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For example, a course that meets five periods per week for the entire year will be worth five credits; if it is a one- On-site Admissions with Rowan College at Gloucester County. ○ Advisement and result interpretation for the: Whether a weekend “warrior,” recreational, or elite athlete; sports nutrition might be used. Meet the University of Melbourne in Brisbane. .. points depending on their results on Year 12 subjects relevant to the course they are applying Elite Athlete Bonus – under this scheme applicants who have demonstrated an . Use the 'My Profiler' questionnaire at posavski-obzor.info to help you come up. Jan 21, - GCIT Closing Early Today - No Practices or Swim Lessons Tonight GPAC swimmers performed extremely well at the Age Group Elite Meet and Senior Elite Meet this past .. Feb 10, - College Conference Championship Meet Results . Jul 28, - Watch USA Swimming Nationals Live Online.

Frequent team meetings and social activities, often at the Busch home, are a key to Wildcat team togetherness. In addition to individual meetings with coaches, Wildcat captains run swimmer-only sessions where athletes make public statements regarding individual and team goals.

The way you deliver your message is often more important than the message itself," he notes. Wildcat swimmers are also very visible in the community, working with local boys and girls clubs, women's shelters, sponsoring a family at Christmas and the like. Like many college squads, last fall Washington and Lee University swimmers exchanged a pool practice for a strenuous five and one-half hour uphill hike.

A ropes course exercise and a season-long dryland buddy system were just some of the other activities instrumental in fashioning a sisterhood that produced its 15th Old Dominion Athletic Conference championship in the last 16 years. Not so with teams trying to resurrect themselves or under new management. Tim Harper is the head age group coach for Tucson Ford Aquatics. His recent mission has been to revive an age group program that was discontinued 10 years ago. The revival coincided with the opening of the University of Arizona's new pool at Hillenbrand Aquatic Center.

While borrowing heavily from older swimmers the age groupers are enjoying establishing their own traditions. Water bottles inscribed with practice goals, team hikes, big meet T-shirts, pasta dinners and recognition for perfect attendance during Christmas training are all spawning a sense of togetherness that will reap dividends down the road.

We do a lot of talking about team goals. Along with the privatization came a name and color change to navy blue, Carolina blue, and yellow gold. We also needed to quickly establish a brand recognition that would serve as a means of identification for our swimmers, coaches and parents," he says. We got swimmers short and long-sleeved T-shirts, new swim caps, had a design contest and raised funds for our parent booster club.

In December, we did our first team travel trip in more than six years. The 17 swimmers that attended told their teammates how great the trip was. This year, I fully expect we'll have three or four times that number.

Occasionally, we take out the lane lines, do different drills and games to work on open water technique. It breaks up the monotony, serves as a great recovery practice for seniors, creates interest in open water events and mixes our swimmers allowing us to learn from one other," he says.

A component of team building away from the pool is a whitewater rafting day trip for older swimmers and coaches. Twelve and unders go to an indoor water park. Kimble's club team has members from more than 12 different high schools. We have done two things on a regular basis for team bonding with the teens. First, we have a day in the summer when we only do dryland before taking a 1. On 'Game Day' we include younger swimmers and take a game like Chutes and Ladders, divide the lanes and mix groups that normally don't practice together.

Each lane represents a team and takes a turn rolling dice and moving pieces on the board. Each space on the board represents a different set, some goofy but most with an IM focus, say yards. When your lane makes it to the end of the board you cool down and are done.

We have had lanes done in 45 minutes and some that need a mercy rule. The benefit at meets is that swimmers actually know who is on our team," he says. Kimble's high school boys have two distinctive rituals. One day during heavy Christmas training we follow a three-hour morning practice with the "Jeff Seymour Invitational," an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at a local Pizza Hut. This has become a contest to see who can put away the most pizza.

I have been taking honors classes throughout all of my high school career, and I even decided to take an AP class this year. My sister showed me work done by Dennis Kelly, and I was amazed.

I was willing to take time to experience what it would be like to be a Dennis Kelly senior model first hand.

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I like to dance and hang out with my friends for fun. As of right now, I only dance for the school, but I really enjoy doing it. I hope to continue dancing in the future.

Along with my friends, I also like to hang out with my dog Ashton and my sister Maria. My best memory growing up was when I went to the Beyonce concert. My sister bought me the tickets for my birthday, and I was very excited because it was my first concert.

I had so much fun, and I was very happy and grateful that I was able to go. After I graduate high school, I aspire to attend a University in Hawaii and study to become a marine biologist or a nurse. I hope to live in Hawaii, get married, and start a family after I receive my masters degree in my field.

Carola — Holy Cross Academy Tell us about your activities, hobbies, and accomplishments. I am a part of the stage crew for my school drama club. I also work as a hostess for Bob Evans Restaurant.

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I am an honor roll student at a private academy, and and I take my academics very seriously. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get involved in more things during my last months as a high school student. My best friend and I really love to sing together and drive around jamming to music.

My best memory growing up would probably be the first time I went to Disney World. I love Disney, and when I was 8 I finally got to go with my sisters and mom.

