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gursikh meet chalo

Gursikh Meet Chalo Gur Chaali 1 (Live). 4. Gursikh Meet Chalo Gur Chaali Veerchar 1 (Live). 5. Gursikh Meet Chalo Gur Chaali 2 (Live). 6. The song Gursikh Meet Chalo Gurchali of Bhai Avtar Singh Ragi is here. Come enjoy at KKBOX!. Bhai Hardeep Singh (Ambala), 1,, Download · Play · Prof Darshan Singh Khalsa, 12,, Download · Play · Bhai Gurmail Singh (Amritsar), , Download.

Since its inception in Maya total of Rs. The loans have been made available to all — whether educated or uneducated; young or old; man or woman; farmer or landless worker.

gursikh meet chalo

The sole criterion for providing loan to the villagers was their poor economic condition. The main objective of this unique experiment was to support unemployed rural youths through micro finances so that migration to urban centres can be checked, and demand for training of employment generating skills can be increased.

Rashtriya Sikh Sangat thinks that the entire Hindu Society should also be made acknowledge of the high ideals of Sikhism, Sikh History throughout the world. Presently it is running organisational units in India and 16 units abroad. The magazine also focuses on the ancient spiritual knowledge, nationalist ideals, Indian theosophical subjects.

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It also takes up the social and political issues related to the sikh masses. Its new website is www. For that, the organization has a well trained team and a well equipped computerized office. The organization is at the same time planning the expansion of the premises.

Gursikh Meet Chalho Gur Chaali [Full Song] Duvidha Door Karo

Under the guidance of the seniors of the organization, different Vibhags of Rashtriya Sikh Sangat function in the office. The organization has also chalked out a plan for the expansion of this project. Starting of this kind of projects are also being considered, in which financial aspect is most important ingredient.

gursikh meet chalo

A group of young, intellectual workers of the organization has been formed to publish literary work with nationalist ideas in Sangat Vichar Kaksh. It wants to expand this sewa as a great tradition of Sikh Gurus. Rashtriya Sikh Sangat has crafted a plan with a road map to establish a consistent dialogue with the different sections of the Sikh Social Groups residing throughout the world.

An Inspiring story For S. Indra Kumar, a machine operator-turned-environment activist, charity begins at home. No chemical, save the soap he uses, enters his home. And no waste is ever let out.

This makes his modest dwelling in Pammal, the southern suburbs of Chennai, a "zero-waste home". He didn't have to read rocket science to turn his residence into a "green" home.

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He is inspired by the simple, age-old chemical process that every housewife in India is familiar with. But if you put a drop of buttermilk into it before you leave, you'll find fresh curd! One instinctively recoils, but its contents look as harmless as accumulated rain water. The bacteria, Bacillus subtilis, neutralise the sewage to turn waste into manure for plants in his garden. Then, the earthworm takes care of the liquid waste from the kitchen. Under the drainage pipe, Kumar has buried some worms which not only digest the organic matter but also feed on mosquito eggs.

And at the spot where water from the bathroom drains out, he grows cama plant, whose roots treat the soap water. Solid waste from kitchen is collected in an earthen pot and dried cowdung sprinkled on it periodically.

gursikh meet chalo

He treats leaves from the garden similarly: People often burn dry leaves, which only causes pollution. Today, as the president of Home Exnora, he is a sought-after man who is called by universities and citizens' group to speak on waste management. People only think about what they eat or what they drink.

gursikh meet chalo

But what about the air that you breathe non-stop, right from the time you are born? Sreedhar A lazy Sunday morning, when the majority of people relax with a cup of hot coffee and a newspaper, S Sreedhar is at the mortuary at the general hospital in Chennai. The hospital authorities hand over 17 bodies wrapped in a white cloth to him.

No, they are not his relatives. In fact, all those 17 people are strangers to him -- unclaimed bodies with no one to give them a last farewell.

gursikh meet chalo

Sreedhar takes all these unknown bodies to the cemetery, and gives them a decent burial after showering them with rice, flowers and milk with a prayer on his lips. They are buried because the names or religion of the dead are unknown.

Gursikh Meet Chalo

If the deceased are Hindu and from an old age home, he gives them a proper cremation according to Hindu rites. Back home, Sreedhar, associate vice-president, IndiaInfoline, does not feel bad that his weekly holiday starts in a burial ground. On the contrary, he feels calm and blissful, having bidden farewell with dignity to some unknown souls.

Sreedhar started this service of cremating the unknown 24 years ago in after he happened to read the book Daivathin Kural God's voice by Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, the Paramacharya or senior shankaracharya of the Kanchi Mutt. I distinctly recall this article appeared in Sikh Review but I cannot find it on the Net. Till about a century ago, most of the people in India and the Middle East countries wore turban in different styles.

One could, generally, make out the religious denomination and nationality of the wearer by the way his turban was tied. Guru Arjun Dev, the fifth Nanak, in one of his hymns SGGS Pageaddressed to a Muslim priest, advises him about the physical appearance and spiritual conduct required of the religious person. Collectively, it means a person replete with full physical features, inclusive of hair as granted to him by God, with a turban to adorn his head.

Hair and turban remain the crowning glory of a male and this had been the traditional bearing and dress of our prophets, rishis, gurus, saints and bhagats. Every part of the human frame, including the hair, has a vital role in the efficient functioning of the body. If it were not so, God or nature would not have provided these. Since hair is a part and parcel of the human body, the Gurus had thought it redundant to lay any particular stress for their preservation.

However, there are several references in the Holy Scriptures regarding nature of the Cosmic Man and sacred utility by human hair: SGGS - Your attractive eyes, brilliant teeth beautiful nose and long hair. In his two copious works "Varan" and "Swaiye" he portrays the Sikh way of life wherein he uses terms such as "Amritvela sir nawandhe" - Sikhs wash their hair early in the morning.

On the Baisakhi day inhe ordained that keeping of unshorn hair is obligatory for a Sikh for a dual purpose. Firstly, it is to abide by the altruist Will of God and, secondly, to give the Sikhs a distinctive personality to distinguish them from others. The site from where this declaration was made was thereafter called "Keshgarh" - Citadel of Hair" situated at Anandpur Sahib.