Giant men meet tiny cats breeds

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giant men meet tiny cats breeds

Meet the Maine coon, the largest domestic breed of cat on the planet. Fully grown , Maine coons usually tip the scales from between 12 to Read on to meet the many breeds that can have black coloring. to feline-lovers for many reasons other than their bold, sleek coats and big, bright eyes. Meet 9 Cat Breeds Who Crave Affection Cornish Rex cat breed It's hard not to stare or take a second glance at this cat with giant batlike ears perched who loves to perform tricks and show off new antics to his favorite people. While they look tiny and adorable as kittens, these cats grow to be large in.

He wants to be where you are, but he can be a bit clingy.

Cat Breeds That Stay Small

He appears to have never met a stranger and usually plays nice with children and dogs, which explains why he sports the nickname "Gentle Giant. This all-American breed averages 16 pounds, a whopping four pounds more than the average cat.

His flowing coat comes in a variety of colors and requires moderate grooming to prevent mats. Tetsu Yamazaki, Animal Photography Tonkinese — Lap Lounger A blend of the Burmese and Siamese, the Tonkinese is a toned-down version of the always-chatting, extroverted Siamese and a more outgoing version of the usually shy Burmese.

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Extremely agile and graceful, the Tonk is easy to train and quickly masters walking on a leash and playing fetch. He races to you when called, and it is not uncommon for a Tonkinese to ride on your shoulder or lounge on your lap for hours. He happily greets houseguests and generally gets along easily with other cats, children and dogs. Extremely social, he thrives in active households. Alan Robinson, Animal Photography Persian — Quiet Cuddler There is no surprise why the Persian has remained near the top of the list in popularity in the United States — and the world — for decades.

giant men meet tiny cats breeds

Behind his sweet expression, captivating round eyes and thick, luxurious coat, the Persian quietly and effectively displays his fondness for his favorite people. He will suddenly appear in your lap and serenade you with sweet, steady purrs or calm you down when you come home from a stress-filled day at work. Barbara O'Brien, Animal Photography Ragdoll — Floppy and Friendly Aptly named, the super-affectionate Ragdoll actually flops and hangs limply like a rag doll in your arms or at your feet.

This cat lives for laps, will be by your side at bedtime and may even follow you into the shower.

giant men meet tiny cats breeds

He plays sweetly and gently, rarely brandishing his claws or unleashing a temper. He sports an easygoing outlook on life.

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Despite his large, muscular physique, the Ragdoll is seldom looking for a fight and will happily greet all visitors when he hears the doorbell. His silky coat is surprisingly easy to maintain. Sally Anne Thompson, Animal Photography Siamese — Demanding But Devoted Another highly popular pick, the talkative, outgoing Siamese candidly and confidently declares his loyalty to his chosen people.

giant men meet tiny cats breeds

He craves attention and affection and delights in engaging in loud, yowl-filled conversations. In general, smallness in cats is often caused by too much inbreeding, Gonano said, and CFA breeders tend to prefer to keep their breeds robust.

Oriental A Siamese hybrid that was first developed in England in the 20th century; Oriental Shorthairs are similarly built to their Siamese ancestors and can be on the smaller side. Although their body types are similar to the Siamese, Orientals come in many more color and pattern varieties—over ! Cornish Rex Described as a medium-sized cat, with females ranging between five and six and a half pounds and males ranging between six and seven and a half pounds, the Cornish Rex is a lean and unusual looking cat.

With soft, wavy hair, long legs and an egg-shaped head, the Cornish Rex is a friendly, affectionate breed that loves spending time with its people. Japanese Bobtail Another refined breed that is generally smaller than other breeds, the Japanese Bobtail has a slim but muscular build and generally weighs between six and ten pounds, depending on the gender. The most striking feature of the Japanese Bobtail is its short tail, which is about four inches long but curls into a corkscrew shape, making it appear even shorter.

A bold, loving breed that makes a wonderful companion animal, Japanese Bobtails have soft, silky coats and can be found in a variety of colors and patterns.

giant men meet tiny cats breeds

American Curl Elegant and slender, female American Curls can weigh between five and eight pounds while makes can be between seven and ten pounds. With a well-proportioned build and soft, light single coat, American Curls can be found in many colors and can be either short or long haired. Hardy and adaptable, Curls are even tempered and physically affectionate without being too demanding.

Burmese A long, dainty breed with a similar build to the Siamese, the Burmese can be divided into two types: The European Burmese has a longer, narrower muzzle and a smaller head and can be seen in colors beyond the traditional brown like red while the contemporary Burmese has a shorter, broader muzzle and head and is generally seen in brown.

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Energetic, playful and dog-like in their tendency to give and receive affection, the Burmese is an adaptable and friendly breed that loves spending time with its people. Devon Rex Similar in appearance to the Cornish Rex, the Devon tends to be a bit stockier and have a broader face.