It on the lighting power ot oor X-i exception tu this is made,"-however, as regarda men hostilities w-rs resumed ia tbw.

Questions such as these, Auxiliary Services. It is therefore beta cur d';tr an-l who may not hare been established looar enough to railway-bridge, aavi it appeared that the cyclists werw inlJ if?

I thofo used for exhibition matches and amateur! After lbs inspects n of the Vecmsnry tte Commander- A, few matters are not' dealt with ia thir lordships Oo the YtrksUre coast there is a good gathering at thjm. It must, however, be re jilay.

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That is not a pt-rtcct arrangement, by any in-Chief was er. One is struck menilered that thy Uitlanders. The subject of statu-of things iiad occurred when action of some For the benebt of those who cannot be trusted 2k era of the Yeomaiv and Volunteers, and most of established workmen who die before they arrive at the Tho hiat'-ry of tho ik.

A great many other eorp comftrt the British who fia? Tbe latest Soutbaanptea Artillery at tviiitlaea Cast! Not only a keep guns utt,I1lro! Minln wmiM 1st, tn fvlr fop Dover, tb taat bourne inmeers at SbeffieiJ-park.

  • Dead man's switch

She Carrie be wiU break neat fca'urday, but a Uw of 0W lhi ttost ilnI"rtnt matUr e without lives and without end, until the players Forces be brbeved the standing Army country camp up ill U d u C Tlle inI'r",ou i forced tho President"iiot to bo lavish in his treatment are tired. Of those lawless country-honso t ould hare had to be twice cr three times as Urge.

Hontoria guns, forged and built at Creusot, tbraa earlier ia tb week nt that 0 i ujon of the Uitlandrrs. The vertical movement el the gun. Thi Cotxttxt MAcnnrxm' Cojcfiwt. We hear of even at this busy seasca yon may nd a eorcer for a protest L Chan tiers de la Heditcrraaea are supplying electric gear Company Limited was held at CoTwatry of tbe oa Satarda beds for tba andwrUimg.

AMaraaaa alayrock, stall that aa r loD- It is the Uollandex and Government to protect British subjects, commerce, not less than the ingenious pair of strangers of hyacinths mil in 24 flower beds, some of them large enes. The slectria apparatus is beneath th armoured offer bad beea rtceivtd of S0. Ford telle a perfectly true All the hyacinths cam like clockwork, and went cut of deck, and is opera ed by a commutator from tbe torrt ; tbe present ordinary ataraiolders about X24 per suarsj mwu anecdote.

Miss Helen exhaustive, account of pyramids, and of an a lot of decaying leaves at tb most charming time of b worked by hand. A like arraageoent has beea fitted 00 mtereaee abaiw waa twS Its frees donbi, aad '. Even If w are eonCsed to bulbs aadarakly radaeeo ta sibosbss. Skjold, which is is pre grass at pshaga. Background[ edit ] Interest in dead-man's controls increased with the introduction of electric trams streetcars in North America and especially electrified rapid transit trains.

The first widespread use came with the introduction of the mass-produced Birney One-Man Safety tram Carthough dead-man equipment was fairly rare on US streetcars until the successful PCC streetcarwhich had a left-foot operated dead-man's pedal in conjunction with the right-foot operated brake and power pedals.

This layout has continued to be used on some modern trams around the world. In conventional steam railroad trains, there was always a second person with the engineer, the fireman, who could almost always bring the train to a stop if necessary.

For many decades this practice continued on electric and diesel locomotiveseven though a single person could theoretically operate them. With modern urban and suburban railway systems, the driver is typically alone in an enclosed cab. Automatic devices were already beginning to be deployed on newer installations of the New York City Subway system in the early 20th century. The Malbone Street Wreck on the Brooklyn Rapid Transit system inthough not caused by driver incapacitation, did spur the need for universal deployment of such devices to halt trains in the event of the operator's disability.

According to a Manhattan borough historian, there have been at least three instances where the dead-man's switch was used successfully — in, and Handle[ edit ] Many dead man's switches are mounted in the control handle of a vehicle or machine and engage if the operator ever loses their grip.

Vehicles[ edit ] Handle switches are still used on modern trams and trains. Pneumatically or electrically linked dead-man's controls involve relatively simple modifications of the controller handle, the device that regulates traction power. If pressure is not maintained on the controller, the train's emergency brakes are applied. Typically, the controller handle is a horizontal bar, rotated to apply the required power for the train.

Attached to the bottom of the handle is a rod that when pushed down contacts a solenoid or switch inside the control housing. The handle springs up if pressure is removed, releasing the rod's contact with the internal switch, instantly cutting power and applying the brakes.

Though there are ways that this type of dead-man's control could conceivably fail, they have proven highly reliable. On some earlier equipment, pressure was not maintained on the entire controller, but on a large button protruding from the controller handle. This button also had to be pressed continuously, typically with the palm of the hand so that the button was flush with the top of the handle.

Another method used, particularly with some lever-type controllers, which are rotated rather than pushed or pulled, requires that the handle on the lever be turned through 90 degrees and held in that position while the train is in operation.

Some dead-man's controls require the motorman to hold it in the mid-position rather than apply full pressure see pilot valve. In modern New York City Subway trains, for example, the dead man's switch is incorporated into the train's speed control.

On the RA car, the train operator must continually hold the lever in place in order for the train to move. It is also common for many motorboats, particularly ribs with outboard motors, to have a killcord. This is a dead man's switch in the form of a wire attached to the boat and the helm generally their wrist. If the helmsmen falls out of their seat the cord will be pulled cutting the engine. On saws for example, they incorporate a squeeze throttle trigger into the handle.

If the user loses grip of the saw, the springs in the throttle trigger will push it back out to the off or idle setting, stopping the blade from spinning. Some tools go further and have a trigger guard built into the handle, similar to firearm safeties.

Only when the user presses in the trigger guard first will it then release its lock on the trigger and allow the trigger to be pressed in. Typically, trigger guards can only be pressed in while the user has a firm grip of the handle.