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TrinityCore Open Source MMO Framework (master = , // RACE_VULPERA = 35, .. 21 Pally aura, dk presence, dudu form, warrior stance , shadowform, hunter track . 0x, // 2 Dalaran and Wintergrasp flight area auras have it You do not meet the level requirements for this item. If this error is repeating, we may have to add an ASSERT to better track down how we get .. angle = (float)rand_norm() * static_cast(M_PI * f / 0f) Xinef: if missInfo is immune state check all effects to properly determine the condition in Condition::Meets (i.e. wrong data for ConditionTarget or others). Database viewer for TrinityCore based on aowow by @LordJZ, based on the JS- Engine of Wowhead `locale` tinyint(4) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT '0,2,3,6,8', `id` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL COMMENT 'Zone Id', Unfortunately, the priests have met with success in their quest to call forth .

When both min and max height are provided - the resulting height will be chosen between min and max depending on how long it takes to travel the path.

If it IS possible to pick a height in-between min and max, then vertical velocity will stay equal to gravity. But if the path is too short - more acceleration needs to be applied to even reach the minimum desired height, so minimum height is chosen and acceleration ends up being higher than gravity.

If, on the other hand, the path is too long - less acceleration is needed to reach the highest desired height, so maximum height is chosen and acceleration ends up being lower than gravity. If min height is not specified - a default of 0.

If max height is not specified - height will be increasing the further away you are from your destination, with acceleration remaining equal to gravity. Having some kind of a cap is still a good idea, lest you want your players to be launched to infinity and beyond, so I chose yards, but I imagine a lower number would be more reasonable, say, a As far as I can tell: Blizzard manually set the missile speed for such spells to be close to what the jump speed will be after all the multiplications, although not too close.

Go look at https: Proper Implementation Get rid of speedZ everywhere. Bonus points if you also remove speedXY as well and instead just pass ValueMultiplier, getting rid of Spell:: Perhaps is a good idea? Make it behave like percentages instead of floating point multipliers. Additional research could be nice Do players also use just their base run speed of 7, or is it affected by aura modifiers? The problem here is that all class spells that make players jump already have such high multipliers 3 or 4 that players hit the spline speed cap, and thus the speed gets clamped.

We need to examine sniffs where a player is slowed down significantly and uses a jump spell. BasePoints still remains without a use. Ike has some real talent in it, but looks like he may be too busy to put some real time into it lately, as its been almost 20days since any modification to the code. First of all i tried to spawn the Transmog NPC and tried to equip some pieces. Transmog works and be saved even if server is restarted.

So it works,only need to create the NPC's in capitals.

I need to test why ,if the problem is about the mobs distance or the rotation that has changed. Dungeon finder is unusable for me, I get 5 people in a group and queue us up, roles are selected but we never get the option to enter dungeon.

Bots in group also spam dungeon finder. As others have said AH seems to be causing the major server lag but the repack is looking pretty good. Im curious, what character are you on when the priest is spamming abolish disease?

Ghost, I'm using a dk as my character. I want to test the same situation using another group leader. I think it happens only with a DK as leader ghostrider35 I want to test the same situation using another group leader I thought so, I havent made a dk on this tc version yet but I know when I did on mangos for some reason every time I would log in on him he would have some kind of cold disease and it would last for a few seconds and turn him bluish.

Definitely a bug for dks but didnt know if it was also the same for this version. I used character transfer from Singel player mangos to Fresh trinity and it worked smootheven fixed errors from mangos r2: D SoI guess realease is mostly unstable 'cause of unupdated patches. Even in mangos my dk worked well never had this type of issue,even here in trinity - - - Updated - - - Just to add to this my mage also spams conjure water even after inventory is full.

I confirm the mage will spam conjure water and food I will report that in Ike3 page! I tried after having my group of toons grouped, the command ". I really like the SPP on the mangos core, this looks like it will be a whole lot better with the transmogrify npc, plus other interesting addons.


I tried after having my group of toons grouped, used the command ". That looks very likely, I think you are on to something there. Sorry that I don't know more about this. Then every time I restart the server it forgets that I have taken the quest to fly to thrallmar and puts me back at the portal to outlands.

Also when I try to group for random dungeon with full group of my own characters Im getting the same thing other have gotten So I guess its pretty much unplayable right now unless you love to quest Really looking forward to a working trinity core version with more stuff scripted but man somethings need a lot of work.

So I guess its pretty much unplayable right now That's too bad, was really looking forward to the trinity core version with more stuff scripted but man somethings need a lot of work.

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I know man ,I'm posting all issues in Ike3 page but he seems not logging anymore! I feel that the old Mangos version at the moment works way better ,mostly because the new bots version isn't working very well I got a tought I continue to prefer the old SPP version, the only thing I missed is having the Transmog function implemented in Mangos version And I know most of the problems are regarding the bots ,and isn't Conan's fault!!

Since Ike3 is gone for all we know. Well I don't know anything about how to fix these issues so I started asking around where I can but got nothing so far. I wanted to play SPP like 3 months ago but kept waiting for this version and now this.

I'll keep asking around and let you guys know If I find anything useful to fix those issues we got. MacMillan11 I found one bug. I'm gonna test it soon and give a confirm! Deyz yeah we must wait again for ike3 to fix most of AI issue - - - Updated - - - in aiplayerbot. Don't use the init command if your created characters are present,it gonna screw them!!!

Use only if random bots are present! It screws them up badly that's why I never really used it later in the game. I was hoping that it got fixed here.