Five heaven in meet paper people

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five heaven in meet paper people

The Five People You Meet in Heaven [Mitch Albom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A specially produced paperback edition--with. Books: Five people you meet in heaven fanfiction archive with over 10 stories. Come in to Reflection paper Homwork by SaruwatariAsuka reviews. umm this. The Five People You Meet in Heaven . Later, when it was dark, they returned to the car lot, exhausted and laughing, drinking beer from brown paper bags.

The author explained through Eddie's story that no event in one's life happens accidentally or for its purpose alone. People's lives and events intertwine and will either begin or end their own or someone else's life. Understanding these events and accepting it as something needed for life's next phase is important. People cannot move to this phase if they have not yet realized the purpose of a preceding one.

five heaven in meet paper people

Through the five people, the author enabled Eddie's understanding of his life's events. All five were waiting for Eddie so they can enlighten him on things; accomplish their own lives' purpose then move on to their afterlives. Symbol is technically defined as having a "complex meaning; it has not only literal meaning, but also additional meaning s beyond the literal. In addition, as discussed by Wellek in his analysis of symbolism in literature, he defined symbols as "where the particular represents the more general, not as a dream or a shadow, but as a living momentary revelation of the Inscrutable.

Below is a discussion of the symbolisms he used to show how he conveyed his ideas and the story's lessons that he would want his reader to learn. The first man Eddie encountered was the Blue Man. The Blue Man's life became connected with him when as a young child; he had accidentally caused his demise when he suddenly crossed the street where the man was passing in his car. The man, in his attempt to avoid hitting Eddie, had a heart attack and he was not attended to which caused his premature death.

The symbolism that Albom used on this phase of Eddie's story was on the Blue Man's life. The Blue Man, aptly called one, was actually a victim of silver nitrate poisoning.

As a child, he did not have the blue-tinged skin but when his father brought him to work in a sweatshop where he accidentally caused him humiliation by spilling a sack of buttons, his father never talked to him again.

The Blue Man never got past his father's disapproval and he had started becoming nervous and wetting his pants at night. To cure these concerns, he seeks consult from a doctor who prescribed him silver nitrate.

five heaven in meet paper people

However, on his ignorance about his health problem and the medicine he was taking, he continuously took the liquid, sometimes even taking more than what was required and in the end having his blue skin, which was actually a sign of silver nitrate poisoning. Albom applied symbolism on the Blue Man's life as a victim of silver nitrate poisoning.

The man kept on taking the medicine despite his lack of knowledge on its effect to his himself. His behavior can be attributed to men's impulse to resort to desperate means in times of need.

So I took more.

five heaven in meet paper people

I swallowed two gulps and sometimes three, with no water. It is in this childhood trauma that Albom illustrated how, driven by our need to correct our life's "mistakes" be these mistakes really our fault or not, people would seek ways to correct these, and inevitable end up succeeding or failing.

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The Blue Man's desire to remedy his sadness and frustration, albeit to an extreme extent, ultimately caused him his death. On the Army Captain, Albom symbolized how men may feel trapped in a situation that they think is hopeless.

five heaven in meet paper people

They would continue tolerating said situation until it forces them to do something about it. Eddie had expected gunfire, more guards to fight, but there was no one. The other huts were empty. In fact, the entire camp was empty. Eddie wondered how long it had been just the four Crazies and them. Ultimately, by shooting Eddie's leg, Eddie felt that he was not only robbed of his leg and mobility, but more importantly, he was robbed of his life, and the Captain did this to him.

I vaguely remember when exactly I read this but I remember I read this couple of months before I broke up with my current-boyfriend and it was around the end of the year.

five heaven in meet paper people

Maybe September-October to November. It is significant to know when I read because it is one of the reasons why this book just stays in my mind. I pictured myself as Eddie.

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An old man with so many bruises physically and emotionally draging the last breath he had to carry before he died and saved a little girl's life. With a cause he died which for me is amazing! Then he met the five people that bumped into his life for a second and even for a lifetime that he might didn't remember or know them before when he was alive. These five people were there to answer all of his unanswered questions about his life and why God had purposes with him in his life even when he thought that he had no value at all - This too amazes me still; have you EVER wondered why are you here on earth?

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And the story evolved from there. And all the classic questions that I believe WE all are facing now are written so nicely by Albom.

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With jokes, with poems, with simple everyday words. Albom didn't preach within this book which I think it is the risk of writing such subject - and the fact that he didn't preach makes it universal for all races and religions to read. And be spiritually touched. And so how does this effect on me with the broke-up?

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I was angry all the time and didn't understand why I was treated so bad by a man and how I thought I have not a value to go on. Then a friend's death which rolled me back to the time I read this book in the first place reminds me of how life goes on and how life NEEDS to go on. God has purposes with us, even if it means only to be a bell-boy of a grand hotel, or to be a mistress, or to be a virgin queen or to be an ordinary guy standing on the train station.