It was so much fun and I am so excited to go back for my senior trip next Spring! I want to get a career in maybe Journalism or get some kind of writing job. I manage varsity boys soccer for the high school in the fall. I am on the girls spring track team for the high school and play soccer for Washington United. I like to spend my free time going out with friends and family. I heard of it from my friend Alyssa Lombardi and the idea of representing a company and getting to show off great pictures got my attention immediately.

I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I like to go to different restaurants to try new foods and am always looking for something new and fun to do. I love going outside and being kept busy.

I like to think of all my memories as good ones. My favorite are usually ones with my best friends or family. I want to get into the University of Florida to pursue my dream of becoming a forensic psychologist. I want to have a big family and live in a beautiful house and be successful. Sophia — Paul VI Tell us about your activities, hobbies, and accomplishments. I am a part of the Chamber Choir at my school and have take private vocal lessons, almong with piano lessons, since second grade.

I am a member of the Italian club, the Samaritan club, and the Ambassadors club. I also volunteer and Saint John of God school at their dances. I have many families that I babysit regularly. I knew that if I was a model, all my friends would not only get to see my pictures on my social media pages, but in the mail and many other places.

I wanted my Senior pictures to be different and exciting, and that is something I can only get with Dennis Kelly! For fun, I love to spend time with my family and friends.

I love to watch movies, especially older, romance movies. I spend a lot of my time playing with my dogs, Otis and Smooch.

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They always put me in a good mood! I love traveling, whether that be to Ocean city, Disney World, or even California. My family likes to go to a new place every year.

My favorite memory growing up is when my grandmom used to watch me while my parents were at work. We used to always go shopping and watch Gula-Gula Island together. Sometimes I would get to sleepover her house with my sister.


She had a big pool with a play set that we would spend hours on. She also had two dogs that we loved to play with. My grandmom was an amazing cook so she would have cooking classes with my sister and I. After we learned a new skill, like how to make dough or crack an egg, we would move up a level in cooking school.

I will never forget the time I spend with her. I have many goals for the future. I want to graduate high school with honors and attend college in the fall of I want to have a profession that allows me to help those around me and make a difference in the world. I eventually want to get married and have a lot of children and hopefully, I can become a stay-at-home mom. I want to rescue dogs and have a pet rabbit. I hope to travel the world with my entire family and live an adevnturous life surrounded by the people I love.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. I am currently on the Washington Twp Gymnastics team. The award is given to the gymnast who demonstrates leadership, positivity, responsibility. Most Dedicated is awarded to the gymnast who is most dedicated and allowed gymnastics to be her top priority. With my third and final season approaching, I was just awarded the position as Captain for my senior year.

Along with gymnastics, I am a Washington Township cheerleader. I have cheered the last three years on the team during the Winter season. I love going down the shore and to the beach. I especially enjoy doing my favorite sports, gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. My best memory growing up has all of the vacations I went on with my family. My favorite one would have to be going to The Bahamas.

My goal for the future is to go to college, graduate with a bachelors degree in early childhood education, and be successful. Javon — Deptford HS Tell us about your activities, hobbies, and accomplishments. I wanted more creative and exciting pictures for my Senior year What do you do for fun?

To receive a full scholarship to a good university Madison — WTHS Tell us about your activities, hobbies, and accomplishments. I have been dancing for 14 years now and I am on the dance team at my studio. I also assist in teaching baby classes at my dance studio and I have been dancing in school for the past 3 years. I have been following Dennis Kelly on instagram for two years now and have always loved his work.

I love everything he does and was very excited when the applications for the senior models came out. I decided to become a senior model because I love how there are charitable works being incorporated like the PADD walk and working with the animal shelter.

For fun I like to go out with my friends and find new things to do. During the summer I love going to the beach and finding new places to eat and explore. I also enjoy doing makeup and trying new makeup looks and being creative. Growing up my best memories are spent in Ocean City with my family.

Every summer my grandmom would get a house for all of my family to stay in for the week. My favorite memories are spending all day on the beach with my cousins till the life guards leave and then going back the house to shower and spend the night on the boardwalk. After high school I want to get accepted into a bachelors into masters program for physicans assistant. Mackenzie — Paul VI Tell us about your activities, hobbies, and accomplishments.

One of my greatest interests and hobbies since I was three years of age has been singing and performing.

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Along with this, I find enjoyment in being a part of the Ambassador and Italian Clubs at my high school. Various accomplishments of mine include becoming a member of both the Italian and National Honor Socieites, as well as the Peer Leadership Program at school.

After seeing various peers of mine become members of the modeling team, I took interest in the program. Over the course of this year as a Senior Model for Dennis Kelly, I hope to build a greater sense of self-confidence, as well as become friends with my fellow team members!

One thing I like to do for fun is spend time with my friends. I would describe myself as an overall social person that loves being busy and having plans. I have a very close relationship with my family which has grown throughout the years. My cousins and I are only years a part—adding to the reason we have such a great bond.

Going swimming, playing outside, and being with them throughout the entirety of summer during my childhood would most definitely be some of the best memories I have. Although our varying interests and social lives differ with age, our strong relationship still stands. I hope to obtain my M. I also love to travel, and have set a goal to visit every state in the U. Kali — Clayton HS Tell us about your activities, hobbies, and accomplishments. I used to dance, play soccer, and play softball.

I now like to spend my free time with my friends and family.