Fg boko haram meet abroad volunteer

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fg boko haram meet abroad volunteer

Minimum wage: We're losing patience, NLC warns FG the United Nations International Organisation for Migration were made using tarpaulins. Our correspondent met with an IDP, a local volunteer in the camp, who works for an The volunteer, Bako Ishaya (not real name), explained Boko Haram also. The members of Boko Haram are not spirits and while there . huge and expensive convoys, overseas medical treatment at public expense. 'FG playing politics with Boko Haram' . we are ready to volunteer such information to government, but the government must also be Your doors are open but this people have said they won't come up, are you going to meet them? News · Politics · Business · International · Digest · City News · Opinion.

Why was that speech so attractive to Nigerians? It is because Mr. Obi gave a detailed breakdown of the reality of governance in Nigeria today, which is one of a wasteful squandering of the riches that should have gone into the development of our youth.

And he is not alone in noticing this. Youth everywhere and especially in the Northeast are seeing this. The Nigerian government and the Nigerian elite are not offering them a way out of this dilemma. However, anti social groups, like Boko Haram and ISWAP, are exploiting their dissatisfaction with society and are offering our youth a utopian ideal which is in reality a dystopia.

Katsina-based youth group mobilises support for Atiku These events only deepen their alienation from society and affirm the twisted messages of groups like Boko Haram and ISWAP. To defeat terrorism therefore, we need to arm our military and motivate them with good working conditions and terms of services, especially for the lower ranks who face the greatest risks and are the least paid.

We need to demonstrate that when you fight for Nigeria, Nigeria will fight for you, but even more importantly, we must show that when you die in the services of Nigeria, your name and your survivors will be celebrated by the society that you died for. We must also help our military win the hearts and minds of the people of the Northeast by empowering them to open soup kitchens where they give food to the hungry.

We must encourage them to set up field hospitals where they treat the local population free of charge. Even something as giving each soldier a pocketful of sweets to handout to little children on the streets will help the military win the love and affection of the local population and turn their allegiance to our armed forces. That is one part of the plan. The other part of the plan, which is even more important, is that we must starve Boko Haram and ISWAP of their recruiting tool by quickly and effectively restructuring Nigeria so that we have a society that allows for inclusiveness and social justice.

We have no quarrels with that. Of course, since this thing started, no highly placed government officials have visited Borno State even for once to assess the level of damages caused to our people.

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Sometimes when you play politics with issue of security, you are playing with fire. The better the Federal Government wakes up from it slumber and realize that they cannot afford to play politics with the issue of security, the better for Nigeria citizens. So in which way do you think the Federal Government can come in to mediate this problem finally?

Weather the Federal Government accepts this option or not, that is the option we are going to pursue. Others would be exposed with time.

fg boko haram meet abroad volunteer

If there is anything we know about this people, we are ready to volunteer such information to government, but the government must also be sincere in prosecuting the matter to the end. In the ANPP, we have already suffered in their hands, because so many of our people had been eliminated and most of the eliminations were political assassinations.

fg boko haram meet abroad volunteer

We started the option that we want to dialogue with them, if they come up like I said then we are ready to talk with them. Now that their leaders are even known, is that going to encourage you people to search for and talk to them?

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Now that we have identified their leaders, it remains for us to see how appropriate we can approach them so we can dialogue. His mind had been twisted.

fg boko haram meet abroad volunteer

That is why they can kill hundreds of people without showing any remorse. Only God will help us. Some of them live near the camp. They are very smart. They will not produce the IEDs where they can be seen.

They are being forced to wear vests or belts packed with explosives and blow themselves up in a crowd.

Tanzania: FG Tackling Boko Haram, Sambo Tells Nigerians in Tanzania

We must continue to hope that peace is right around the corner. That is what will bring this humanitarian crisis to an end. The IOM said this was in a bid to enable the IDPs to start new lives and dissuade them from spreading the ideologies of the terrorists.

The IOM Coordinator in Muna Garage, Jerry Balami, said despite the recurring bomb explosions, the residents were resilient because they bounced back after every attack. When there are issues in the camp, they come to us. We advise them and make them come up with solutions. So you find out that there is this imbalance among them. They normally come to us when there are issues. We support them and take them through informal education classes.

We teach the women how to make caps. They can make caps and sell them to feed their families.

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But a keyword for the residents is resilience. The Muna Garage community is resilient. They have an ability to bounce back after each bomb explosion. They have an ability to move on with their lives. It was learnt that Boko Haram terrorists had used well over children for suicide bombing missions between January and October in Borno State alone.

The figure could as well be higher as some suicide missions might not have been reported to the military or the emergency agencies.

fg boko haram meet abroad volunteer

Muna Garage area also experiences such attacks. Other areas that have experienced child suicide bombing on many occasions include Usmanti village, Jiddari Polo, Ummarari and Dalori in Borno State. Also on May 3, three children bombers were killed, while trying to attack a military base known as Guantanamo in the Muna Garage area. The corpses were removed by NEMA officials. It was said that since Julythere had been an upsurge in the suicide bomb attacks, as attested to by the police. The Borno State police on July 12, confirmed the death of four child suicide bombers who detonated bombs at a funeral, killing 12 Civilian Joint Task Force members and injuring 23 others.

Ibrahim Attahiru, in August confirmed the recent spate of using child bombers by the Boko Haram terrorists. Attahiru, in his quarterly briefing, said the military also recorded cases of children being given by their parents to the insurgents for suicide bombings. In Molai Kalmeriwhen unsuspecting people gathered at a local tea joint, they were infiltrated by a child bomber, who joined the queue to buy noodles and in the process detonated her suicide vest.